I bleached my hair and turned orange: What to do?

Have you had that desire to change your look radically? To change your appearance whether you lose weight, cut your hair or change the color of your hair? If your answer is yes, do not feel embarrassed. Most women tirelessly seek to change and improve their appearance in order to feel more and more beautiful and young. (Which hair color suits me: photo tips)

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When it comes to hair, coloring is something that women change frequently. (Colored hair: trends, tips and photos)

Every woman, at least once in her life, has thought about the possibility of dyeing her hair blonde. Those who took the initiative to become really blond and ended up dyeing their hair, know how difficult it is to get the tone we really want. Whitening is not an easy task. Many times when we lighten our hair we come across that unwanted color: orange. Here comes the despair: And now, what to do?

Take a deep breath and keep calm: this problem has a solution!

Just follow our tips and get rid of this problem once and for all and get your perfect blonde. Your look will be sensational, you bet!

Reasons why hair tends to turn orange:

  • Error in counting the product’s action time on the hair strands;
  • Use of inappropriate or poor quality products,
  • Do not tint the strands when highlighting the hair.

How to remove the orange from the hair?

Below are some solutions for you to get rid of the orange tone of hair instead:

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1st. Use two silver spoons of Keraton with six spoons of hair care cream (as long as it is white). Massage the hair with this mixture and let it act for about ten minutes or long enough for the hair to start changing color. Then wash your hair thoroughly.

2nd. Another very effective option is to use a gray-toned reflex toner together with 20 volume hydrogen peroxide. Leave to act as recommended on the packaging.

3rd. Buy the Magic Color tint . Apply directly to the wires and let it act as indicated by the manufacturer. Then just wash and go: fresh hair and the right color!

4th. Make a cream with two tablespoons of neutral PH shampoo, one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide volume 20, four tablespoons of filtered water and half a tube of toner. Apply over the entire length of the hair and leave the mixture on the strands for approximately 15 minutes or until the hair begins to turn gray.

5th. If you notice that, after insisting a lot on the discoloration, the strands insist on staying in orange tone and not lighten more than that, then you can take the action to discolor the hair again. However, it is worth mentioning that this procedure should only be indicated in cases of extreme need, as there will be a very strong aggression to the hair. It is important that the locks are healthy and that after discoloration there is a series of hair recovery treatments.

6th. One last option is to darken the hair again and start the lightening process again, but following our tips. However, the recommendation is that the second lightening is done weeks later, after making several hydrations in the threads and treatment processes for hair damage.

Important Tips:

  • Don’t be in a hurry in the discoloration process. Hair usually takes about an hour to achieve optimal lightening.
  • Always be aware! Ideally, check the clarity of the wires every 10 minutes.

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  • Understand that literally every head is a sentence. Each hair has a reaction to the hair discoloration process. Some are clear in very few minutes. Others take too long and there are still those who insist on just not getting enough light. You really have to understand your hair’s reaction to the lightening you want.
  • Prioritize your hair health. There is no point in insisting on achieving an ideal clarity and resulting in lifeless, opaque and damaged hair. Healthy hair is much more beautiful than any whitening result.
  • If you want to have a perfect blonde it is necessary that: make use of good quality products, moisturize the threads every two weeks and choose to make shades in gradient, since that way you will have a more youthful and elegant result.
  • Use de-yellowing products weekly to prevent fading from increasing progressively.
  • Whenever you wash your hair, try to use antioxidant shampoos. They are perfect for those who want to avoid the yellow and orange tones that commonly insist on looking like blonde hair.
  • Make daily use of a leave-in containing sunscreen. That way you help your hair to always look healthy and free from problems caused by the emission of ultraviolet rays.

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