Homemade recipes to lighten hair naturally

Having blond hair or lightening the tone of the hair is the color that many women look for, as someone has already said that “it is the blondes that they like the most” (Blond hair: tips and photos) . However, always appealing to chemistry can bring disastrous results, especially to those who choose to do it yourself.

Why lighten your hair naturally

Lightening your hair naturally, therefore, is one of the safest ways to reach the long-dreamed blonde hair! This is possible through some homemade recipes, some simpler than others, but which promise to lighten your hair without harming it, as there is no use of chemicals.

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However, anyone who has already adhered to these techniques warns that it is necessary to have patience, dedication and discipline so that the threads are the desired color. The results are not immediate and appear only over time, but the threads remain healthy and hydrated, because some of the ingredients in the homemade recipes nourish the threads naturally.

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In addition, homemade tips work best when the hair is already a little blond or going to medium brown. In dark brown and black hair, however, it is also possible to invest in natural lightening, but the results will be even slower.

Homemade recipes to lighten hair naturally :

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Step by step recipe of chamomile:

1st. Prepare a strong chamomile flower tea and boil for 20 minutes.

2nd. Wash your hair normally, while cooling the tea, and then apply to damp hair.

3rd. Let it dry naturally.

The effect of this natural lightening is faster if you mix a little white wine into the recipe. However, it is necessary to take care and not to overdo the use of the recipe, otherwise the wires become very dry. It is recommended that the mixture is applied only twice a week until reaching the desired tone.

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Cinnamon natural whitening recipe:


  • 1 cup of conditioner or moisturizing mask;
  • 1 cup of honey;
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder.

Step by step:

1st. Mix the ingredients, apply to damp hair, after washing them well.

2nd. Cover your hair with a cap and wait three to four hours;

3rd. Rinse the wires thoroughly until it is clean, without residues of the mixture.

You can apply the mixture only on the parts of the hair where you want to lighten or on all the strands. Honey is optional, however, it helps to speed up whitening. After three or four applications the hair will be lighter.

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Step by Step honey recipe:

1st. Pour a third of a cup of honey into a bowl.

2nd. Add a quarter cup of the conditioner of your choice to the bowl.

3rd. Mix the ingredients to form a homogeneous paste.

4th. Apply the paste to damp hair and cover with the shower cap.

5th. Wait eight hours, then wash the strands thoroughly until all the mixture is removed.

Honey is very efficient because it contains hydrogen peroxide (natural hydrogen peroxide). However, how quickly your hair will lighten will depend on how well it absorbs honey. It is important that your hair is clean, so wash it beforehand.

Clean hair makes the process more efficient and another way for whitening to be faster is to add a little powdered cinnamon, coconut oil and olive oil to the recipe.

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Lemon recipe step by step:

1st. Mix a cup of lemon juice with a quarter cup of warm water.

2nd. Place the liquid in a spray bottle to facilitate application.

3rd. Apply the solution to the wires.

4th. Use a dryer at a hot temperature for 20 minutes.

5th. Wash and condition your hair twice, as lemon juice dries out the strands

General tips:

  • For long hair, double the recipe.
  • For a light blond, saturate the hair until it is damp, for a dark blond, spray lightly.
  • You need to follow the recipe several times, until the hair looks the way you want.
  • The procedure can be done once a week.
  • Also do a good hydration weekly so that the hair does not dry out.
  • Contrary to what some people do, it is not advisable to keep the solution in your hair and expose yourself to the sun, as this can cause serious scalp burns.
  • Wear a blouse to cover your arms and back, even when you are indoors, remember that lemon can burn your skin and there is little care.

Have you lightened your hair with some natural recipe? Tell us about your experience and results!

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