Blackview A60: Review

They call it a budget treasure. And for good reason. You pay about $ 100 and get a functional mobile phone .

In the Blackview A60 review, we analyze the dark and light sides of the device.

Blackview A60 specifications

He is humility itself. The specifications include only 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. But this smartphone is the most that neither is the workhorse. It will be appreciated by those who consider the option as a means of communication.

Appearance, design, dimensions

Looking at a mobile phone from the side, it is difficult to guess about its budget price tag. If other manufacturers of ultra budget devices produce a plastic phone with large frames and a black (less often white) back, Blackview designers have done their best. The A60 is characterized by:

  • narrow bezels around the display, rounded corners of the screen;
  • back side with a gradient (in Gradient Blue) and a matte back panel (often state employees have a glossy panel):
  • rear fingerprint scanner.

Usually such bold solutions are found in devices twice as expensive. So the designers excelled – respect them. In addition, the A60 has a removable cover, which is a rarity for a smartphone in 2021. In the future, when the battery begins to lose its strength, this can be done without executions with a lid. The battery itself is not removable here – so it’s better to contact the pros for repairs.

The dimensions of the device will appeal to those who prefer weighty phones: 156.9x74x98 mm in combination with a weight of 171 g are felt in the palm of the hand, but will not weigh down. After a few hours of Internet surfing, my hand does not go numb.

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Battery and charging

The battery is capacious – 4080 mAh. But in tandem with a lightweight Android Go and a display with a modest resolution, the device does not fall to zero for quite a long time:

  • 2-3 days – with standard use: up to an hour of phone calls, 2-3 hours of online surfing;
  • 10-13 hours – with constant work with mobile: watching videos, editing pictures, playing games, etc.

There is no fast charging, and the battery filling from 0 to 100% is slow, but sure – within 5 hours.


The main panel has a dual camera, where the main lens is 13 megapixels, and the depth sensor is 5 megapixels. In good light, photos are tolerable, and the image will become grainy at night. A flash or monochrome mode saves the situation – then the interference becomes less noticeable.

Video filming takes place in HD quality with a frame rate of 30 fps per second. In principle, this is enough to share what is happening around you with loved ones. The front camera is modest – literally 2 megapixels. Suitable for video communication, not for blogging. Weak.

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The Achilles’ heel in this model is iron. It does not shine with technical characteristics:

  • Processor – an old 4-core MediaTek MT6580A;
  • The amount of RAM – 1 GB;
  • Built-in memory – a modest 16 GB.

This combination is clearly not for gambling addicts. On this phone, powerful battles are out of the question. But for those who use a mobile phone only as a means of communication and a video player, that’s enough.

In addition to the pre-installed applications, the main social networks and 3-5 applications from above will fit here – the device will not be enough for more capacities. It is not recommended to score “to the eyeballs”. To prevent the device from hanging, you need to leave at least 10% of the total memory empty (in this case, 1.5 GB). It is more expedient to download music and movies to a USB flash drive – fortunately, the device supports work with MicroSD media up to 128 GB.


Device matrix – IPS . Considering its color reproduction and minimal flicker at low brightness, this is the best budget smartphones have to offer. Viewing angles are within 120-140 °, which is also excellent for a mobile phone of this price category.

Display dimensions 6.10 inches. But you can’t watch high-resolution content from it – the screen resolution is only 1280×600, which is even lower than HD quality. Such a “small” number of dots is due to battery savings – it is easier for the battery to feed fewer pixels. The display’s response time is solid. According to tests for changing the color of pixels, he received the following indicators:

  • Change from black to white and vice versa – 38 ms;
  • Changing from light gray to dark gray and vice versa – 66 ms.

This is enough for surfing the Internet, chatting on social networks and even simple games like chess or “three in a row”. However, Fortnite or other action shooters, this mobile phone will pull tight – the screen does not keep up with the fast frame rate, the picture will freeze.

The phone is absolutely safe for night gatherings. The display passed the flicker test with distinction – it won’t ripple in the eyes.

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Appearance of standard screens and menus

The mobile phone has a lightweight Android 8.1. This will delight fans of clean systems, as usually inexpensive Chinese phones have third-party launchers installed. When installed “on board” there are only basic Google services and FM radio. The rest of the programs will need to be downloaded and loaded independently.

Also, the user has the ability to turn on the “night mode” – after a preselected time, the screen of the mobile phone will go to “warm tones”, which reduces the burden on the eyes.

Customizable navigation bar:

  • The function buttons are swapped.
  • The function keys are hidden – they can be called up with a swipe if necessary.

It also has the ability to automatically close applications after locking the screen. No need to go into the settings to disable the “background work”. This “dirty work” will be done by the mobile itself.

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Price for Blackview a60

Even without discounts, Blackview A60 costs only UAH 2999. Which at the current exchange rate is about $ 100 for good characteristics.

Characteristic Meaning
Dimensions, mm 156.9x74x9.8
Weight, gr 171
Colors Black, blue, green
Battery volume 4080 mAh
Duration of work 2-3 days
Chipset MediaTek MT6580A
Memory, GB 16
Operating system Android 8.1
Rear camera, mp 13 + 5
Video quality: resolution and fps HD, 30 fps
Frontalka, mp 2
Matrix IPS
Diagonal, inches 06.Oct
Resolution, pixels 1200×600
Price, UAH 1999

As you can see from the review, Blackview A60 is a mobile phone for real ascetics who do not need cool bells and whistles, but rather basic characteristics and a simple camera. And although there is no LTE , this is fully compensated by the fast connection to Wi-Fi. Such a device is perfect for younger schoolchildren and as a gift for “grandfathers and grandmothers” so that they are constantly in touch.

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