How to choose a glue gun

The glue gun is an integral part of the arsenal of craftsmen engaged in modeling, design, and production of decorative items. This tool is actively used by designers, florists, repairmen.

The selection tips below will help you buy a hot air gun for your home.

What characteristics to look for when choosing

When choosing a thermo gun for handicraft or other work, it is advisable to take into account not only the price, but also the characteristics of the tool. The convenience of use depends on the method of supplying power to the heating element and the configuration, on the power – the gluing speed, on the diameter of the rod – productivity. Depending on the functionality, glue guns are conventionally divided into home and professional.

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Type of food

Thermal guns, like other low-power power tools, are divided into mains and rechargeable ones . The former get their power from the socket, the latter from the battery. Battery models are less common on sale because they are more expensive.

Many people buy plug-in devices because it is easier to choose a network glue gun on a limited budget. In addition, there are advanced technical solutions that provide for them, albeit short-term, but mobility:

  1. The power cord is detached from the chassis. The tool works autonomously for 10-15 minutes due to the accumulated heat.
  2. The set includes a power stand. While the gun is on it, heat is applied to it.

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Online store consultants are happy to give information about glue guns, tell you how to choose a model of suitable power. Good experts do not recommend putting this characteristic at the forefront, especially if you need a tool for household needs.

  1. Household thermo guns are designed for 30-150 watts.
  2. Power tools for professionals – 200-300 W and above. You can choose from constant or variable power devices.

The first ones gain, for example, 40 watts, and hold them while they are connected to the power supply. And the latter begin to glue faster, since the rods begin to melt, for example, at 200 W, and then the transition to the economy mode goes.

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Glue stick diameter

Gluing tools are designed for rods of a certain diameter. For household models, the main characteristic of a consumable is usually 7 or 11 mm. Sometimes they write 12 mm on the packaging of the rods, they can be suitable for a thermal gun, in the characteristics of which a diameter of 11 mm is indicated.

When choosing rods, it is advisable to pay attention to the length, although sometimes they deliberately buy longer rods than necessary for reasons of cost savings. They are then cut into pieces so that the glue gun can be refueled. For a branded tool, it is not always advisable to buy a consumable from the same manufacturer. Sometimes it makes sense to purchase more budget rods.

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Many people who want to choose a glue gun are interested in the equipment of the model they like. Usually, rods are added to the instrument. By their color, you can judge the purpose of the consumable:

  • transparent white – plastic, glass, fabrics;
  • opaque white – tiles, ceramics;
  • yellow – wood, cardboard;
  • gray, black – leather, carpet;
  • golden, silver, with sparkles – for decoration.

There are also other options for color-assignment combinations.

Also, the package may include: replaceable nozzles, a storage case, a heat-resistant mat or a stand with a cup, onto which glue will drip from the nozzle during breaks in work.

Well-known manufacturers complete battery models well. Together with a glue gun, a charger and a battery must be included.


The thermal gun is able to glue plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, metal, rubber, cardboard, plastic, carpets. If you want to choose the right glue gun, decide how you will work with it, what materials will be in priority. For people who do not plan to use the tool often, it makes sense to pay attention to models with rods with a diameter of 7 mm . For regular repairs, a diameter of 11 mm is suitable .

Household thermo guns are low and high temperature. The latter are more versatile, and therefore more often fall into the ratings of popular devices, they have a melting point of 160-165 degrees. For low-temperature models – up to 120 degrees.

Small top of popular models:

  Bosch GluePen Bosch PKP18E Dremel 940
Rod diameter 7 eleven eleven
Heating temperature 170 200 195
Weight, g 100 350 300
Battery operation +

It makes sense to focus on the appearance of the tool, weight and ergonomics if the glue gun is purchased for regular use.

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