Sony Alpha A7 II:Review

The Sony Alpha A7 II has a lot to say, so this review is equally helpful for beginners and pros alike. We are considering a camera from the famous Japanese company Sony , which with its device shows that the quality of gadgets is growing infinitely. Your attention is a short guide to the functionality of the camera.

Appearance, design, dimensions

Dimensions and weight of the product – 127x96x60 mm, the camera weighs 599 g. This weight is quite acceptable for holding in hands for a long time. The handle increases the stability of the grip of the camera. The thing is ergonomic in essence. The buttons on the top panel are not quite standard, but they are convenient to use. The trigger and frontal scroll are located at the edge of the handle.

The front and back scrollers are made of plastic. They work by analogy with other brands, and they are convenient to use.

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Shooting quality

This is a professional camera. It assumes high-quality shooting in detail, which gives pleasure not only to the master of his craft, but also to the amateur.

The four advantages of shooting are due to the following factors:

  1. The A7 II camera analyzes data from a lens that has a high-quality stabilizer.
  2. Focal-plane phase-detection AF is supported when an A-mount lens is attached. This covers a wide area.
  3. Hybrid focus adjusts quickly. The reaction takes place at high speed.
  4. The BIONZ X processor reproduces the finest details.

As a result, shooting is quick and easy.

The table describes the main features of the Sony Alpha A7 II and its characteristics:

Parameter Meaning
Camera type digital
Camera type mirrorless
Matrix CMOS, full frame format (35.8×23.9mm)
LCD screen, tilting design, diagonal 3 inches, resolution 921 600 dots
Matrix resolution, Mpix 24.3

As you can see, the numbers testify to the impressive parameters of the product. The key one is the matrix resolution of 24.3 megapixels. This feature allows you to clarify small details.

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The Sony Alpha a7 II review shows that the camera is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Of the functional advantages, five are striking:

  • Full frame produces unmatched blur due to its shallow depth of field. Shooting results in a clear image at high ISO settings.
  • Possibility to insert a lens from another manufacturer.
  • Stabilization inside the camera.
  • A housing suitable for any weather.
  • Sony support with instructions and updates.

Thanks to the viewfinder, an impressive view is obtained. Noise is well suppressed in the picture. The images are adjustable over a wide range of parameters and the controls are carefully thought out.

Anti-static coating protects against dust. Remote control makes it possible to remotely use the camera while holding a smartphone or tablet. The XAVC S format delivers 30 frames per second for crisp video recording.

The shutter operates within a range of 30 seconds to 1/8000 of a second. The sound is loud enough, but amateurs will enjoy it.

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In the review of the Sony Alpha A7 II camera, close attention is paid to the lens. It is compact and weighs only 186 g. It can be attached to the camera if necessary, and when unnecessary it can be put in a bag.

The stabilizer is the best feature of the model. This is the first stabilizer for a full-frame sensor. Previously, two of these elements did not get along so seamlessly, since you had to manually adjust the stabilizer mode. And here two stabilizers are automatically involved at once: in the camera and in the lens.

In the stabilization system, the matrix can be shifted along five axes, and also work freely with different types of optics. The micromovements of the matrix lead to the leveling of tilts in different directions. Due to this, up to four stops of exposure are compensated. If otherwise the picture will be clear at a shutter speed of 1 / 80th of a second, with this instance it is sufficient to set a shutter speed of 1 / 5th of a second.

When the lens on the camera has an optical stabilizer, it helps the camera to work out a couple of degrees of freedom. That is, the camera and lens support and complement each other. In this case, you can install some “non-native” lenses from a camera of another model and even another company.

The second “seven” has a modified “autofocus” using algorithms different from the Sony A6000. Thanks to this, autofocus has increased its speed. In this case, phase focusing sensors operate only in the center of the frame. At the edges, autofocus remains contrasting.

Battery and power

The A7 II retains the same battery as its predecessor camera. Consequently, the autonomy is identical. The gimbal does not affect battery performance at all. Another plus is that the seventh Sony-II is fully charged from a computer and a power bank . This eliminates the need to carry a power adapter and saves space in your luggage. You don’t have to think about the camera running out.

Sony A7 II is not just an improved model of the previous “seven”. This is a fundamentally new development of Japanese masters, which allows you to photograph professionally without a DSLR camera. Hybrid focus, stabilizer compatible with sensor stabilizer, 5-axis stabilization system, ergonomic design make the camera suitable for shooting at different levels of professional skill.

High resolution allows you to work out the slightest texture. All color shades are clearly visible in the pictures. Therefore, a modification of the previous “seven” can be purchased by both an amateur and a professional. It is easy to understand the functions, everything is thought out for the convenience of the user in creating professional pictures.

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