Biomagnetism . It is the study of the effect of magnetic fields on biological systems. It refers to the knowledge of the magnetic properties of living beings in their natural state, and in pathological conditions. Regarding the application of magnetic energy with magnets, it was carried out in ancient times for thousands of years; Galen mentioned in his “Ninth Book” that it had been applied since 200 years BC.


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  • 1 Effects of the poles of a permanent magnet.
  • 2 Effects on our Health and Diseases
  • 3 Direct application
  • 4 Benefits of ingesting Magnetized Water
  • 5 Biomagnetism in agriculture
  • 6 Precautions
  • 7 Curiosities
  • 8 Source

Effects of the poles of a permanent magnet .

Each of the poles of a permanent magnet corresponds to a different form of magnetic energy, and therefore its effects are different. The north pole signifies arrest, relaxation, and the south pole advances, accelerates, gives life and energy . The North Pole (-): The North Pole of a permanent magnet produces a reduction in the acid content , stops infections , helps to close wounds and relieve various ailments that disappear without leaving any side effects. At the North Pole of a permanent magnet, we have a swirl of electrons rotating counterclockwise , with a negative magnetic charge.

Effects on our Health and Diseases

Magnetic fields affect the circulation of blood , which contains hemoglobin and iron (blood is red due to iron, iron with oxygen, oxidized, is red). Without iron no energy, and without energy beating stop the heart and breathing, so that iron is essential for life, and the influence of a magnetic field on iron is considerable and indisputable.
The magnetic fields produce a small electrical current under the skin, strong enough to cause biological effects such as: pain reduction, regeneration of cellsand nerves, etc. A magnetic field attracts and repels charged particles from the blood, creating movement and heat . This dilates the blood vessels , increasing blood circulation and speeding up the healing and recovery processes.
The insomnia responds quickly and effectively to the implementation of a magnet without any medication. Toothaches are alleviated by applying the North Pole of a magnet to the sore cheek. Wound pain can also be relieved by applying a permanent magnet. the magnetIt is very effective in some cases of epilepsy and reduces the number of attacks of the patient. Permanent magnets can also be applied to the eyes: the North Pole can help you in some cases of early cataracts, inflammation of the eyes, tired eyes, etc … Even for deafness, the application of permanent magnets can be very useful.

Direct application

Direct application.

The simplest way of implementing the magnetotherapy or imanterapia is to apply the magnet directly over the area to be treated, with particular city in selecting the appropriate pole. Normally in MagnetoTherapy the NORTH (-) pole of a magnet is applied directly on the area to be treated, although in some cases the SUR (+) pole is used.

Benefits of ingesting Magnetized Water

According to Roy Davis , the treatment of drinking water with magnetic fields enhances the ionic activity of hydrogen in water , and can be used to stimulate mental activity, in addition to producing a calming effect, neutralizing stressful situations (muscle tension, high blood pressure , palpitations, headaches, insomnia, irritability, etc.).
If the North pole of a magnet is submerged for a few minutes in a glass of water and immediately afterwards we measure its pH, we can see that it is alkaline; however, if we submerge the South pole it will make the water slightly acidic. That is, the effects of the magnetic field vary depending on the applied polarity. the pH of water can change from 7 to 9’2 through exposure to a 7000 gauss magnetic field. In addition to modifying temperature, surface tension, viscosity and electrical conductivity.
Although magnetized water does not retain its magnetic properties like an iron bar, ingesting magnetized water modifies the polarity of the body’s atoms, especially hydrogen atoms, which have a proton (positive) and an electron (negative). The axis of rotation and the orbit of the electron are modified, changing its polarity. This gives it a rainwater flavor at the same time, which reduces the taste of chlorine and fluorine.
Magnetized water also produces positive effects on the digestive and urinary organs, on nerves, on blood pressure, helps to unblock arteries and normalizes the circulatory system. It is not necessary that the magnet is in contact with the water to be magnetized, it can be placed outside a glass, ceramic, copper or aluminum container (never of a material that is magnetized, such as iron). It is not advisable to have magnetizable elements close to the magnetic field (such as metal cutlery). Remove the magnet before inserting a spoon into the container and / or remove the spoon before placing the magnet. If the spoon is made of wood, plastic or any other material that does not magnetize, it is not necessary to remove it.

Biomagnetism in agriculture

Fruit, vegetables , etc. they stay fresh longer if kept within a North polarity magnetic field; on the other hand, if they are exposed to the South pole they will mature more quickly. The seeds sown in magnetic fields showed significant growth curves. It has been observed that under the influence of the North Pole plants grow tall and thin, while under the influence of the South Pole they grow shorter and thicker. Bananas watered with magnetized water from the South Pole become thicker and sweeter, while those watered with magnetized water from the North Pole are thinner and greener.
Scientists suspect that Earth’s magnetic field activates an enzyme system in fruits and vegetables that produces their natural maturation. Tomatoes inside a magnetic field ripen four to six times faster. Magnetism also causes the seeds to germinate at several times their normal speed.


Do not use very strong magnets near the heart or head . Do not use strong magnets on young children. Begin treatment with low to medium strength magnets. The magnet must not come into direct contact with the skin in case of burns or open wounds. The magnets are not compatible with pacemakers, automatic defibrillators, or internal electrical devices.
If you have metal objects implanted in your body, be careful about using magnets. If you notice discomfort, stop using them. You should not use magnets in case of pregnancy. Strong magnets should not be applied to the abdomen after a strong meal, as it disrupts acid production and gastrointestinal mobility. The energy from the South Pole constitutes an effective treatment capable of resuscitating supposedly depleted and devitalized cells, but these applications must be immediately complemented with other energy from the North Pole.
If aggravation of wounds and / or ailments occurs, it is because the appropriate pole is not used, never due to excessive use, although a magnet should not be applied close to the head for a long period of time.
You should not have magnets close to: your computer, computer floppy disks, credit cards, video tapes, cassette tapes, and other devices that use a magnetic recording or reading system, as you may lose stored information. Do not put a magnet in a microwave.
Do not put a magnet on a directly open wound, that is, the magnet does not come into direct contact with the wound. If you have heart or circulation problems, consult your doctor before using a magnet. Do not apply the SOUTH pole of a magnet in areas where there are infectious, painful odorous thoracies. In these cases apply the NORTH pole.
Too strong magnetic fields can be harmful in some cases, and should only be used in chronic or very acute illnesses, and always with caution.


When the magnetic field increases, bacteria in the human intestine multiply rapidly. Germs develop enormous resistance to antibiotics while others become a thousand times more vulnerable. Humans working in the vicinity of very powerful artificial magnets have been observed to experience memory loss and exposure of the human brain to fields Gentle magnetic waves for a few minutes a day significantly increases brain activity.
Recent space research indicates that humans may be conditioned by magnetic forces from beyond our Sun. Both the pests that attack agricultural crops and the abundance of crops are directly related to magnetic forces closely dependent on phenomena Cosmic events that take place in the immediate vicinity of space, at an enormous distance from Earth.
It has been found that the correct polarity of the body is as follows: the left side is negative, the right side is positive and the center is neutral, both in front and behind, until we reach the eyebrows, from here upwards it seems to be positive. It has been shown that it is possible to extend the life of mice, rats, rabbits and other animals, when they live near constant magnetic fields.
It has been shown that it is possible to dissolve calcium and stop certain types of cancer using magnets, which can increase the body’s regeneration capacity and help the development of bone and calcium fibrous matter. Electromagnetic fields stimulate bone development, speed up fracture healing, and reduce pain from the pressure of chipped bone fragments on the nerves.
As electromagnetic systems, our bodies exist in balance between and under the influence of positive and negative magnetic forces. The Earth’s crust exerts a powerful negative magnetic field, although during the day we experience a positive force from the Sun. At night, the Earth’s negative magnetic field increases the oxygen of the cells, facilitating sleep, healing, reducing inflammation.
In ancient Greece, Aristotle was the first person to speak of the therapeutic properties of a natural magnet. Although many other ancient civilizations including Hebrews, Arabs, Indians, Egyptians and Chinese, they used magnets to cure diseases. At nasaknows the importance of magnetic fields on health, they solved a large incidence of diseases and loss of bone density of astronauts, placing permanent magnets on suits and on the ship. Magnets work on the same principle as acupuncture, balancing the energy flow, but without the need for needles.


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