Bioenergetics. Part of Biology closely related to Physics , which is in charge of studying the processes of absorption, transformation and delivery of energy in biological systems. In general, it is related to Thermodynamics , in particular to the subject of Free Energy, especially Gibbs Free Energy. Bioenergetics is based on powerful physical aspects, movement, respiration , and understanding of the basic structures of the human character.


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  • 1 History
  • 2 Energy changes
  • 3 Bases
  • 4 Utility
  • 5 Therapy
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Bioenergetic Analysis was created by Dr. Alexander Lowen as an extension of the work of his teacher Wilhem Reich ( 1897 – 1957 , psychoanalyst, physician and student of Sigmund Freud ) who began to introduce body work to the therapeutic process in 1930 .

Currently Bioenergetic Analysis continues to evolve with the research of psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, biologists and doctors, such as Daniel Stern, John Bowlby, Stanley Keleman, Robert Lewis, among others.

Energy changes

Changes in Gibbs ΔG free energy give us a quantification of the energy feasibility of a chemical reaction and can provide a prediction of whether or not the reaction will happen.

As a general characteristic of Bioenergetics, it is only interested in the initial and final energetic states of the components of a chemical reaction, the times necessary for the chemical change to take place are generally neglected. A general objective of Bioenergetics is to predict whether certain processes are possible or not; In general, kinetics quantifies how fast the chemical reaction occurs.


It seeks an in-depth understanding of the inner conflicts of the human being. In the affective family experiences are the foundations of, where you first feel, express, and establish relationships with the other.

The existing feelings ( love , sadness , anger), the conflicts experienced (desire, repression …), the losses suffered (abandonments, duels, separations …), that is, the quality of the affective relationships experienced at the time , determine the person you are.

The life story is engraved on the body. We must free it from old fears and tensions in order to be closer to our emotions, thus allowing us to feel and act free and original.


Bioenergetic Analysis acts on the body and spirit, using breathing exercises (relaxation / stimulation), energetic (loading / unloading), muscle (promoting expression).

Always act within a safe space, respecting the rhythm and history of each person, and fundamentally working in a climate of trust and empathy in the therapist / client relationship.


The therapy consists of sessions, initially weekly, where the contents of the experiences, more or less traumatic, are brought, through an energy-body process, to be experienced and expressed in their true feelings, in order to be analyzed and, finally, integrated into a coherent, true and meaningful biography.

Bioenergetic therapy is in charge of eliminating those activities or thoughts that hinder spontaneity and, therefore, self-expression. Throughout the bioenergetic therapeutic process, the patient shows his inner self and his existential vicissitudes framed in tendencies to pleasure and forged resistance.


The Bioenergetics strategy consists of placing the individual in a physical posture of “stress” called “rooting” to begin the Bioenergetic Analysis.


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