The betting glossary: ​​terms and words to know for betting

The betting collect a vast world of games. One different from the others and all with their own name. Names that derive from English and that at first glance can be an obstacle for those approaching the world of betting .

So let’s try to shed some light on the words and the meaning of the single bet . Each name corresponds to a certain function of the bet. Our betting glossary will help you navigate a real maze.

The Over

One of the most sought after games by bettors is the over sign . It refers to the number of goals that can be scored or not in a single match . There are several types of overs and the same goes for under. You will always find these two types of bets on every bookmakers .

Over / Under 1.5

In betting, over 1.5 refers to one and a half goals higher in the match we are going to bet. This means that the bets must have at least two total goals in the 90 minutes to be hit . The results of 1-1 or 2-0 are the basis for turning on the green light on our play. On the other hand, the Under 1.5 sign means that there will be less than half a goal in the match: therefore 0-0 or 1-0 are the only results that must materialize, to bring home the Under sign.

Over / Under 2.5

It is the most classic game you will find, after the canon 1-X-2 . Compared to the previous stake, here the odds are raised to two and a half goals and this means that to have the over 2.5 goal there must be at least 3 goals in the match chosen . A 2-1 or a 3-0 is already a winner for the over. With the under 2.5, on the other hand, a maximum of two goals are assumed in the match chosen. Only 0-0 , 1-0, 2-0  and 1-1 are good to take the Under team.

Over / Under 3.5

Here the degree of difficulty rises, especially as regards the over . We need at least four goals in the match we choose. So from 2-2 or 3-1 onwards we are winning. But how many matches actually end with at least 4 goals? Not a lot. Therefore the under 3.5 sign guarantees a success with the following results: 0-0 , 1-0 , 1-1, 2-0, 3-0  and 2-1 .

Goal and No Goal

Another highly sought-after word in the Betting Glossary is Goal and No Goal . The first definition means that both teams score in the 90 minutes. With the second that at most only one team will score or none at all . For the Goal you win from the result of 1-1 onwards.

For the No Goal, on the other hand, it is enough that one of the two runs out of goals, or a goalless match like 0-0 . Very often in live betting this type of bet is also provided for single times: 1st half and 2nd half . The same rule applies as for the classic 90 minutes.

The 1-X-2 prediction

For us Italians, born and raised with the myth of the Totocalcio , the 1-X-2 prediction represents a sort of must. But what does 1-X-2 really mean in the betting glossary ? With these symbols we are going to indicate which of the two teams will win the game (often in the 90 minutes, in live betting possibly in overtime).

With the sign 1 we indicate the home team as the winner (or the one indicated a priori if on a neutral field), with the X sign we believe that the match can end in perfect equality . Finally with the 2 we are going to hypothesize that the host formation will win the game.


The Simulcast is another hugely popular option in the betting . But what does it really mean and how does it work in reality? The Betting Glossary explains it to us. On the match we are going to choose, we indicate the minimum and maximum number of goals that will be scored overall . For example by choosing the Multigol 2-3 combination , there must be a minimum of two networks and a maximum of three .

If the match in question ends 1-1 , 2-0 or 2-1 , our Mutligol will be a winner. With any other result we will have lost. The combinations are many and they range from Multigol 1-2 to 1-6 , passing through 2-3 / 2-6 / 3-4 / 3-6 / 4-5 / 4-6 / 5-6 . Some bookmakers also offer the 7+ option , or at least 7 overall goals  in that single match.


Very often in the betting glossary we come across the word combo . The latter is a sort of abbreviation or slang if you prefer, which indicates a possible combination of events in the same game . There are lots of Combo, but today we will talk about three combos in particular.

+ Over sign

It is the best known and most popular of the options. Bookmakers almost always offer the result + Over combination , that is the final score of the match and how many goals there can be in the match. Not the precise number, but a sort of prediction between over and under , compared to a stake set by the book itself. For example 1+ Over 2.5 , it means that the home team will win and that there will be at least three goals in the match (regardless of who scores): the result of 2-1 is enough to win. If, on the other hand, it ends 2-0 it would not be enough to turn on the green light on our bet.

There is also in this category, a sort of sub-category that we do not find strength in all books. This is the double chance and over / under sign . The double chance indicates not just one final result, but two possible final results . For example, if we play 1X + Over 1.5 , the result of 1-1 is also enough to win. So the chances of success with doubles increase, even if the other side of the coin tells us that the odds will drop significantly .

Sign + Goal / No Goal

It is a very popular type of bet. For the sign what we said previously is valid and the same goes for the Goal / No Goal . By hypothesis let’s say we want to play the 1 + Goal combo in a given race. To be successful you will need at least 2-1. The 2-0 would not be enough because the goal factor of the visiting team is missing .

If instead we choose to bet the X + No Goal sign , we will have only one result available. The 0-0. With the 1 + No Goal combo , the home team will need to win and no goal from the visiting team . Finally, as a last example, the X + Goal combo indicates that we will win with all ties, except 0-0 .

Goal / No Goal + Over

A very particular combo is the one that combines the Goal / No Goal with the amount of goals in that particular game. For example, if we choose the Goal + Over 2.5 combo , both teams must score and overall there must be at least 3 goals . So from 2-1 onwards you win.

It is important to note that for the purposes of this bet the final prediction does not matter. It can easily end 1 , or X or even with the sign 2 . For this combo the aforementioned factors matter. Particular is the combination Goal + Under 2.5 : in fact you only win with the result of 1-1 , while with the No Goal + Under 1.5 , we will only have 0-0 on which to hope.


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