What are chat games?

There are games in the  ludic culture that have now strongly entered popular everyday life . One of these, for a long time now, is undoubtedly the bingo ; bingo that has seen, in recent years, a further implementation of its popularity thanks to bingo , a “twin” game that is played mainly online with dozens and dozens of games every day.

As we have seen, the structure of online bingo is very simple: the players are in virtual rooms with the possibility of buying a certain number of cards that will allow them to compete in the drawing of the numbers that will take place in a few minutes.

While waiting for the start of the round, complete with extractions of the numbers, the players rushed to the virtual room have, however, the possibility of communicating with each other thanks to a classic chat in which to exchange jokes, pleasantries, outbursts or exultations, right to pass the wait.

For some time, however, it has also been possible to try real parallel games in chats!

The chat games

Between one bingo draw and the next, generally 2-3 minutes elapse, depending on how the match schedule has been planned . Since the purchase of the folders takes place in a few seconds, and that the temporary interaction with strangers may not please everyone, so-called chat games have arrived to occupy the remaining time .

Generally, in fact, there is the possibility that a moderator appointed by the virtual platform appears in chat and asks questions (as a quiz ) to the waiting user.

For those who answer correctly, real money prizes are reserved !

One of the best examples of chat games is seen inside the bingo halls of Gioco Digitale .

The Chat Games of GD

The game mode, in the virtual bingo rooms of GD, follows what was previously reported, ie it involves the intervention in the chat of a moderator who asks various questions; such quizzes generally focus on multiple themes, such as geography , history or current events ; alternatively they can be small grammar games (like anagrams ) or translation from English. For those who answer correctly, he wins a slice of the (greedy) monthly prize pool dedicated solely to chat games (currently, six thousand euros are up for grabs by the room!).

The bonuses won have some small constraints, of the type that must be reused within five days of being obtained, or there is the particularity that the maximum bonus obtainable daily is € 5. Nothing particularly complicated, however! In any case, all the peculiarities are well described in the dedicated page of the Gioco Digitale bingo area .

But what are these quizzes specifically?

Let’s face it right away: the questions and quizzes are pretty easy . The only real difficulty lies in being the first to answer with the correct answer. However, if by chance someone should burn us out on time, no problem: we will make up for it with the following questions.

Let’s see some examples of questions and answers:

  • The first example is of a geographical nature, specifically the category is called ” Geobingo “

QUESTION: What country is the city of Toronto in? ANSWER: In Canada.

  • Another category that of ” True or False “

Q: New York is located in Japan. A: False

  • There is the category of ” mirror “, in which a word is written backwards and the first one that reports it correctly is awarded, for example:

D: onofelet R: telephone

  • The category ” Guess who “, based on which thanks to three clues you have to guess who the character in question is, for example:

D: Born in Tavullia, motorcycle rider, multiple world champion A: Valentino Rossi

  • Or the ” Binglish ” category , where you are asked to translate simple words from Italian to English (or vice versa), for example:

D: Hill R: Hill

  • Or the category ” anagram “, which requires the anagram of some groups of letters to be transformed into words of complete meaning, such as:

D: fucife R: headphones


As we have said, therefore, nothing particularly complicated. The categories of the quizzes are however many and also well exemplified in the dedicated page of the Gioco Digitale site .

In other words, however, a game with prizes was found very simply that allows us not to get bored between one game of bingo and another, which at the same time can give us the opportunity to win a few euros. Euro that maybe you can decide to invest, why not, in buying some other folder!


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