Best weapons in Back 4 Blood

A detailed analysis of all weapons in Back 4 Blood: we tell about the best guns

In Back 4 Blood, the developers have added many different weapons that must be used in the fight against hordes of zombies. Among the extensive collection of guns, it is rather difficult to make a choice in favor of one copy. Below is the best and most useful weapon in Back 4 Blood in our opinion.

Best weapon in Back 4 Blood

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – Whole Team Assembled

Players can find various types of cold weapons and firearms at each level, as well as buy in a special store in safe zones. The game features the following weapon classes:

  1. Additional weapons (pistols and sawn-off shotgun)
  2. Melee weapon.
  3. Assault rifles.
  4. Light machine guns.
  5. Submachine guns.
  6. Sniper rifles.

Despite the huge variety, we recommend using the examples below first.


Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – M249

This LMG is one of the best weapons in the game. There are 80 rounds in the clip. When using a weapon, the player receives a stable and reliable recoil at the first shots, which allows using the weapon not only to inflict massive damage on all opponents, but also to make pinpoint shots at the most important targets.

M4 carbine

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – M4 Carbine

The most popular weapon among all players. The rifle is prized for the convenience and precision that make this cannon useful in all situations. Plus, it has a decent starter store and is the most balanced option for any mission.


Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – M16

With the M4 Carbine, not every player will want to use the M16 due to insufficient damage in critical situations, but this assault rifle allows you to get the highest accuracy when shooting. It has virtually no recoil and is the perfect weapon for killing common zombies. Due to its high range and accuracy, this weapon is suitable for cleaners who like to destroy targets at a great distance.


Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – AA12

The only shotgun in our collection. At a short distance, it is the best option, as it has an automatic type of fire. In addition, fast reloading allows you to instantly restore cartridges in the clip and deal with the crowd of infected in the most difficult situations.


Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – UZI

Almost all SMGs in the game have high recoil. On the contrary, this weapon is the most accurate in its class. In addition, UZI allows you to make a huge number of shots in a short period of time and helps to instantly deal with single targets.

Desert Eagle

Best weapon in Back 4 Blood – Desert Eagle

Pistols are not used very often in the game, however, with the Desert Eagle, the player can easily inflict huge damage on opponents at a greater distance, unlike other examples in this class. It should be borne in mind that this pistol is one of the slowest in the game, but it can be used in rare situations to destroy multiple targets.

Tec 9

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – TEC 9

An excellent secondary weapon that deals good damage with a high rate of fire. Helps in a critical situation to fight off opponents and provide the necessary time to reload the main weapon. Tec 9 is the best choice for a sniper.

Weapon rating

The best weapon in Back 4 Blood – Players will face “hot” skirmishes with zombies

Despite the above list of weapons that will definitely appeal to most players, each copy can be categorized (from best to worst):

  1. Category 1 (UZI, Carbine M4, M249, Glock 23, Tec 9). The most comfortable weapon in the game. It has a significant number of strengths, therefore it provides the greatest efficiency in destroying zombies.
  2. Category 2 (AK47, RPK, Scar, M1A, MP5, UMP45, Super 90, Desert Eagle, 357 Magnum). Armament at this level is slightly worse. Some examples lack firepower, have a reduced level of usability, or overestimate the recoil force.
  3. Category 3 (Ranch Rifle, М16, Vector, Barrett M95, Phoenix 350L, AA12, 870 Express, Belgian). Medium specimens that do a good job of killing zombies, but noticeably worse than the above cannons.
  4. Category 4 (Tac 14, Firefighter Ax, Hatchet). A low-power weapon that is recommended to be used only in the complete absence of other options.
  5. Category 5 (M1911, Beretta M9, ​​Bita, Machete). The section is presented with standard weapons, which are the worst of the proposed options above and must be replaced.

Submachine guns

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – UMP45

As stated above, the UZI is the best weapon in this category. It has the least damage from one shot, but for one clip, the cannon does much more damage than its counterparts, thanks to the starting magazine for 32 rounds (it can be increased to 40 rounds). Both options allow you to fire at crowds of infected. Plus, this submachine gun deals significant head damage and is easy to aim at a target. UMP45 and MP5 are roughly on the same level. The UMP45 has a smaller magazine size, but this is compensated for in other dimensions. Both weapons will come in handy in any situation, but completely lose the firepower of the UZI.

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – Vector

Vector is the most awkward submachine gun. It has the most damage from a single shot, but there is a significant lack of firepower per magazine, consisting of 19 rounds. With the extended magazine, the situation does not change, since 24 rounds are significantly less than the starting number of rounds for the MP5. Suitable only for the early stage of the campaign.

Assault rifles

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – AK47

The M4 carbine is the most balanced weapon in the game. A decent starting magazine size with good damage is available. The rifle is comfortable to use and suits any game situation. The AK47 will be an excellent replacement for the aforementioned carbine, as it has the highest damage among all assault rifles. It is almost in no way inferior to the M4, but it has significant recoil, which is not suitable for all players in the battle with large hordes of zombies.

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – Ranch Rifle

The M16 has almost the same characteristics as the M4 Carbine, except that it only fires in bursts. The weapon clearly lacks firepower, but it is great for long range use, especially with an extended magazine. The semi-automatic Ranch Rifle works like a sniper rifle, but doesn’t do the damage it needs. It will be much easier to take any other weapon from this category.

Light machine guns

Best weapon in Back 4 Blood – PKK

There are only two light machine guns in the game. RPK loses to its counterpart in accuracy, control and mobility, but has a greater range and damage. Despite this, it is much more convenient to use the M249 in battle. It is worth considering that in a static position, when you do not need to run away from a horde of zombies, the PKK will be the best option, so it is recommended to try both options and personally compare them in battle.

Sniper rifles

Best weapon in Back 4 Blood – Barrett M95

In most cases, this type of weapon will not be used by players, but an accurate sniper will always come in handy in a well-coordinated team. It is rather difficult to choose the best representative in this category.

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – M1A

The Barrett M95 has the most damage per shot, but the M1A is slightly more effective against a small crowd of opponents, as it has a semi-automatic type of fire.

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – Phoenix 350L

The Phoenix 350L does less damage, but uses a higher rate of fire compared to the Barrett M95, which is why the Barrett M95 is more suitable for destroying large opponents, while the M1A will be the best option for fighting a crowd of zombies.


Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – Super 90

The Super 90 has the best damage output of any shotgun, so it can wipe out swarms of undead and large enemies at close range. The main disadvantage is the considerable recharge time, in contrast to analogs. In this case, the AA12 is a good option, the only automatic rifle capable of dealing high damage and dealing with many opponents in a short amount of time.

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – 870 Express

The 870 Express is one of the strongest shotguns in terms of firepower and has the best range. This allows you to easily destroy a large enemy, but the weapon clearly lacks versatility, since in other combat situations it is almost useless.

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – Tac 14

The Tac 14 noticeably lacks the firing range, as the weapon can only come in handy at a very close distance from the enemy. This shotgun is very similar to the Belgian, but has a large ammo capacity.

Additional weapon

Best Weapon in Back 4 Blood – Glock 23

In this section, there are good examples, but after obtaining the main weapon, the player is unlikely to want to use something from this category. As stated earlier, the Tec 9 and Desert Eagle are the best pistols of all. The Glock 23 is also suitable as a replacement. It has increased accuracy, but noticeably loses in the rate of fire and damage to its counterparts.

Best weapon in Back 4 Blood – 357 Magnum

The 357 Magnum is easier to handle than the Desert Eagle, but it loses out in terms of damage. Any weapon from this category can be useful for a sniper who needs to quickly switch to a pistol and finish off a couple of zombies at close range.

Melee weapon

Best weapon in Back 4 Blood – Hatchet

Those who like to fight zombies in close combat are better off stocking up on one of the options in this section. The only ones worthy are the Firefighter’s Ax and the Hatchet. The first has the highest damage and hit radius, while the second wins significantly in the pace of strikes. Also, with a Hatchet, it will be much easier for the player to escape from enemies in a critical situation.

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