Best Characters in Back 4 Blood

A detailed guide to all the characters in Back 4 Blood, with which any player can understand the essence of the hero and choose the best cleaner

In Back 4 Blood, the developers have added eight characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. By choosing the right heroes for the current situation, players can greatly simplify the survival of the entire team. In this post, we will take a look at each of the cleaners in Back 4 Blood and break down their useful qualities.

How to unlock all characters in Back 4 Blood

Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Complete Missions and Watch the Story Cinematic

Before starting the campaign, each player will have to choose one character. At the very beginning, only four heroes are available for this – Evangelo, Walker, Holly and Mother. Hoffman, Doc, Jim and Carly are not accessible to newbies. Do not worry about this, as each of the heroes will open after the completion of the first part of the act – “The Return of the Devil”.

First of all, we go through all the tasks in this section and after the explosion of the ship we watch the corresponding video, in which the players will be presented with new cleaners. After that, all closed heroes will become available. In order to avoid various mistakes, it is recommended to go through the first act in joint mode with other users.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Shooter Engelo

  • Team Skill: Increases movement speed by 5%.
  • Can break free from grabs once every 60 seconds.
  • Increases stamina recovery by 25%.

This character has very useful skills not only for playing in a single player campaign, but also for full-fledged co-op battles. Evangelo is a fairly mobile hero who can easily escape from the capture of the infected and protect all partners from a horde of zombies in a critical situation. In most cases, this hero will most likely not be useful, as there are more useful characters in the game. In addition, it is worth considering that regardless of the moment of exiting the capture, Evangelo will receive damage from the actions of the infected.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Shooter Walker

  • Team Skill: Increases health by 10 points.
  • Accurate kills increase the character’s accuracy by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Increase damage by 10%.

This hero is one of the best at dealing a huge amount of damage, as compared to other cleaners, he has the highest base damage on charged ones. In addition, for killing simple zombies in the head and when hitting the weak points of reinforced opponents, his accuracy increases slightly. The team skill can also come in handy, but this bonus is completely unnecessary if there is Doc and Mama in the squad.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Hand-to-Hand Fighter Holly

  • Team Skill: Increases Stamina by 25 points.
  • Recovers 10 points of stamina for each kill you make.
  • Increases damage resistance by 10%.

Due to its resistance to damage and good stamina, this character is best suited for clearing a large number of the simplest zombies. It is enough to take any melee weapon and set off to smash the skulls of the infected. Otherwise, this hero will be completely useless, since he will not be able to quickly cover the team from reinforced opponents.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Support Hero Mother

  • Team Skill: Adds one extra life (each ally can be incapacitated one more time).
  • Can instantly revive any disabled ally, but only once per level.
  • Adds an extra slot for support items.

This hero’s support abilities are very useful for any team at every difficulty level. The mother is able to save the entire squad in the most critical situation, even in a crowd of infected. In addition, the character can take additional bandages and first-aid kits with him. Unlike Doc, the main task of this cleaner is to return the knocked down teammates.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Doctor Doc

  • Team Skill: Injury resistance increases by 25%.
  • Can heal each ally for 25 health points once per level.
  • Increases healing efficiency by 20%.

A full-fledged medic class in the game. All skills of this hero are aimed at helping the team. Doc can heal allies even without the aid of first aid kits. Mandatory for high difficulty levels. Has a very good collaboration with the Mother.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Support Hero Hoffman

  • Command Skill: Increases ammunition by 10%.
  • Has a chance to find additional ammo after killing Infected.
  • Adds an additional slot for attack items.

Back 4 Blood often lacks ammo, which is why Hoffman is one of the more useful characters in the game. His first skill allows the entire team to easily restore ammo. In addition, this hero will improve the general supply of uniforms for all allies and receive an additional active item (Molotov cocktail, grenade, bomb, etc.). All these useful qualities of the character allow you to increase the combat effectiveness of the entire squad, which is especially useful in battles against hordes of the infected.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Shooter Jim

  • Team Skill: Increases damage to the weak points of the infected by 10%.
  • Accurate kills increase the hero’s damage by 2.5% (the effect stacks up to 50%, but is lost upon taking any damage).
  • Increases movement speed by 25% while firing from the shoulder.

Jim is an improved version of Evangelo and one of the best characters to focus on shooting. The main goal of this hero is to inflict a huge amount of damage on any targets. The presence of a man in the team will facilitate many skirmishes with the infected, but the player is required to maximize concentration during the battle and accurately hit all targets.


Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Support Hero Carly

  • Team Skill: Increases use speed by 50%.
  • The hero is able to sense opponents and sources of danger nearby.
  • Adds an extra slot for effective items

This character is a very good scout who is able to inspect the nearby territory and check it for enemies and other dangers. In addition, the girl increases the speed of opening locks, boxes and performing other actions. She is also able to carry an additional defibrillator or other item that will definitely come in handy at the most unexpected moment of the battle.

Best set of heroes

Best Characters in Back 4 Blood – Take Matchmaking Seriously on High Difficulty

When playing at the highest difficulty level, it is recommended to use Doc, Hoffman, Carly and Mama as a team. In this case, Doc’s abilities will allow you to heal any critical damage from allies. Ammunition in recent missions can often be lacking, so Hoffman will be able to instantly close this gap.

Carly will allow the squad to bypass any dangers, such as crows. This will help to avoid numerous skirmishes with the hordes of the infected. The mother, on the other hand, is able to get out of any critical situation and instantly raise the most important ally to her feet in the current game situation.

This selection is subject to change, so it is recommended to use a variety of heroes. The main thing is for the whole squad to differ in basic skills and abilities. For example, you shouldn’t put Evangelo and Jim in the same squad. The increased damage from these heroes will come in handy, but the team may not have enough ammo or healing in a special situation in the absence of other cleaners. Such a targeted approach to the selection of roles in Back 4 Blood will allow you to freely complete any task and avoid the rapid destruction of the team in a battle with numerous opponents.

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