Best sites to book hotels 2023

Are you looking for the best sites to book hotels and holidays ? Discover our selection of sites to find cheap hotels at the best price.

Traveling is a passion that many people indulge during the course of their lives, although in many cases one might think that moving away from one’s home is synonymous with high costs, in reality, with the right precautions it is possible to visit many cities and interesting places without necessarily spend too much.

One of the most important costs when traveling is the hotel , staying a few days in a new country is not as expensive for food and travel as for the hotel chosen. It is no coincidence that more and more people use websites to book hotels in order to save a lot of money.

In the next few lines we will list the best travel sites to make an effective search for cheap hotels.



  • 10 best sites to book hotels
    • Expedia
    • Last minute
    • Trivago
    • Momondo
    • Agoda
    • Secret Escapes
    • TripAdvisor

10 best sites to book hotels

If you did a quick Google search on the best sites for booking hotels , you could spend hours browsing more or less effective digital pages in this action. We have selected ten that can be right for you, all with excellent credentials and positive feedback from users and insiders.


There is no doubt that one of the most popular online platforms for booking hotels is , a website that allows you to find competitive prices and be able to book directly without registering on the various hotel websites. In addition to extremely competitive prices, you will also find an infinite number of affiliated hotels all over the world and the possibility of booking and canceling in a flexible and transparent way . There are also excellent summer and winter promotions with special discounts if you book through the Booking app for Android and iOS. You can message the hotel management or homeowner for more information via the platform’s message center.

It’s definitely the best site to book hotels , but take your time to make sure you get the room you want at the best price. Always compare prices and pay attention to the cancellation policy.

  1. Expedia

Not everyone knows Expedia , but it is among the most interesting websites for booking hotels and travel services. Expedia is nothing more than a real online travel agency , which periodically makes a significant number of promotions and events available to those who want to travel . As with, even on this platform you can choose the location where you want to go and select the hotel that best suits your needs. By viewing the hotel information you can then choose to book directly on Expedia. Among the strong points is the free cancellation of the reservation , even if you will have to choose the promotion indicated in the contractual details.

In addition to accommodation, you can also choose routes with scheduled flights or by car , but if you are a person who loves surprises, the Things to do section might surprise you. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS .


Booking low cost hotels is never easy, sometimes it’s better to rely on a platform that has been making itself heard for years. is perhaps the best solution if you want to compare the prices of hotels around the world , you can select the cheapest hotel and even choose the distance from the place where you have to go and the number of stars of the structure where you will sleep.

Unlike the hotel sites listed above, deals only with hotel reservations , not ancillary services or activities related to your trip. If you love highly polished smartphone applications and slightly lower prices for reservations, this solution is for you. It is also available as an application for Android and iOS .

  1. Last minute

Do you want to travel saving ? Then you’ll have to embark on some last-minute travel. In this regard, the site for hotels Lastminute can help you . This service has the ability to book hotels and flights quickly and without too many steps . You will be able to find travel offers and book at the last minute, so as to visit the cities you prefer without spending too much .

The offers can concern both flight + hotel and all-inclusive packages for several people . However, we anticipate that although there are very interesting promotions on this hotel booking site, the prices are slightly higher than the platforms listed above. You can also download it on Android or iOS mobile devices .

  1. Trivago

You’ve surely heard of Trivago , the countless advertisements on the web and on TV will have caught your attention. The large amount of advertising is not tied to itself, but is based on a service that offers excellent solutions for booking one or more hotels .

In addition to the well-designed website and apps for iOS and Android, Trivago has an advanced hotel search system that is particularly useful if you are looking for a destination with certain characteristics. In addition to the departure and return dates, you can also enter various specifications on the number of rooms , the services available and the maximum price you wish to invest. A reliable booking site, fast and with prices that will not disappoint you for hotel reservations. We advise you to also take a look at the section called House/Apartment , this allows you to save a lot compared to the hotel. In addition to the official Trivago site, the application for Android and iOS is also available .


Digital platform that might surprise you with its hotel search features is Momondo . The most relevant search functions are to be identified in its ability to compare the costs of flights and hotels in seconds . All you need to do is enter the city of departure and the city of destination, and the software will find the best solution for your needs in no time.

In addition to the official website, you can also take advantage of the application for Android and iOS operating systems . In the online web section, on the interface on the left, you can also view stays , car rental , trains , buses and holiday packages .


Many travel enthusiasts prefer to make hotel reservations on , a Chinese giant that has been dealing with travel and services related to this sector for many years. Although it belongs to a very distant continent, this company is also very strong in Europe and allows you to book hotels easily and quickly.

By accessing the platform, you can select four different categories: Flights , Hotels , Trains and Car Rental . By selecting the Hotel section , just enter the name of the city, the date and the nights you want to stay. In a few clicks you can also choose the number of stars of the hotel structure . You can download on both Android and iOS .

  1. Agoda is characterized by several groups, one of these is Agoda . This website offers you very similar offers to Booking both in terms of prices and hotel conditions, but adds one of the most important functions: you can also book hotels in Asia . If you are planning a trip to Asia then Agoda is the website that will save you time, as well as guarantee you greater security.

Don’t expect exceptional customer service or low prices, Agoda is designed for travelers to Asia , but it’s not the perfect website you imagine. However, you will be able to choose between private accommodation and long stays , alternatives in many cases also absent on European platforms. Agoda is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices .

  1. Secret Escapes

If you are looking for luxury hotels, but want to find a solution that is as cheap as possible, then Secret Escapes could be of great help to you. In order for you to use this website, however, you will need to be a member , saving up to 70% of the cost of the trip . Registration is free, although it is periodically limited to a defined number of users. It is available as an application for Android and iOS .

  1. TripAdvisor

We’ve saved one of the most popular hotel booking websites for last . You’ve probably heard of TripAdvisor and its iOS or Android app . This platform with its integrated software allows you to identify the best hotels according to your budget , activating filters that highlight the best reviews on the web.

TripAdvisor was born as a review sharing tool for users , this is integrated into the search engine for booking hotels, showing you the evaluations of those who have already experienced the hotel structure . At first it will feel a bit awkward to use this website, but it is effective and very useful. In another guide I have shown you the TripAdvisor membership , take a look and you will not regret it.


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