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The best free football streaming sites that I am about to list will allow you to watch your favorite teams online very easily and completely for free! If you follow this guide, you will discover which are the best free football streaming sites that will allow you to fully enjoy the eleven versus eleven battles with just the help of an internet connection!

Obviously the best football streaming sites that are included in this guide are often obscured, as they are often on the verge of legality! As a result, this guide will be updated monthly so that you can locate the correct links to the sites to  watch football matches in streaming for free .

This guide is created for informational and illustrative purposes only . Downloading and using copyrighted products is a crime and assumes no responsibility for the illegal use you want to make of these sites.

Best free football streaming sites (Serie A, Serie B, Champions League and Europa League) – This month’s notes

A new month of football begins. The best football streaming sites have been checked and are working. Also this month you can decide which matches to follow, cheer for your favorite one and enjoy everything that the most beloved sphere in the world has in store!

Some useful advice!

To take advantage of this kind of sites you need to have a good internet connection . In fact, if you don’t have a stable and fast enough connection to play videos in real time, watching the best football streaming sites could become a real torture!

A slow internet connection could lead to annoying buffer flushes . Put simply, continuous uploads and streaming interruptions. To rest assured I would recommend that you opt for a fiber optic connection that will allow you to benefit from low latency, and not only in streaming. In fact, if you often download torrent files, perhaps after reading our guide to the best torrent sites , or if you are intent on looking at some sites taken from our guide to the best streaming sites … a good connection can only help you!

Obviously, even if at present there is really good coverage (finally) in our peninsula, not all Italian cities are covered by this service. If you want to get an idea of ​​coverage in your area you can take a look at our article on how to check ADSL and fiber optic coverage in your area . By doing so you will have all the credentials to be able to enjoy the best free football streaming sites.

It is also highly recommended to use a VPN when using services of dubious legality and therefore at high risk of fishing, so I invite you to read our guide to the best free VPNs . Without forgetting the use of one of the best free and paid antivirus .

Best free football streaming sites (Serie A, Serie B, Champions League and Europa League): here is the ranking!

There are so many sites that promise to let you stream the games for free  but very few actually do. Be wary of sites that require registration and above all never provide your credit card details ! The web is a really nice place, but surfing the net is exactly like doing it offshore. Fascinated by the splendor that blinds us, it is easy to forget that the sea is full of pitfalls!

The football streaming sites that I am about to list are safe and the only nuisance you might have is some advertising for betting sites (remember to close all advertisements to use the player ). Indeed, if you like to try your luck then I suggest you check out our guide on the best betting sites . Who knows what will suit you! But stop the chatter and let’s get to the reason why you have opened this article.

We remind you that some of the sites listed below may only be accessible through the use of a VPN, depending on your provider. Here is our guide to the best free VPNs . Also keep in mind that, on some of the sites listed, you will need to close several pop-ups and banners before accessing the stream.

The first of the best free football streaming sites is: Serie A House

Serie A House  is right now the first choice among the best sites to see the free games currently running. The interface of the page is very intuitive, the list on the site presents the various streaming offers to choose from. Once pressed on the link of the event concerned, a page with the player will appear (press the x on the overlay banner to close it).

The second of the best free football streaming sites is: StarLive

StarLive offers a wide range of streaming . For each event it is possible to click on the suggested channel. Also here remember to close any popups or new tabs.

The third of the best free football streaming sites is: S365Live

Simple to use but with several annoying popups, S365Live falls within the possibilities offered among the best options on this list. Select the event of interest and then one of the recommended channels for viewing. Beware of the numerous pop-ups and deceptive advertisements, close them and go on until playing.

The fourth of the best free football streaming sites is: Rojadirecta

Although very simplistic, Rojadirecta is certainly one of the best free football streaming sites that can be visited today. Simple and intuitive interface, and a minimal but functional aspect, are the cards fielded by this site able to show you your games in streaming for free Also in this case you can choose between various sports and browse the various pages of your interest. Once you have found the matches you want to follow, click on the link and watch the football matches in streaming for free will be child’s play.

The fifth of the best free football streaming sites is: VIPLeague

VIPLeague is definitely one of the best sites to watch free games . As you can see the interface is simple to manage. The list on the site presents the various streaming offers to choose from, in a nice and intuitive way. Once pressed on the link of the event concerned, a list of available channels will appear. Try them all until you find the right one and enjoy the game in streaming for free.

The sixth of the best free football streaming sites is: JokerLiveStream

As you have no doubt noticed, on the JokerLiveSteam site , there is no trace of the Italian language. Don’t worry though, even if the interface might seem complicated and unmanageable, it is not. Just scroll the page quickly to find all the most important matches complete with images depicting the banners of the two opposing teams. Select the match you are interested in, look for the best channel among the recommended links and you will have the screen with the match live !

The last, but not least, of the best free football streaming sites is: Redstream

These sites are all a bit alike and  Redstream confirms this: the usual interface that reports live matches. Also in this case, browsing the pages of this, which is undoubtedly one of the best free football streaming sites , is really simple and intuitive. Just find the game you are interested in, press the “Streams” button and search the new page for the best possible channel. Attention: in the channel list use the “stream” button and not “HD”.

Best free football streaming sites (Serie A, Serie B, Champions League and Europa League)

Our guide to the best free football streaming sites is officially over! But before saying goodbye, I would like to remind you that the appointment is for next month (and for those to follow) where we will flesh out, check and rectify this guide !

Before the triple whistle, a quick guide with the list of the best football streaming sites :

  • Serie A House
  • StarLive
  • s365Live
  • Rojadirecta
  • VIPLeague
  • JokerLiveStream
  • Redstream

Other recommended free football streaming sites

  • SkyStreaming
  • Telgram channels
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