best panettone in 2021

The 2021 ranking of the best panettone on the market
„Altroconsumo reveals the results of its tests carried out on various brands of panettone and presents the top 12 of the best products“

The 2020 ranking of the best panettone on the market

lso this year the votes are given to the panettone, one of the most popular desserts of the Christmas holidays. As usual, Altroconsumo takes care of it, bringing 12 panettone on the market to the laboratory to find the best ones in circulation.

For 2020 “the real news – underlines Altroconsumo – is that it is not necessary to spend too much to take home a good dessert: the best of the test costs less than 4 euros”. In fact, to dominate the ranking is a product that is on the market at the price of 3.69 euros. In the Altroconsumo top ten, the most expensive panettone comes to € 14.25.

Let’s see below the ranking of the 12 panettone tested by Altroconsumo.

  1. low panettone Le Grazie di Esselunga (score 73/100, price 3.69 euros)
  2. Fior Fiore Coop low panettone – classic recipe (score 72/100, price € 8.96)
  3. Tre Marie panettone Milanese (score 71/100, price 11.45 euros)
  4. Vergani’s Milan panettone (grade 67/100, price € 14.25)
  5. Gran Nocciolato Maina (grade 67/100, price € 5.98)
  6. Giovanni Cova classic panettone (grade 67/100, price € 9.90)
  7. Bauli classic panettone (grade 63/100, price € 5.00)
  8. Almond Balocco (grade 63/100, price € 5.47)
  9. Panettone Carrefour Extra (grade 61/100, price 3.36 euros)
  10. Motta panettone (grade 60/100, price 4.27 euros)
  11. Paluani panettone – classic recipe (score 59/100, price 4.24 euros)
  12. panettone Duca Moscati from Eurospin, (grade 57/100, price 3.29 euros)


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