Best mods for Raft Video Game

List of the most popular, useful and effective mods for Raft

Raft is an open-world survival game that exited early access a few weeks ago. The player takes to the ocean on a small raft and slowly rebuilds it into a mobile home with essentials. There is literally everything here: collecting materials, building structures, crafting new equipment and exploring the islands (alone or with friends). However, it is possible to expand the game using various modifications.

How to install mods in Raft

First, let’s talk about how to install mods for Raft. The Steam Workshop doesn’t have a section for this game, so installing mods will take some fiddling around. First you need to install the RaftModding ModLoader , after which you can download the mods you want directly from the RaftModding website . Don’t worry about your anti-virus programs cursing – it’s a game-changing client false alarm. Additional instructions can be found directly on the site. Installing mods after downloading them requires a few clicks.

When transferring mods to a multiplayer game, errors or conflicts may occur. To prevent them, all players from the session must have the same mods installed.

Now let’s take a look at our selection of modifications for Raft!

Larger Nets Mod

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Grids are a real lifesaver. They collect items and you don’t even need to be distracted by them or risk your life. But despite all their usefulness, they are small in volume. The Larger Nets mod will help save the situation.

In fact, the Larger Nets mod removes the limit on the number of items in networks. It allows you to change the capacity of networks with a few useful commands. So if you want, you can leave the capacity at 10 units, or increase it to 100, or even make a grid with unlimited capacity!


The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Difficulty navigating in the dark? Or do you want to get another additional tool that will allow you to explore the vast expanses of the sea and large islands? Then pay attention to the SimpleFlashlight mod. This is one of the easiest and most affordable mods. After installing it, you can turn the flashlight on and off by pressing the F key. There is nothing more useful at night!

Bigger Plots

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

The ideal solution for beginner farmers. The Bigger Plots mod not only increases the amount of acreage, but also provides the ability to sow seeds in large and small areas. Now you will have more freedom and landing sites.

More Sails = More Speed Mod

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

The names of most of the mods in question speak for themselves, and this mod is no exception. After its installation, the maximum speed of the raft will depend on the number of installed sails. The more sails, the higher the speed. A great option for impatient gamers or someone who does not like to enjoy the expanses of the ocean and wants to go through the storyline as soon as possible. The More Sails = More Speed ​​Mod mod makes minimal changes, so it is suitable even for those who do not want to significantly change the original game.

Player Compass

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

This mod works great with any other modifications and is well suited for cooperative play. You get what the name of the modification says – a compass that will allow you to find other players. With this compass you will be able to find your friends, getting lost is now almost impossible. However, it will be permanently visible at the top of the screen, so if you don’t like an overly cluttered interface, this mod might not be for you. However, this is a small price to pay to better navigate the game world.

Voice Chat

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Raft does not have a built-in voice chat feature. To communicate with your friends, you will have to use third-party services. For example, start your own Discord channel or use voice chat on Steam. For those who do not want to resort to either of these two options and do not want to use text chat, we recommend installing the Voice Chat mod.

The voice chat with this mod works like a distance chat: that is, you can only hear other players if they are nearby, making the gameplay even more realistic and exciting. With the help of a separate advanced settings API mod, you can change the function: instead of an open microphone, a button will be activated, when pressed, you can speak and be heard.


The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Render distance in Raft is below average. NoFog is the best tool on the high seas. This mod increases render distance and removes fog, showing all objects loaded by the game. You can open the command console with F10 and type setviewdistance [number]. The recommended distance is setviewdistance 10000, but you can experiment with other values ​​if you wish. The fog is removed when the mod is installed, but to set the desired rendering, use the command above. Needless to say, this will create additional load on your computer. Install this mod only if your PC has enough power.

More Storages

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

More Storages adds several new storage options to those available in the original game. The creators of the modification tried to find a balance between utility and aesthetics, and some storage options resemble some kind of iconic items (for example, a Minecraft chest). Others focus on getting you even more free storage space for resources and items. Combine this mod with the Stack mod and you’ll never have to worry about where to store items and resources again.

Solar Panel

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Batteries are an important tool. They are necessary for upgrades, and also allow you to direct your time and efforts to perform other tasks. The Solar Panel mod will allow you to create and place solar panels on the raft, with which you can charge ordinary batteries. For obvious reasons, they will operate exclusively during the day, but you can create a large reserve with enough solar panels to meet the needs of recharging conventional batteries. This will save you time and resources by eliminating the need to create additional batteries or chargers.

Stack Mod

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Stack Mod is a must-have mod for rafters, whether you’re at the very beginning of the journey or have reached the end-game stages. The Stack Mod will allow you to increase the size of the stack of items, but this only applies to those resources and objects that were stacked in the original game.

You can override the default stack size by opening the command console with F10 and typing the appropriate commands. Type stack size [number] to set the stack size of all stackable elements to this number. You can also change it as a percentage, or change the stack size of specific items only.

Statistic Mod

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Adds a lot of useful features and information. This is one of the most downloaded mods for Raft, which contains many innovations, commands and customizable options. Of the additions, we note the appearance of the health scale of mobs, the numerical values ​​of the player’s parameters, the time indicator, the percentage of crop growth, the percentage of battery power and the durability of equipment.


The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

The minimap is a very useful tool. You can add a mini-map to the top left or right corner of the screen and adjust how much you want to zoom in or out. Already this will be enough to see your raft and the nearest islands.

However, Minimap also allows you to adjust the render distance and adds other information using various markers. Red markers indicate enemies, yellow markers indicate neutral mobs, blue markers indicate sharks, and green markers indicate other players. In parallel, be sure to install the Extra Settings API mod.

Building Utilities

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

Building Utilities is a very important mod that makes building easier and faster. You will also have access to commands that will allow you to change the requirements for structures (for example, the need to install posts in the corners). But there is another feature that makes this mod a must-have for all gamers. The requirements for the construction of some blocks are reduced, and it will be much easier for you and your comrades to build multi-story structures.

More Trash Redux

The best mods for Raft – from a new compass to a mini-map

More Trash Redux is based on the original More Trash mod but has been modified to eliminate multiplayer issues. This mod allows you to set the rate of debris in the ocean, one hundred is done using the Extra Settings API mod.

More Trash Redux will save you valuable time. Garbage collection is where you start and what you do throughout the game. No other changes. Essentially, you’re playing the original, but with accelerated trash spawning. I see no reason to refuse this modification.


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