Raft cheat codes and console commands

Raft takes you and your friends on an epic ocean adventure! Alone or together, players fight to survive on a perilous journey through the endless sea! Scavenge, clean up reefs and build your own houseboat, but beware of man-eating sharks!


How to activate Raft console commands?

To activate all Raft console commands, you just need to follow these steps:

Press the Enter key to activate the chat window.
Now type in all the commands you want to use and press Enter again.

Raft cheat codes and console commands

  • Hunger (X)

Enable this command to set the amount of hunger to X.

  • Thirst (X)

By activating it and specifying the number X, this set of Sed is reached.

  • Blockhealth (X)

This code will block health in the amount of X.

  • Bonushunger (X)

Used to get X amount of the Bonushunger set.

  • Gamemode (X)

When activated, the game mode will be set to X

  • FPS (X)

This trick allows you to get the frame rate per second according to the specified X.

  • Oxygen (X)

This command will set the amount X of oxygen.


Cheat codes for spawning animals and objects

To create, you must write a spawn object or an animal, and it will be modified to match the desired animal.

  • Spawn (Shark)

Activate it to get shark roe.

  • Spawn (Pufferfish)

If you want puffer fish to spawn, you must use this code.

  • Spawn (Stonebird)

This code spawns a stone bird.

  • Spawn (Flame)

With this code you can create a flame.

  • Spawn (Goat)

Use this code to get a goat.

  • Spawn (Chicken)

Activating this command will spawn a chicken.

  • Spawn (Boar)

With this cheat code, you will achieve the appearance of a boar.

  • Landmark (Big)

Activate it to get an extensive guide.

  • Landmark (Pilot)

With this command, the symbolic generation of the pilot is activated.

  • Landmark (Raft)

By enabling this cheat code, you will get a symbolic raft.

  • Spawn (Landmark)

Activating it leads to reaching the spawn milestone.

  • Shift (World Center)

With this code, the replacement raft is moved to the world center.

  • Godmode (Expert)

Regime of God.

  • Clear (Everything)

Use this code to remove an item or item.


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