10 Best Filter Camera Apps For Android?

All of us at some point in our lives have looked for ways to perpetuate or capture moments of utter happiness that over the years will evoke a faint feeling of nostalgic joy. The world evolves with every passing second, and the digital age merges with our daily lives, bringing mere existence to a globalized space.

Smartphones have become faithful companions in everyday life, facilitating communication and shortening distances. However, it has not only focused on exchanges of calls and texts, they have evolved allowing the sharing of multimedia content, videos, songs and of course photographs.

Say wiskhy!

Photography dates from the nineteenth century, converting and revolutionizing art and taking a great step through the ages. The mixture used between light and chemistry resulted in the rendering of a static image .

The first photograph taken in history was captured under the lens of the French Nicéphore Niépce, and showed a landscape from the window of his house. As this incredible art evolved, family portraits began to be made, with the initiative that low-income people could have their own portraits , since they could not afford a painting.

Japanese Technology

Previously, cell phones were exclusively for exchanging text messages and calls. It was not until 2000 that the Japanese company Sharp and J-Phone revolutionized the world by launching the first mobile with an integrated camera .

The genuine and incredible phone was called J-SH04 , which with its 0.1 megapixel resolution quickly became the sensation of the moment. The world and communication was beginning to evolve rapidly, the souvenir of only texts would already be in the past.

Another Japanese company, Sanyo, was closely involved in this great revolution. With its exclusive North American release, it unveiled its wonderful Sanyo SCP-5300. With flash included and the ability to identify contacts with photos , this mobile left the entire American country breathless.

Apps and Smartphones

Update after update, smartphones accompany us wherever we go. Incredible innovations, improved cameras and the implementation of new tools have made smartphones an indispensable tool .

Front-facing cameras have put the tedious process of turning the device over to get a picture of ourselves in the past. This meant a rebound in user comfort and one more link in the tireless work of technological growth.

Along with the expansion of the new era, incredible applications are added, which are capable of editing and harmonizing each photograph . Whether by amateurs or true professional photography artists, these applications are partners of creativity and art through light.


With more than a million downloads and a rating of 4.3 / 5. This fun and overwhelming application allows you to share photos and videos using an arsenal of incredible and entertaining filters .

Since its launch in 2012, it has positioned itself as the favorite of many users around the world, with extraordinary effects and filters that will leave you completely amazed.

Adobe Lightroom

The application that has given what to talk about. With its incredible updates and more than a million downloads, it has positioned itself as a favorite for photographic editing. With an arsenal of incredible tools, it makes it easy to edit photos for a creative, high-resolution result.

SODA- Natural Beauty Camera

If we talk about giving beauty and a delicate nuance to each photograph , this application is the one. Discover the most adorable filters that will make you look amazing. Edit the photo to make it look completely natural and extraordinary.

Its dynamic and intuitive interface make the user experience of another level. Completely free, this application is positioned as the favorite of all those lovers of selfies.

Let’s explore!

Are you ready to take amazing pictures? Surprise and stand out on any platform with stunning effects and clean edits, fun and genuine filters that will make your photos amazing art. Innovate your photos and personalize them in a simple and completely free way.


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