The best fighting video games in history

Mortal Kombat? Street Fighter? Dragon Ball? In this article we will show you which are the best fighting games in history.

Throughout the history of video games, there were multiple games that sought to face two or more players through close combat. In this article we will talk about the best fighting games of all time not including those of boxing or MMA since these are in the sports games category .

Mortal Kombat

Released on October 8, 1992 for arcade machines, Mortal Kombat’s first title marked a before and after in the history of fighting video games. Originally it had five buttons, of which two were for fists, two for kicks and one to block and protect us from enemy attacks. The latter was considered a novelty since video games of that time only did it by means of movement controls. The franchise gradually evolved to become one of the benchmarks in the sector and, in some cases, surpass its number one rival: Street Fighter.

Street fighter

Developed by Capcom (creators of the Resident Evil franchise ) in 1987, Street Fighter was one of the fathers of fighting video games. The title allowed us to choose between two mythical fighters: Ryu and Ken . Despite the fact that many people believe that one is stronger than the other, the reality is that both had the same combat techniques, only the aesthetic appearance changed .

The game consisted of beating fighters from different countries and becoming the world champion. At the beginning you had to choose between Japan, the United States, China and England, but in any case, the last country we faced was Thailand, this because that country is the birthplace of Muay Thai , one of the most lethal martial arts .

Since the first arcade machine used six buttons only for punches and the special powers were made by exact movements with the lever, those who mastered these skills to the maximum were highly respected and admired , since a special attack came to remove half of the bar. opponent’s life span.

Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3

We advanced several years in time until we reached 2007 and found the popular Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 , a fighting video game that was kept in the hearts of all players for being one of the best in history.

Unlike the rest of the titles in this top, in this game we can enjoy many game modes, which will be starred by a huge number of characters from the franchise ( Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT ), these are:

Story Mode: In this mode we can live the adventures of Goku and his friends throughout the entire history of the anime. Starting with Dragon Ball Z, specifically the Saiyan Saga, where Piccolo and Goku will have to face iconic villains such as Raditz, Nappa and, finally, Vegeta. By completing this part, we will automatically advance to the Frieza saga, then the android saga, and finally the Majin Boo saga.

As for Dragon Ball GT, we will be able to enjoy five battles, which are against the main villains: Baby Vegeta, Super 17, Evil Dragon of 4 stars and Omega Shenron, where we will fight with Goku Super Saiyan 4, Vegeta Saiyan 4 and, if We continue the section of the story, with Gogeta Super Saiyajin 4. Upon completing this story, we will unlock the Dragon Ball saga, in which we will enjoy the mythical fight of Goku and Piccolo Daimao.

Tournament of power: this modality will allow you to select any character you have in the menu (some appear from the beginning of the game, such as Goku Super Saiyan 3, and others must be unlocked) to fight in different tournaments:

  • World Martial Arts Tournament: It  is the tournament that we saw several times in Anime. The rules in the anime are simple, you win if you knock the opponent unconscious, give up or fall off the platform. Killing generates disqualification.
  • Cell Games:  seek to recreate the legendary and remembered tournament that Cell organized in the Androids Saga. In this mode the health status of the character is preserved, trying to survive in the best possible way and preventing our rivals from causing us harm. The final rival is Cell Perfect or Cell Super Perfect.
  • Great Martial Arts Tournament: It  is organized by Mr. Satan and the stages are totally random. Usually the final rival is the event organizer himself.
  • Otherworld Tournament: Similar to the Great Martial Arts Tournament, the Otherworld Tournament refers to the competition that Goku played between the Androids Saga and Majin Boo.
  • Yamcha Tournament:  in this tournament luck and skill are fundamental factors, since we will not be able to choose our character. The final adversary is Yamcha.

Duel: In this mode we can fight battles against the machine, against our friends or simply see a confrontation. The battles can be for power points (each character according to her strength has a score and we will not be able to exceed a certain limit), one against one or team battles.


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