How to unlock Metal Mario in Super Smash Bros. N64

Super Smash Bros. was one of the most successful games released for the N64 platform. Users played countless hours in both single-player and multiplayer modes. However, some of Nintendo’s most notable characters didn’t make the list of playable characters. Metal Mario is one of the characters that failed. However, the wonder of the cheats and the GameShark cartridge allowed players to use Metal Mario as an available character to play.

Activate the GameShark code

Insert the Super Smash Bros. cartridge into the GameShark cartridge part of the N64. It will slide on top of the GameShark as if it were entering the system.

Insert the GameShark cartridge into the N64.

Turn on the N64 and wait for the GameShark screen to load.

Select “Enter Game Title” on the GameShark screen and enter “Super Smash Bros”.

Select the “Code Description” slot and enter “Metal Mario”.

Select the “Enter Code” section and enter the code 800A4B3B0D.

Press the “Start” button when all three categories are entered to start the game. When the game fully loads, Metal Mario will be a character you can play with and choose from on the selection screen.

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How to catch Mew in “Pokemon Fire Red”

By Daniel Valladares ; Last Update 07/21/2017

Creatas Images / Creatas / Getty Images

The legendary psychic-type Pokémon, Mew, is one of the rarest Pokémon available in Pokemon games. Unfortunately, to capture Mew in “Pokemon FireRed”, an Action Replay device is required since Mew is not normally available in-game. With Action Replay, you can enter a code that will allow you to capture Mew. You can also swap more than one Mew copy of “Pokemon Emerald” if you wish.

Type the following code in the “Enter Cheats” or “enter cheats” field on the Action Replay screen:

3C4590B6 06AA5FC9 A4144E58 825677D8 065EF628 74ED5106

Start the game normally and go to any Pokemon Center.

Go to the PC in the upper corner of the Pokemon Center. Mew will be in the first position in the first box of the PC.


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