The best FIFA 19 Ultimate Team squad

Rui Patricio, John Stones, Jordan Henderson and more. This is the best FIFA 19 Ultimate Team squad so you can succeed in every game for less than 50K on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Despite the fact that FIFA 19 is coming to an end as it is estimated that its successor will arrive in mid-September of this year, you may have never played FIFA Ultimate Team or you are just taking your first steps, either because you have just finished to buy the game or because you have never been curious about this mode before. In this guide we will show you the best economic template to get into FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: The best team under 50K to compete

Next we will offer you the best equipment that you can get for less than 50K taking into account the following aspects:

  • The template used will be 4-3-1-2 .
  • Prices are indicative since the transfer market fluctuates constantly.


The person in charge of taking the bow will be Rui Patrício . Without a doubt one of the best economic goalkeepers in the Premier League . This player has come to practically cost its discard price (700 coins), although with the rise in prices in the market, we currently find it for 5,400 coins on PS4, 5,500 on Xbox One and 6,200 on PC .

Central defenders

One of those responsible for filling this position will be John Stones , an amazing defender who has two special cards: a special one from the Champions League and another from the team of the season . We can find Stones in their normal card at 2700 coins on PS4, 3200 on Xbox One and 3300 on PC , extremely low prices considering their performance.

The second central defender will be Nathan Aké . Currently considered one of the cheapest defenses on the market , considering its incredible statuses like 79 defense and 74 pace, you can find it for the modest sum of 850 coins on PS4, 900 on Xbox One and 1300 on PC .


The first winger will be Antonio Valencia , one of the best players in this position in terms of value for money. Currently widely used in Premium templates , Valencia costs 4,500 coins on PS4, 5,000 on Xbox One and 6,000 on PC .

The second person responsible for this position will be Benjamin Mendy . We will find this player for 1900 coins on PS4, 2100 on Xbox One and 2800 on PC . His extraordinary attributes speak for themselves: 81 pace, 76 pass, 77 defense and 78 physical.


Jordan Henderson , a balanced defensive midfielder. With some interesting attributes (83 passing, 77 defense and 78 physical) is one of the first options to consider in a template of this type . You’ll find it for 4,000 coins on PS4, 5,000 on Xbox One and 6,000 on PC .

Miguel Almirón , one of the great promises of football. Known for being one of the most competitive midfielders in FIFA 19, it has 89 Pace, 80 Dribble and 75 Pass and will only cost 1,300 Coins on PS4, 1,200 Coins on Xbox One and 1,600 Coins on PC .

Jesse Lingard . A super-complete midfielder, with 81 pace, 78 shooting and 84 dribbling, this player has two special cards with superior attributes. In this case, the most basic version will be used, which will cost 4900 on PS4, 5700 on Xbox One and 6000 on PC.

Manuel Lanzini . On all three platforms it will only cost 1,100 coins . Despite being one of the cheapest offensive midfielders in all of FIFA, he presents a card with 81 overall , 81 pace, 86 dribbling and 78 passing, which makes him an excellent candidate to be placed “on the hook” .


The first forward will be Jamie Vardy . One of the players with the best cost-benefit ratio . With a card with 90 rhythm and 81 shooting, it is ideal to define the game. Its cost is 3400 coins on PS4, 3300 on Xbox One and 4000 PC .

Gabriel Jesus . He is the star of the team and in its most expensive version one of the best strikers in the game . Your regular card came to cost 100,000 coins in the first few weeks after FIFA 19 launched . Today, far from that excessive figure, it is found for 9200 coins on PS4, 9900 on Xbox One and 12000 on PC .

After making accounts, it can be said that the equipment will cost 39,250 coins on PS4, 42,900 on Xbox One and 50,300 on PC .


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