Best classes in Chivalry 2 for beginners

The sequel to Chivalry is not only more dynamic and violent than the first part, but also much more varied. First of all, this can be seen by paying attention to the number of classes. There are 4 main classes in the game: knight, vanguard, infantryman and archer. Moreover, each of them has 3 subclasses, one of which is available by default, and two more are opened during the game.

We decided to highlight some of the best options that really deserve your attention at the start of Chivalry 2 and will help you win more often. And if you need global advice, then do not forget to check out our last article.


Main classes


To begin with, let’s start with a short description of each of the main classes, so that you generally understand what awaits you if you decide to play for a particular type of fighter from the very beginning.

  • Wears only heavy armor and fights exclusively with two-handed weapons (sword, ax, hammer, etc.). The slowest class in the game, but at the same time the most tenacious. The knight can be called the defensive link of the team, since he repels the attacks of opponents well and can do it for a long time. In addition, he has the ability to blow a horn, which will help allies not to die instantly in battle. Also worth noting is a knight subclass called Guardian . He walks with a one-handed weapon and a shield, and is great for defending narrow passages. I would recommend taking a knight to beginners, because in this case you are guaranteed to stay in battle as long as possible and be able to comfortably master the combat system in the game.
  • He walks in medium armor, is relatively fast and can fight with any type of weapon. In fact, this is a classic “damage dealer” from other multiplayer games . He fights well, but you need to understand that he has little armor and you often have to run away from enemies or try to clearly parry all attacks. The vanguard also has burning oil bombs that will help finish off fleeing enemies.
  • It has not the best protection, but at the same time it is a very fast and maneuverable class. Can roll around the battlefield like a bouncing bouncer until stamina runs out. Fights with one-handed weapon or two-handed spear. He can also act as a support, because he has the ability to distribute first aid kits. A good assistant in combat for damage dealers and, in principle, good in a one-on-one duel, but against several opponents, as a rule, it is useless.
  • Wears the lightest armor of any class in the game and is therefore the fastest. Can install banners that heal teammates. In close combat, it is useless and can die from one powerful blow from a knight. But it is a great option for long distance support. During the game, you can upgrade to a spear thrower and a crossbowman.


The best choice at the moment


And now let’s figure out who is better to play Chivalry 2 at the moment, in order to be useful on the battlefield and kill at least someone.


This is a knight subclass that will be available over time. I believe this is the best option for a beginner. Firstly, the Guardian has a lot of health, and secondly, he has heavy armor and a shield, which will make it possible to spend as little health as possible in battle, and thirdly, he also hits well. In addition, the Guardian is the first knight subclass that can be quickly unlocked. To everyone who has just started playing Chivalry 2 or is about to do so, I recommend it!


Will be available after playing a Vanguard Representative for a while. This subclass has the most powerful weapon in the game. This is a huge two-handed sword with which you can turn even several enemies at once into fresh mince. At the same time, it perfectly combines fairly strong armor and acceptable movement speed. The Destroyer also has bombs that can be used to finish off those who decide to escape from your two-hander.


In general, this main class is pretty good for those who want to get a lot of fun out of the game and participate in every brawl. The infantryman moves quickly and can avoid damage by dodging quickly. At the same time, he himself hits quite painfully with a one-handed sword and can inflict 3-4 blows, while the same knight makes only one. If fast-paced play and dynamic melee cutting are your thing, then the Infantryman is your choice.


You will have to play as an archer for some time to open his subclass Crossbowman. At the moment, the best option for those who do not want to get into the batch, but prefer to play the role of support for their team. Kills enemies with one hit to the head or neck. At the same time, it reloads quite slowly and is very vulnerable in close combat, which you will have to remember throughout the entire battle. However, the Crossbowman has a stationary shield that he can place in front of him and thus, comfortably reload, protecting himself from ranged attacks. It’s definitely worth a try, there is no better option for conducting combat at a distance in the game yet.

This was our guide to the features of the key classes in Chivalry 2 , describing the best options so far. We decided not to describe what all subclasses are, because most of them are simply not interesting. If you think otherwise or have been playing Chivalry for years and know what other subclasses are worth choosing to win, then be sure to write about it in the comments.

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