Best classes and subclasses to start in Lost Ark

If you’re just starting to play Lost Ark , the world could come crashing down on you. When you start watching too much content and don’t know what to do, you fear that you might be making decisions that you later regret. And you may be doing it, this game is very competitive and is played by thousands of people in the world . So, before you screw up any more, stick around, to discover the best Lost Ark classes (and subclasses) to start playing.

Online games have taken over the world! Ok, maybe we haven’t reached that point yet, but the reality is not that far off. Many people (mainly youngsters) choose to play multiplayer games to enjoy their leisure time. Adolescents and young adults spend several hours each day, or at least each week, playing games with people who may be strangers or, instead, friends. Gamers are no longer lonely people who don’t talk to anyone, well, in most cases.

Well yes, almost any child, adolescent or young adult plays (at least a little) video games , it is part of the society in which we live today. This can be seen as a good or a bad thing depending on how many people think. However, the pure reality is that video games are an escape from responsibilities, it is a form of pure leisure, that they are glued to a screen is just part of today’s society. But hey, enough chatter, let’s get back to Lost Ark.


  • What is Lost Ark?
  • What are the best classes and subclasses in Lost Ark?
    • Classes in Lost Ark
    • What are the best subclasses to choose and what class do they belong to?

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an MMORPG game released for the first time in South Korea, at the end of 2019. The thing about the game and the reason why it has been a great sensation is that it is an online fantasy action game where you play in the same server with hundreds of other people.

The gameplay is similar to World of Warcraft, with a 2.5D look and a perspective from above . This type of view has won many lovers of these types of games, since they ensure that they can have a better sense of location and enjoy more of the world around them. The aesthetics of the characters is in anime style , but linked to a very realistic style.

The open world is quite extensive, but it is not what we are used to. It is not made up of extensive fields, but rather tunnels . This section has had detractors who prefer a more “open” world, with more freedom; However, there has been no shortage of those delighted with the new system, who report that this style makes exploration more enjoyable and allows them to concentrate on what is most important .

Another point, not important, but fundamental, has been that of the combats . Here almost all the opinions agree that this section is very well achieved .

Its development was carried out in a collaboration between Smilegate, and Tripod Studio.

What are the best classes and subclasses in Lost Ark?

An MMORPG game in which “selecting a character” is not an important issue, can feel wasted. Lost Ark, with its 5 classes and their respective subclasses , does not disappoint us in this section. The classes define the strengths and weaknesses of each character, while the subclasses rather mark their specialty .

Classes in Lost Ark

  • Warriors : The classic tanks, a lot of strength, little agility and incredible resistance. They are usually null in magic.
  • Martial Artists : Great agility and attack speed . Characters in this class can be the deadliest, if you learn how to use them. It’s a matter of skill, knowing how to escape the attacks of your rivals and being able to land your own in a matter of a second.
  • Gunners : Others that you have to develop the skill for. Gunners bring out their strengths in a team by the long range of their attacks , allowing them to take advantage of damage when characters with less range are just “dancing”. They can be a real nightmare if they’re able to dodge (or avoid) the opponent’s attacks, but if they get hit, they’ll really feel it . Try to keep them out of it.
  • Wizards : Wizards always look alike in these games, in Lost Ark they are no different. The abilities are the most powerful in the game, capable of dealing significant ranged damage and offering buffs to their teammates . Learn to spam a wizard’s powers in quick, logical sequences, and keep your distance from your enemies, and voila, you can be a real nightmare. A badly positioned mage caught by surprise is now easy prey , stay away from close range combat.
  • Assassins : If you see one of these, better keep your distance. The Assassin class packs the deadliest attacks in the game and the most creative abilities to tear your enemies apart.

What are the best subclasses to choose from and what class do they belong to?

Well, there are quite a few subclasses so we won’t be mentioning them all. But let’s see what are the best subclasses to start in the game . We mention the most appropriate ones, choose the one that best suits the way you want to play.

  • Paladin (Warrior) : This subclass withstands a lot of damage and causes even more , so the rivals will have to keep their distance. Due to his strengths, he can be very good in both PVE and PVP, but due to his limited mobility, one-on-one should be avoided if the opponent is capable of ranged attacks.
  • Bard (Wizard) : In any team battle you participate in, a bard will always be important. Bards can heal their companions and attack opponents with powerful strikes from a distance . Keep them well protected, as they will not last long.
  • Berzerker (Warrior) : Super recommended if you do not have much experience. Berserkers are very powerful, simple, and fun to play . For any game mode, this subclass will be a smart choice.
  • Thug (Martial Artist) : Learning to play this subclass is challenging, but it will develop your skills in the game. Also, once you achieve it, you will be a real headache for your opponents.

And that’s it, I hope I’ve been of help to you, let me know in the comments if there’s anything else I can help you with.


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