LOST ARK – Tigon class guide

We tell you how to play for the new class – Taigon

In the “Taigon” update, the class of the same name was added. And in this article we will get to know him better, and also tell you how to play for him.

Taigon is the last student of the Talon School, who is subject to the power of a furious tiger. It will allow you to take a fresh look at the well-known Avatar class. And if you are new to LOST ARK, then Taigon can give you a lot of emotions and captivate you for a long time.


Weapons and Ultimate Skill

In the battle with monsters, Taigon uses combat brass knuckles. He does not have an active ultimate, but he can accumulate elemental power, which is used for powerful and devastating attacks.

The power of the elements is accumulated when ordinary skills and ordinary attacks hit opponents. It is not consumed by itself.

Some information about Taigon

Skills and characteristics

He has two types of skills:

  • normal (used for normal attacks);
  • elemental (for their use, the power of the elements is consumed).


It is easy to distinguish between ordinary skills and elemental ones. In the description of the skill, it will be written whether the skill uses the energy of the elements, if so, how many units of energy it consumes. If you do not have enough energy to use a skill, then on the skill bar you will see that the skill is not active, and if you have enough, it will be highlighted.

Taigon Common and Elemental Skills

Mana is only consumed when using normal skills.

Taigon’s maneuver allows you to make a sharp dash in the specified direction and has a 6 second cooldown.

Awakening Skills:

  • Great teaching. In the indicated direction, Taigon inflicts the first blow, and then a jump attack occurs, causing damage to opponents and knocking them up. This skill is the easiest to use.
  • Essence of the beast. Taigon dashes forward and inflicts 4 crushing blows, damaging enemies and knocking them higher. But this skill has a drawback when using it, if the first hit does not hit the enemy, then subsequent hits will be canceled.

Increasing the skill will increase the damage of skills that use the energy of the elements, the rate of accumulation of energy of the elements and the damage of the Awakening skills. There is one difference from the Avatar, Taigon accumulates the energy of the elements about 30% faster.

Basic defense is 105%, and each point of stamina increases health by 2.2 points.

Taigon has two class engravings:

  • All in. Taigon gains additional chakra elements. When using elemental skills, all filled chakras are consumed. For each additional chakra, the damage of elemental skills is increased by 17/26/35% (depending on the level of engraving).
  • Balance of elements. The damage of elemental skills is reduced by 15/8/0% (depending on the level of engraving), but when using these skills, only one chakra of the elements is consumed.

Most players prefer to play with all-in engraving. Taigon, in comparison with the Avatar, uses elemental skills. With this engraving, you will have 4 element chakras instead of 3, and the damage of elemental skills will also increase, but all filled chakras will be used up.

How to play as Tygon

Now let’s decide on the build (set of skills), runes, gems, characteristics, engravings, decks and equipment for battles in PvE (with monsters).

Common skills are mainly taken for quickly gaining element energy, while elemental skills are used for devastating and powerful attacks.



You can make the most convenient build for you yourself when you master all the skills and tripods, but for now we offer you such a build so that it is comfortable to start playing for Tygon.

Common skills

  • Thunder tread. We pump up to the 10th level and choose the tripods “Petrel”, “Rapid preparation” and “Critical vulnerability”. The skill itself is very useful, as it deals damage and imposes an effect on opponents that reduces resistance to critical damage by 8% for 6 seconds. The Petrel Tripod increases the attack speed of Taigon and his allies by 8%. Quick Prep is taken to reduce the cooldown of this skill. And “Critical Vulnerability” additionally reduces resistance to critical damage by 10%. Total by 18%. We use the Eige rune.
  • Dance of the scarlet crane. We pump up to the 10th level and select the tripods “Light movements”, “Mantra of speed” and “Master of elements”. We take “light movements” to increase the range of the first attack by 1 meter. With the “Mantra of Speed” tripod, the second hit additionally imposes an effect on Taigon, which, for a certain time, increases the speed of movement and attack. The Element Master will help us accumulate the energy of the elements faster. We use the rune Eige, Jar or Rush.
  • Soaring dragon. We pump up to the 4th level and choose the “Powerful jump” tripod. With this tripod, the range of the first strike is increased. It is taken mainly for mobility. We use the Rush rune.
  • Crescent moon. We pump up to the 10th level and select the tripods “Master of Elements”, “One on One” and “Full Moon”. With the help of the “Element Master” tripod, we will receive more energy from the elements. One-on-One increases the damage dealt by this skill in single-target combat. With the “Full Moon” tripod, the skill is used instantly. Taigon now dashes forward, kicks, and flips backward, increasing the damage of the final blow. We use the Eige rune.
  • Anshui sweeping. We pump up to level 10 and choose the tripods “Weak Point”, “Circle of Light” and “Lightning Attack”. “Weak point” allows you to deal more damage to opponents that are immune to the effects of daze and knockback, that is, bosses. With the “Circle of Light” tripod, it enhances the skill with the element of light, the range of this skill and its application speed increases. When the “Lightning Attack” tripod is selected, the skill becomes instant. Taigon deals only one crushing kick, and the skill’s damage is increased. While concentrating energy, Taigon takes more damage. We use the Eige rune.
  • Scorpion tail. We pump up to the 10th level and select the tripods “Jewelry Accuracy”, “Top to bottom” and “Worked out movements”. Jewelry Accuracy will increase the critical strike chance of this skill. With the top-down tripod, instead of two kicks, the taigon makes only one kick. When the skill is used again, it makes a powerful blow that knocks down opponents, and the total damage increases. We take “practiced movements” to reduce the cooldown of this skill. We use the Eige rune.

Elemental skills

  • Tiger toss. We pump up to the 10th level and take tripods “One on one”, “Weak point” and “Perfect predator”. This is a very powerful skill that consumes 2 units of energy. By choosing “One on One” you will be able to deal more damage to single targets, and “Weak Point” will allow you to deal more damage to bosses. With the Perfect Predator tripod, skill becomes skill with preparation. When fully prepared, deals more damage and dash range increases. Incomplete preparation reduces damage and dash range. We use the rune Agel.
  • A fiery uppercut. We pump up to level 10 and take the tripods “Fast preparation”, “One on one” and “Death grip”. Another devastating skill that consumes 2 units of energy. With the “Quick Preparation” tripod, the skill recovers faster. “One-on-one” increases damage to single targets. And with “Death Grip” after the uppercut, a huge tiger’s mouth appears in the air, which makes an additional blow. This strike deals damage to enemies in the amount of the base damage of the skill, and its radius of action is greater than that of the previous ones. We use the rune Agel.

From the skills of Awakening we take “Great Teaching”.

Build on Taigon

Description of the runes that have been recommended for the above skills:

  • Rune Agel reduces the use time of the skill;
  • Rune Rush can with some probability increase the speed of attack and movement;
  • Runa Eige allows, when using a skill, to receive more resource for using an absolute skill;
  • Rune Jar applies a bleeding effect to enemies.

We put gems to increase damage and reduce the cooldown on the skills “Lunar Sickle”, “Throw a Tiger”, “Flaming Uppercut” and “Anshui Sweep”. On the rest of the skills, except for “Soaring Dragon”, we put gems to reduce the cooldown. A total of 11 gems can be used.

Combat characteristics are distributed between lethality and skill. Most of it is skill, the rest is lethality, for example 60/40.


Be sure to take the class engraving “Vabank”. You can leave it at the first level, but it is better to pump it to the third. From the general engravings we take: titan fighter, morgenstern, silent assassin, swiftness and golem.

Engravings for Taigon

Titan Slayer increases damage to bosses, but at the same time you take 20% more damage from their attacks. Better to put the third level.

Morgenstern increases critical damage, but with a certain probability all attacks can do 20% less damage. Be sure to put the third level, otherwise you may lose some of your damage.

Since all of Taigon’s skills have a back attack type, the “Silent Assassin” engraving works well for him, which increases damage when hitting from behind. But with this engraving, you need to try to do damage from the back all the time.

You will be able to make a maximum of 5 engravings of the third level, so choose the fifth engraving between swiftness (increases movement and attack speed) and golem (increases attack power, but decreases susceptibility to healing).


The following decks work well for Taigon:

  • Boer Morhen. At 12th level, increases your critical strike chance by 7%.
  • History of the At 12th level, enhances all attacks with the element of light.
  • Three masters. At 15th level, increases damage from attacks from behind by 12%.

Decks for Taigon

Equipment of the Lords of Fetrania

In the Taigon update, the last and best piece of equipment is the Fetrania Masters Equipment. There are several types of them, but the Equipment of the Dead Lands is best suited to Taigon, which, when attacking in the head and from behind, increases critical damage, critical strike chance and damage.

Best gear for Taigon

If you are just starting your journey around the world of Akrasia, then Taigon is a good choice for beginners, you will easily master and will not get confused in the combinations of his skills.

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