Best Casino Movies on Netflix

Over the years, many Hollywood filmmakers have cashed in on the popularity of gambling. Most of these movies have made huge profits because gambling is growing all over the world.

We have listed movies that showcase modern gambling as well as others that are based on how the industry operated before the internet.

We have also added some excitement by including casino movies that have mobsters as main characters. These movies are meant for people who enjoy binge watching former mobsters Sammy “the Bull” Gravano and Michael Franzese on their YouTube channels. Sammy is known for being the deputy who betrayed famous boss John Gotti.

For those who didn’t know, the Italian mafia has always been interested in the American casino business. Many people are fascinated by this combination of gambling and mobsters. This aura of danger has resulted in some of the best casino-based action movies. Below, we have listed some of the most beloved Netflix gambling movies.


This is a pseudo-documentary movie that is based around the life of Las Vegas casino boss Ace Rothstein. He is a mafia associate who is respected for being a resourceful money maker. His character is portrayed by Robert De Niro whose stage name is Ace. Joe Pesci plays the role of a real-life mob boss known as Tony Spilotro. The story gets interesting when the two friends fall in love with a fast-loving socialite. Tony was known as a tough and volatile enforcer who lost his temper frequently. This is one of the movies that cemented Joe Pesci’s place as a legendary actor.

This is one of the highest selling casino movies and it was nominated for numerous awards. It’s based on the activities of the Chicago mob during their peak years in the 1970s and 80s.

This movie is unforgettable because it’s based on power, drugs, money, greed and murder. The movie shows a clear picture of the glittering and glamorous life of Las Vegas. The production is slick, quick and colourful.

The director of this movie is the world-renowned Martin Scorcese. Some of his most famous works include other mobster movies like: The Godfather, The Irishman, Gangs of NewYork, and Goodfellas. He has also directed other successful movies like Wolf of Wall Street, The Aviator and The Departed.

Guns, Girls and Gambling

This is an adventure movie that sees many characters chase after a “precious ancient relic” that was stolen during a poker game. The characters include cowboys, a corrupt cop, some Elvis impersonators, a prostitute and Indians. These characters are bound to crack your ribs with laughter. The cast members include: Powers Boothe, Gary Oldman, Helena Mattsson and Christian Slater.


The creator of this movie taps into the popularity of blackjack. It’s based around a team of blackjack players who use counting techniques to carry out a heist. The beauty of this film is that it’s based on real-life characters. The director was smart enough to dramatise it to make it exciting to watch. Big blackjack fans prefer to play online casino in Ireland.

The Gambler

Many people will enjoy this movie because it is easy to relate to. This film is about a professor who is trying his best to pay off a debt through gambling. He plays high-staking poker games during his free time away from his university job.

What makes the movie interesting is that the professor is a gambling addict. It’s this paradox that captures the audience. Will his risky strategy lead him into a trap or will it pay off?

Lay the Favourite

This movie provides a dive into the sports betting world. It’s about the experience of a Las Vegas woman who works as a professional gambler’s assistant. She finds herself in a rollercoaster ride as she lays huge bets for her boss. She has to endure the highs and lows of the gambling world, but she also enjoys the thrill of dealing with a lot of cash.

This film is relatable to many gamblers because sports betting has established itself as a beloved method of making money from wagering.


Did you know that Las Vegas was founded by a 1930s gangster? This movie is about the life of notorious mobster Bugsy Siegel. He was a childhood friend of Lucky Luciano and Myer Lansky; the two biggest gangsters of the prohibition era. He sold illegal alcohol as a bootlegger in order to work his way from the ghettos of NewYork.

He was a celebrity gangster who intermingled with Hollywood superstars. He built the first Las Vegas casino during a time when the town was simply a large desert. He was a visionary who created the blueprint of turning the city into the gambling haven it is today.

This movie is about his relationship with a Hollywood movie star and his life as a member of the Italian mob. Bugsy might be a cold-blooded killer but he is portrayed as a charming, lovable and smooth romantic. His lover Virginia Hill is a scheming and beautiful seductress. These two characters will remind you of Bonnie and Clyde.

Casino Royale

This film is a continuation of the James Bond film franchise. British actor Daniel Craig delivers an unforgettable performance as James Bond. He is an agent who is assigned the task of stopping terrorists that are being funded through money laundering schemes.

The money launderers and Bond are forced to engage in a high-stakes poker game. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with this franchise on casino Netflix.


This movie isn’t about a bunch of punters playing a rounders game. In this context, the rounders are individuals who engage in high-staking poker games. Two friends dedicate their time to poker games in order to pay off a bad debt.

They find themselves in the underground gambling market and in the end, they have to compete for a huge pot against a mobster. This Netflix poker movie comes highly recommended.

Ocean’s Eleven Franchise

This Warner Bros movie is one of the most enjoyable casino movies you will see. You’ll enjoy the thrill of numerous subplots that revolve around performing casino heists.

In Ocean’s Eleven, Danny Ocean recruits a group of “smarties” with the aim of robbing popular casinos. The franchise is made up of Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13.

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