The 5 Best Mobile Apps To Master The Urdu Language

Want to learn a new language? It’s always exciting to learn something new. And with languages, you know a whole different culture and experience. So, it’s more than exciting!

Pakistan is a fascinating destination, famous for its stunning landscapes, mosques and monuments, and cultural significance. Pakistan’s communicative and dominant language, Urdu, contributes to its charm, as depicted by its artwork, poems, music, and other outstanding works.

If you want to visit Pakistan or get amused by its culture and art, you need to learn Urdu. Expressive and elegant, the language is spoken by 170 million people in Pakistan and India, bringing it to the world’s top 20 prevalent languages.

The 5 Best Urdu Language Learning Apps

Learn Urdu with these language learning apps in no time!

1.      Ling App: An Interactive Language Learning Companion

Learning a second language might be stressful at first, but you’ll quickly overcome that anxiety with simple, entertaining, and engaging classes!

The Ling app is one of the best language learning apps in the play store. The app uses the power of entertainment and interaction to teach the Urdu language. It has comprehensive 200 lessons, which are enough to take you from a beginner to an advanced Urdu speaker. You can practice your speaking skills within the app, polish your writing skills, and listen to 200 dialogues to perfect your pronunciation.

The app offers quizzes and challenges to assess your skills within a friendly and easy interface. If you choose the Ling app, you will enjoy listening to all of the natural conversations that await you after accessing diverse Urdu words and phrases. You’ll soon be able to communicate in Urdu.

Speaking and practicing lessons in Ling App offers you a complete resource for expanding your vocabulary of several key Urdu terms and expressions. You may choose any chat topic from a wide selection of options.

2.      Pimsleur: A Leading Urdu Learning App

You’ve probably heard of Pimsleur in conversation and context-based learning. Based on the proven Pimsleur Method, the program regularly engages users in the Urdu language to help them speak and comprehend Urdu effectively.

Pimsleur’s Urdu Level 1 includes 30 daily audio sessions designed for beginners. The training is detailed and realistic, taking you through everyday scenarios and assisting your learning.

Pimsleur offers teaching languages using 30-minute comprehensive lessons that learners can take anywhere. However, besides audio classes, Pimsleur’s courses now include reading lessons, rapid round exercises, digital flashcards, and discussion assessments.

That’s why you need to download this app right now!

3.      Mondly – One Of The Popular Language Learning App

Mondly is a concise learning platform offering entertaining Urdu lectures. The app’s classes appeal to any user since it serves learners of every stage.

Mondly stands out because of its innovative, hands-free inclusion—a special option that allows you to talk into your smartphone and continue learning Urdu while on the go. Isn’t it cool?

It is an excellent way to start since it has high-quality audio, detailed lessons, and interesting exercises.

Moreover, the app provides one free session every day with limited access. On the other hand, a premium membership grants you complete access to the app’s features. Pay once to get lifetime access to unlimited learning resources.

Available for Android, IOS, and as a Web App.

4.      Innovative Language 101 App

With instant access to audio and video lessons, it’s one of the best Urdu learning apps. You will get complete lesson notes to master reading and grammar. The line-by-line audio sessions help you perfect your pronunciation.

The best part is downloading the lessons and listening to or watching them offline on your phone. If you don’t have the internet, you can still stay motivated and learn. Also, the app tracks your progress and keeps you updated to motivate you for further learning.

The app is free. With your preferred language, you can sign up now and get free lifetime access. It’s time to get on the fast track to mastering your Urdu.

5.      Blue Bird Languages

Blue Bird is an amazing app for learning Urdu in your native language. The app has 163 languages, and you can learn any language in every language.

For example, your native language is English, and you want to learn Urdu. Simply select, I speak English and then I want to learn Urdu. That’s it, and your learning starts.

The app offers free daily lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. You can learn core vocabulary and essential verbs, create sentences, powerful phrases, and Urdu conversations. This feature is partly free, you get limited access, and if you want to expand your learning, you’ve to switch to the app’s premium version.

Blue Bird also has personalized courses that can only be accessed with a premium account.

So, if you’re going for casual learning, the free access is enough, but if you want advanced understanding, you might have to purchase the premium version.

Enjoy Learning Your New Language!

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