Bella Cuba night center

Bella Cuba night center. Gastronomic unit that has as a social object the enjoyment and recreation of Quemadan and visitors, is located in the Quemado municipality of Güines , Villa Clara Province


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Historical review

Cabaret Bella Cuba is the oldest recreational institution in our municipality. Its opening dates back to 1964 , when under the guidance of the commissioner of the former local administration of Quemado de Güines , Edilberto Sabina, this recreational center was erected in the form of an aboriginal castle for the unconditional enjoyment of the town. The place chosen for its location was a piece of land that was part of the courtyard of the Liceo Society whose objective was to provide a leisure service for the wealthy white race of society. This center is a sample of the cultural progress of the nascent Cuban Revolution .

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Inner Platform Center

History of the center

In 1976 the first capital reparation of Bella Cuba occurs, during the first governorship of the People’s Power , chaired by Ismael Marreo. Subsequently, in 1987, its original design and categorization of Círculo Juvenil was radically changed, reopened by the first cosmonaut in Latin America: Colonel Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez . Not a few administrations tried unsuccessfully to direct the steps of this sleeping giant. Only in 1991When, after a regrettable accident, Juan Rafael Soto takes over the reins, the Night Center begins to have a sustained job. The infrastructure, the personnel, the quality of the service and the image of the unit are taking favorable nuances year after year. The economic results have been marking in their numbers, the benefits of these changes and 120,000 pesos sold in the first year of work, today they show with gastronomic pride a center with collections of over two and a half million.

Illustrious Visitors

The doors of the Bella Cuba have been open for more than 4 decades and they remember with nostalgia the visits of important political, cultural and sports personalities. Names such as Antero Regalado , Armando Hart , Abel Prieto , Ulises Rosales de Toro , Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez , Rosita Fornés , Enrique Núñez Rodríguez , Víctor Bordón Machado , Teofilo Estevenson , Félix Savón , Ramiro Váldez , Víctor Mesa , Alfredito Rodríguez , Edelberto González (Cente ) ,Antolin the pigeon , Ulises Toirac and many others of equal rank have left their impressions on the indelible pages of this center.

Unit Description

It is a masonry construction with a covered fiberglass area, it has a bar, a lunch, an audio booth, an exterior and an interior platform, it has the capacity to receive 200 people seated. It also has a reserved room with capacity for 30 people where they can purchase an excellent service.

Services it provides

The Bella Cuba Night Center opens its doors from Monday to Friday from nine in the morning until ten at night, where the client can purchase a varied offer that includes various drinks and a meal service. On Wednesday night they carry out a healthy activity, on Saturday at night they provide cabaret night and on Sunday evening a recreational matinee.

Center staff

The center has an Administrator, an assistant administrator, 8 clerks, 2 lunchers, a receptionist, an audio operator, a person in charge of supply, three protection guards and two cleaning assistants.


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