Cheats for A 10 Cuba – PC

One of the most remembered (and also most underrated) flight simulators by old school gamers is A-10 Cuba, a PC title that surprised many with its surprising graphics for the time. It is worth remembering that it was launched on the market at the end of 1996, exclusively for PC and Mac, as was the case with the main games of the genre, which hardly landed on any console due to its simulator feature.

Like any respectable flight simulator, we will have to shoot down enemy planes, defend allied bases, guard other cargo planes and overcome various types of missions in a certain period of time, otherwise we will lose the game. One of the most striking aspects of the game was its multiplayer capacity, since it allowed up to a total of eight different players to dispute their skills in the same game. A true revolution for the time as well, considering that most of the games of this same genre, and others, were in 2D and with very low resolution sprites, limiting the player’s freedom of action too much.

Cheats to 10 Cuba:

Now we leave you with some tricks for A 10 Cuba:

– Get a better view of your enemies
To make use of the following tricks you must first set the invincible Aircraft option from the game control settings. Once the previous step has been carried out, you will be able to enter the following code:
Take your keyboard and then enter Ctrl + Tab… so the plane can climb 500 feet or 152.4 meters in altitude, allowing you to have a better view of your opponents.

– Access to slow motion mode:
With the combination Ctrl + Tab + S you will enter a mode where the camera advances much slower, so you will be able to observe the positions of your enemies with greater detail and you will have greater margin to define your strategy of combat.

– Move more freely to gain the upper hand on the battlefield

Finally, add that the sum of Ctrl + Tab + the letter X will allow you to move in the direction you want. This trick is used to activate the joystick, and thus you will have the freedom to use the numeric keypad at will according to the following keys of the numeric keypad exclusively:
Key 1: When pressed, the plane will descend abruptly
Key 2: Back
Key 4: To turn to the left of the map
Key 6: On the contrary, you can turn to the right
Key 7: Allows you to ascend
Key 8: Go forward
So move freely and defeat your enemies !!!


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