Guide to Cold Blood

Start by talking to Kostov, he will leave and distract the guards. You must follow him until you have the sentry box in front of you, sneak in and go through the door.

Scroll down to the next screen, inspect the bulletin board for a photograph of Kieferg, look out the window to discover that Kostov is sneaking over the fence.

Go back to the previous screen, continue up through the door, talk to the guard and go through the door on the top right.

Don’t move and wait for one of the two guards on the top right to come out. Then go behind the other and hit him. Search his body, pressing L2 + X, to find the “Pocket Lighter”.

Then go behind the guard in the lower left corner, hit him and search him to find two chargers.

Head down to the right, flip the switch to enter the elevator, and press X to use it. Ask the coach on the left first for the soccer ball and then for Kiefer.

Inspect the notice board to discover that Kiefer has not been found yet, go down to the next screen, get into the elevator and use it.

Wait for the guard to turn his back to approach him and hit him, go through the door above, go down the stairs and talk to the worker about Kiefer.

Head up the stairs to the previous room, go through the door on the left, go left to the computer room, go down the stairs and talk to the technician about the computer console.

Go to the console on the left and use the IR Link with it, inspect the computer console and security operations, and then look in the database for information on Kostov and Kiefer.

Get out, go right down the stairs to the next screen, inspect the power coupling next to the door, and exit.

Go up the stairs, keep going until you see a door on the right and go through it. Inspect the box at the bottom right to get the Split Pin, then ask the house keeper about Kiefer and then about mining section B.

Go left to the particle accelerator room, climb up the screen and inspect the box on the right to find a Test Bolt , go to the front of the accelerator again and insert the Test Bolt you just located into it.

Then press X to make it work. Now go to the right of the target, push it to the left and pick up another Test Bolt from the box that you must also insert into the accelerator. Shoot the window to break it, go to it and press X to climb out.

Look at the communications cable on the right, they have cut it. Go back through the window and exit to the left. Ask the person in charge of the cabin about the cable, he will not want to give you a new one so point the gun and ask him again (pressing X).

The cable will be combined with the “Test Bolt”, exit to the left and use it on the accelerator to launch it to the other side of the ravine. Climb out the window again and use the new cable to cross the ravine.

Go through the door on the right and listen to what Chi and Professor Tolstov are talking about.

After saying that you are there to check the computer, ask Tolstov about the scientist and then about the Chinese woman.

Use the IR link to the computer, answer ‘Yes’ to enter the system, choose Database and search for information on Tolstov and his daughter Alexandra.

Then ask Tolstov about his daughter and he will help you. Ask him about the Unknown Compound, about the Chinese woman, about Kiefer, and about mining section B.

Head left to the door, Tolstov will open it for you, go through it, use Remora communications to read Kostov’s mail, send him a message choosing option 4, asking for his help. It will cause an explosion that will distract the guards, take advantage of the moment when they look the other way by running to the right to cross the door.

Head left to the corridor, go through the first door on the right, ask the technician how to get to the main elevator, use the IR link with the computer console on the left to get information about the elevators.

Go through the door above, hide behind the boxes on the right and when the guards turn around, one will stop to scratch. Take the opportunity to get behind him and hit him, then run for the other guard and hit him too.

Go through the door at the back on the right, inspect the elevator at the bottom, go right, and go through the door.

Examine the fuse on the machine on the right to see that it cannot be moved. Go through the door above and take the elevator on the right to descend into the mining excavations.

Go forward next to the pool, take advantage of the fact that the guards have their backs turned and go out through the door on the left, talk to the technician and answer ‘Yes’, ask him about the elevator platform and he will explain how to disable it.

Go to the right to the small auxiliary elevator and try to do it, the technician will explain that it must be done in the computer room.

Get out, go down the pool screen, go back up the main elevator, go through the door on the right to get to the fuse room, then go through the door on the right there, go to the right until the next screen and exit through the door on the left to return to the corridor where you hit the guards.

Scroll down the screen, exit to the right towards the computer room and access the computer again to obtain information about the main fuse, select the lift platform and choose: activate the auxiliary lift.

Go back to the main elevator, take it back down to the mining excavations, go up the screen, exit to the left, go up with the auxiliary elevator, go right and through the door to the fuse room.

Remove the main fuse for the machine on the right to disable the main elevator. Go back to the auxiliary elevator, go down in it and save the game.

Go through the door, wait for one of the guards to go to the right, then approach the other and hit him.

Exit from the top left and crouch behind the barrels until the other guard stops, get close to him and hit him. Go back after the barrels and wait for the third guard to leave.

Run across the bridge to the wagon, crouch behind it and wait for a guard to pass and stop to approach him and hit him.

Hit or shoot the remaining guard, proceed through the tunnel and inspect the large machine (the fusion cutter) to discover that it needs another battery (Power Cell). So go back to the barrels, go up to the left, go to the bridge, run past the lasers when they are off, inspect the door and go down the stairs to search Kiefer’s body and find the battery and information on the tri -nephalin.

Go up the stairs again, go back to the fusion cutter, use the battery on it and activate it.

After the sequence exit and run to the right to a new screen. Run up towards the tunnel, go through the next screen, and advance until you reach the rails.


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