Being a Chartered Accountant

In order to become an Official Chartered Accountant by the Order of Chartered Accountants, the applicant for the profession must register with the Order. One of the first requirements is to have a degree in education.

If in the past any graduate in the economic area could access the profession without hindrance, today it is necessary to have certain subjects in the curriculum of the Degree. For example Analytical Accounting. You will also have to prove your knowledge through an exam. To access this exam, it will sometimes be necessary to attend an internship. You can also request an internship waiver for reasons of introducing these requirements.

The registration of chartered accountants is governed by the provisions contained in the Statute of the Order of Chartered Accountants.

According to the OTOC Statute, those who meet the following conditions can register:

  •  Have Portuguese nationality or from any member state of the European Union;
  • Have an academic degree or higher, taught by a public, private or cooperative higher education institution, created under the terms of the law and recognized by the Order as suitable for the exercise of the profession;
  • Carry out professional or curricular internship;
  • Obtain approval in a professional exam, in Portuguese or in another official language of the European Union to be defined by the Order, to be organized and carried out at least every six months, under the terms defined in this regulation.

There are exceptions: Registration is allowed for non-European Union citizens who are domiciled in Portugal and who satisfy the remaining conditions referred to in the preceding paragraphs, provided that there is reciprocal treatment by their country of origin, according to specific regulations for this purpose.

However, there are restrictions on the right to enroll in OTOC:

  •  Does not have moral aptitude for the exercise of the profession;
  • Be inhibited or prohibited from exercising the profession; c) Has been convicted of a felony, namely of a fiscal, economic or financial nature, unless rehabilitation is granted, or has been declared banned or disqualified.

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