How to become a successful digital influencer

Is it possible to earn money by giving your opinion about products and services and thereby influencing other people to consume? You know the answer is yes, but until a few years ago having that role was unimaginable. Having a profession influencing people seemed distant. Today, being a digital influencer is even a trend.

But on second thought, who has never trusted a friend’s opinion before buying something? A digital influencer is nothing more than a friend, an acquaintance or someone you admire that will help you buy or get something.

But in order to positively influence others and generate leads for your business or for your contractor, it is necessary to follow some rules and understand the functioning of current platforms.

Therefore, in today’s text we will explain what you need to know to become a successful digital influencer. Liked? So take advantage of the text below to understand the entire step by step to put your will into practice.

What will you read in this article?

  • What is a digital influencer?
  • Why be a digital influencer?
  • The advantages of being a digital influencer
  • What it takes to be a digital influencer
  • How much does a Digital Influencer earn?
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    • Whindersson Nunes
    • Felipe Neto
    • Pink mouth
    • Beauté Day

What is a digital influencer?

Being one of the most popular terms at the moment, it seems a bit wrong to start this text by explaining what digital influencer is. But let’s go! To be successful in this field, let’s explain everything very well.

Being a digital influencer is to be a reference for people who follow and admire you. Therefore, being a digital influencer is to be someone who will pass on good influences to people, because influencing followers in today’s world is a “lady responsibility”. It is not enough to have millions of followers and be someone who does not care about the social responsibility that that opinion will generate.

Today, with the awareness of new generations about health, environment, society and politics, becoming a digital influencer requires a lot of responsibility. Always believe in what you share and always check your references.

Being a digital influencer means talking to thousands or even millions of people daily – of different ages, classes and regions. Therefore, it is always worth the tip to understand your target audience so that you do not enter minefields that are not your forte. Remember: being a digital influencer means offering quality content and receiving numerous interactions – positive and negative.

Why be a digital influencer?

Reaching this stage of digital influencer means, first of all, being recognized for offering relevant content and attracting your audience. That is, the objective of a digital influencer is to achieve this qualification organically through its dissemination strategies .

Another important point to become a successful influencer is: the more followers and, most importantly, the greater engagement you have, the more authority, truthfulness and good consequences: the famous customer loyalty fits very well when you are going to retain your fans, or rather, influenced.

The advantages of being a digital influencer

Many think that working in this role is just receiving products and invitations to cool and trendy places. But being a digital influencer is much more than that. Having brands that believe in their potential and hire their profile for promotion is one of the doors that the profession opens. However, it is necessary to have numbers that show its value.

A digital influencer can have flexible working hours, just as he can work from anywhere in the world. Many address the topic of travel and, therefore, they always travel.

But it is worth remembering that this is not fun, but work and profession. Therefore, you need to have a schedule of posts, material and always try to bring news and tips to your fans and followers.

Another advantage of being a digital influencer is being your own boss and having the option of making mistakes and getting it right on your own. As most of the tools are free, it is possible to create a profile and change the focus according to the feedbacks you are receiving, in addition to being a very low initial investment.

 “The” channel to become a Digital Influencer

Launched in October 2010 as a simple application of artistic photos, today, Instagram has become the largest communication channel for digital influencers. The page is one of the greatest means of influencing your followers . In eight years, Instagram has taken on very significant proportions. Becoming one of the most important social networks among influencers.

  • More interaction:About 80% of network users interact with at least 1 business profile in a day. That’s great. It means that users, in fact, relate and are interested in the contents of their favorite brands.
  • Greater engagement:The network has shown a result 10 times greater than Facebook and 84 times more than Twitter. Which means that users tend to view, like and comment much more than others. When you become an influencer, that volume of interaction leverages any outcome.
  • More relationship:We know that any business needs to establish a relationship marketing strategy. This consists of establishing broad communication through different means and, mainly, through social networks. Relationship with customers promotes customer loyalty, retention and propagates a good business reputation in the market. With so many people using Instagram daily, it has become a powerful tool to reach a large slice of the audience and establish a promising relationship.

However, many influencers also use several other communication channels such as “YouTube”, “Facebook”, “Twitter” or “Snapchat”. Choose your communication channel where you feel comfortable.

What it takes to be a digital influencer

We will point out in five steps what to do to start becoming a successful digital influencer .:

  1. Define your persona: Know who you want to talk to. To whom you communicate and create your actions in the most appropriate way;
  2. Produce quality content: Go after a subject that you have mastered, that you know how to talk about, that you like and make you happy. Because a Digital Influencer has to disclose what he masters in order to pass credibility. and like it and make you happy;
  3. Use an efficient channel: There are countless ways to communicate with your followers, choose the one that makes you the most secure and comfortable;
  4. Measure your actions;
  5. Invest in yourself, know how to sell, invest in your personal Marketing.

How much does a Digital Influencer earn?

If you think that all Digital Influencer earn lots of money, you are very wrong. Whindersson Nunes, Felipe Neto and Canal do Kondzilla, are huge exceptions from the national scene. To explain how much, more or less, a successful influencer earns, let’s exemplify with the YouTube channels below.

The payment on YouTube is in dollars and made using the CPM rule (cost per thousand), that is, for every 1000 views, a youtuber can earn values ​​between 0.25 and 4.50 dollars, which in the dollar quote today it gives something between 1 to 18 reais.

Understanding this, it is clear that to earn a reasonable amount, a content producer needs to produce many videos monthly and be sure that everyone has a high view rate.

To understand, let’s put some examples below to make it clearer.

Let’s put in order of number of subscribers and you will realize that what really counts is the number of monthly views.


Subscribers: 40.5 million

Average monthly views: 1 billion

Estimated monthly earnings: 250 million to $ 4.5 billion

Whindersson Nunes

Subscribers: 31.6 million

Average monthly views: 75 million

Estimated monthly earnings: 18.7 to 337.5 million

Felipe Neto

Subscribers: 25.8 million

Average monthly views: 210 million

Estimated monthly earnings: 52.5 to 945 million

Pink mouth

Subscribers: 5.1 million

Average monthly views: 2.8 million

Estimated monthly earnings: $ 700 to $ 12,600

Beauté Day

Subscribers: 181k

Average monthly views: 164 thousand

Estimated monthly earnings: $ 41 to $ 656

The Kondzilla channel , considered the largest producer of audiovisual content of electronic music from the periphery of Brazil, is first in the list in number of subscribers and number of views per month.

Note that because of this exorbitant monthly number, the channel can raise up to 4.5 billion dollars in 1 month. That is, with these examples, we can see that to make a lot of money on YouTube, you need to have many views, as is the case with the first three on this list. The engagement needs to be huge.

The Boca Rosa channel , for example, is one of the largest makeup channels in Brazil, with a significant number of followers and monthly engagement, with a monthly gain that can sometimes not exceed 700 dollars. And the last example, also a makeup channel, even with what would appear to be a large number of monthly views does not exceed $ 656 per month.

What’s up? Were you impressed with how much you can earn as a Digital Influencer? Did you like our tips? To read more texts like this, about entrepreneurship and business, keep following our blog


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