How to make money giving private lessons on the Internet?

Hours of traffic, busy schedules and lesson formats that often do not hold students’ attention. Being a teacher today requires a lot of patience and dedication. How to compete with Instagram, YouTube videos and quick texts that teach a lot to young people in less than 5 minutes? Our text today talks about a different, but increasingly common, way of giving private lessons using the Internet.

Teachers often view new technologies as enemies rather than allies. After all, these professionals know that it is not easy to have to divide students’ attention with smartphones. The purpose of this article is to change this perspective a little: if you are a teacher, how about using the Internet to your advantage to earn extra income? That is, how about making money giving private lessons 100% online?

In today’s text we will talk about two macro themes like:

How to teach private lessons online?

Advantages of giving private lessons online

Within each of them we will give tips and ideas on how to make the internet your greatest ally. If you don’t know how to get started, we’ve separated the main information for you to get started in this segment.

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What will you read in this article?

  • How to teach private lessons online?
    • Define the subject to be taught
    • Be organized
    • Develop supporting materials 
    • Have a quality Internet
  • Advantages of giving private lessons online
    • Earn extra income without leaving home
    • Be the boss himself 
    • Reach people from different states 

How to teach private lessons online?

Online teacher is still a teacher. This means that you will also have to deal with students, their expectations and frustrations, make a plan for each class and so on. In the end, the essence is the same in the physical and digital universes. Just take a look:

Define the subject to be taught

It seems obvious, but it is not. For you to start giving private lessons on the Internet, you need to know what topic you will be addressing. The positive side is that practically everything can be taught online: from subjects charged in high school and college, languages ​​and even manual activities, such as painting and embroidery.

Who is already a teacher of formation can teach classes on the subjects that already teaches in a classroom. This will make it much easier when it comes to disclosure, because students will already recognize your name and will be able to refer you to other colleagues. But do not worry! We will give you tips on how to attract students to private lessons later on.

Be organized

Without good organization, no work is done. This is especially true for those who want to undertake in the digital world, since the various platforms can cause information dispersion.

The first step is to create an email account to organize all communications with students in one place. We recommend Gmail, because there you will be entitled to other tools that will help you. Use Google Calendar to control schedules and Drive to share lesson materials.

Develop supporting materials

As with classroom classes, online classes also need support materials. They are nothing more than Word or PDF files that can be consulted by students after class. Take advantage of the online environment offering a wider range of opportunities and refer to -ebooks, videos and even music to increase the absorption of the given content.

The previous tip spoke of the importance of the organization, and this is one of the moments to put the suggestions into practice. Create a folder just for you, with all the support materials separated as you see fit – it can be by level, alphabetical order, anyway.

The goal is that you have easy access to this content and be able to locate the desired file without stress. Then, create a folder for each student you serve, so you can easily pass on support materials and students can access from wherever they are.

Have a quality Internet

This topic will sound obvious to many, but it is an important issue to be raised. If you want to use the Internet as a source of extra income and give private lessons online, you need to hire a good network plan. This way you avoid teaching classes with constant interruptions, which can impair the student’s learning.

In addition, you need to install good communication software. Skype is one of the most used programs for this purpose, but you can choose Google Hangouts or Zoom, for example.

It is also very important to have the support of a good online course platform. The EADBOX has everything you need to teach and create a profitable digital business. Our team of experts in online education is extremely trained and ready to help you scale your business.

Advantages of giving private lessons online

There are three main reasons that most attract teachers to the universe of online private lessons :

Earn extra income without leaving home

Brazil has 2.1 million active teachers, teaching between kindergarten and high school. The statistics reflect the sad reality that most live: 99% of them earn less than R $ 3,500 per month.

That money is barely enough to pay the bills, especially in big capitals, where the cost of living is usually higher. For this reason, many end up using the famous “beaks” to guarantee extra income – and private lessons are one of the most common forms. However, when doing this in person, the professional does not reach all the potential he could achieve if he did it online.

You can teach classes in your own home, as long as you follow our guidelines for having a quality connection and a good program to speak with your students. As a consequence, the financial return will be greater, because you will be able to serve more people than before by eliminating the need to travel.

For example: in the five-hour period, the teacher would only be able to give a maximum of three private lessons in the “physical” world. Those two hours would be wasted traveling, considering that the city in question has a good transport network. When we go online, it is possible to occupy the entire five hours with classes, because coming and going is replaced by ending an appointment and starting another.

Another factor that helps boost the extra income from online private lessons is that the teacher ends up saving on tickets, gas and food. This is, indeed, one of the biggest expenses of the worker – and we often do not realize it. It’s a ticket here, a snack there … At the end of the month, this has a lot of difference.

When you work from home, that changes. Spending on gas or tickets ceases to exist, and snacks made in the kitchen are much more affordable than in snack bars. Your pocket thanks!

Be the boss himself

If you invest in the business, you can turn that extra income into your main source of livelihood. And, little by little, you will gain more autonomy and you can be the boss himself. Of course, you will still have to deal with the public when it comes to giving private lessons . The difference is that your decisions do not need to be endorsed by anyone.

Many teachers who started in this segment and now teach entire courses on distance learning platforms, increasing their reach and multiplying their earnings.

Reach people from different states

Whoever undertakes in the digital world knows that the reach is infinitely greater when compared to the physical world. If you teach French, for example, you end up limiting yourself to going to certain neighborhoods, whether for reasons of logistics, security or transportation. As a result, your earnings are also limited.

This obstacle ceases to exist when classes take place online. Through a program like Skype, you can serve anyone, regardless of where they are – it can be in different neighborhoods, cities, states and even countries. Can you imagine teaching French to an American without leaving Brazil, with real-time interactions? This situation was impossible a few years ago and today it is extremely easy.

Now that you know how to make money by giving private lessons over the Internet, it’s time to put the tips into practice! If you have any questions, our online course sales specialists are available.


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