How to become an online consultant

Does a certain subject seem very simple to you? Maybe you can become a consultant and you don’t even know. After all, you understand a lot about the technique and have expertise in that area, either because you have taken countless courses or because you have worked with it all your life and have the didactics to teach others.

So, one of the possible jobs for you is to become an online consultant. This profession is especially valid for specialists in certain areas and who are looking for replacement in the market.

Consulting services are often useful and essential for companies that need to optimize an area that suffers from a certain lack. Therefore, the professional needs to be an expert in the area that needs help and also know how to sell their work to organizations.

After all, being a consultant also involves a personal commercial area, that is, you need to know whether to sell and sell your knowledge on the subject.

So, in today’s article we will talk about this new segment with tips on how to become an online consultant and the benefits of a career.

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What will you read in this article?

  • What is online consulting?
  • Benefits of being a consultant
  • How to Become an Online Consultant
    • Decide your area of ​​expertise
    • Set the answer modes
    • Organization is everything! 
    • Know where to find your customers
    • Keep up to date

What is online consulting?

Regardless of his area of ​​expertise, the consultant must assist his clients in matters that they do not have sufficient knowledge to resolve on their own or to help resolve an internal conflict. This demand happens for a few reasons.

The first is that, being an outsider, the consultant is impartial and his specialty makes him have credibility to apply the decisions within the company. In addition, as usually happens in all aspects of life, those who are out of the situation have a colder view of the problem and can think more distantly about solutions to the question presented.

The consultant has several objectives from the moment he closes a deal with a company, but among his main functions are:

  • diagnose points of failure or that can be optimized;
  • define solutions and improvements to be applied;
  • establish goals;
  • guide the paths so that the results are achieved.

The only difference for online consulting is that this entire process is done 100% over the Internet. The interviews and alignment are done through videoconferences, with all manuals being digital.

Benefits of being a consultant

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of the online consultant is the same as that of other workers who earn money over the Internet : convenience. The possibilities of working online are much greater than the physical market, starting with the number of people reached.

An online consultant is not bound by the geographic limitation of your city or neighborhood, and can serve companies across the country (and even internationally).

Another attraction of working from home is the possibility of making your own hours. This autonomy is fundamental, but needs some care. When we don’t have a boss to keep you “alert”, we are often looser and that comes at a cost.

To avoid spending more time on social media than working, set aside a space to be your home office or go for a coworking. Create two schedules: one weekly and one monthly and keep both in sight to organize yourself based on upcoming appointments and deliveries.

Companies tend to seek consultants online because the price is lower. This does not mean that you need to charge a small amount for your work, but that the difference in the expenses of a consultant who works via the Internet and another who goes physically to companies reflects on the requested remuneration.

After all, it is not just the time spent on commuting that ceases to exist when the “office” is online. Without airline tickets, fuel and accommodation (as the consultant does not need to physically go to the client), these values ​​do not need to be included in the budget. Thus, companies are much more tempted to hire an online consultancy.

Finally, online consulting can serve as a gateway to other opportunities. As the professional gains visibility and increases his service area, he becomes known as a reference in the market.

The consequence of this is that new ways of expanding the business are emerging, such as giving speeches at events in the specialty area and even courses. This can also be done online.

How to Become an Online Consultant

If you made it this far, it’s because you like the idea of ​​being an online consultant , right? The benefits are many and there is great demand in the market for this type of professional.

So it’s time to learn how to become an online consultant and be your own boss:

Decide your area of ​​expertise

There are consultancies in any area and, when opening your own business, you must decide which branch you want to pursue. A consultant is nothing more than an expert, so it is advisable to choose an area that you have mastered and that is able to offer the consultancy effectively.

Knowing broader subjects is interesting to have a larger customer base. However, when the consultant specializes in a certain subject, his visibility increases and he becomes a reference in the market more quickly. The bigger your niche and expertise, the better.

If on the one hand the number of people will be lower, the work performed will have more quality and assertiveness. As a consequence, clients will talk more about their consultancy and refer them to companies in the same industry.

Set the answer modes

Each customer asks for a way to attend and you must anticipate the needs to arrive at the meeting with all of them mapped. So the company will see that you have a wide range of activities and will be able to choose which of the plans best meets your demands.

In addition, you must previously agree on the details of the contract: how many meetings will be held per month? Is there the possibility of face-to-face meetings? Although your consultancy is online, you may need to visit the company. In this case, costs such as travel and accommodation (if in another city) must be passed on.

Also choose which online tools will be used, such as the videoconferencing application, and a good flow of information exchange. Creating organized contract management will help you keep your work in order.

Organization is everything!

As mentioned in the previous topic, one of the advantages of being an online consultant can turn into a negative aspect. For your digital business to be successful you need commitment as if it were in person – so no long breaks or getting lost in the social network’s timeline.

Learn how to manage your time with good time planning. As your customer base grows, this skill will prove to be fundamental to carry out combined deliveries.

In this respect, it is also worth making an important reflection: quantity is not quality. If you set out to serve 20 people a week, but you don’t realize it, your reputation will be negative. Remember that your customers are your biggest advertisement and everyone needs to be well served.

Keep an updated calendar to see how many people you can serve and, if you have to choose, give preference to doing fewer consultations, but all with quality, instead of committing to many companies and ending up not being able to handle it.

Know where to find your customers

After deciding your area of ​​expertise, you need to know where to find your customers. Of course, disclosure will make people look for your services in an organic way, but you also need to leave home for your business to work.

For example, if you offer content marketing advice to small and medium-sized businesses, you need to attend events that this audience participates in. Anyone who wants to undertake must have initiative, so take the opportunity to introduce yourself.

The deal does not have to be closed on time. What matters here is to show the owners of these companies that you are available and can help them.

After the event, get in touch with these people to arrange a meeting and then make a proposal.

Keep up to date

Whoever is an expert does not win this title for nothing. Until now, you have had to dedicate a good part of your time to be a reference in the area and that will not change when you become an online consultant.

Or better: it will change because the need to keep updated will only increase. Without this, it is not possible to remain relevant in the market.

With these tips, you have everything to become an online consultant .

This career is on the rise because it brings together good opportunities in the market and the opportunity to do something that is loved and dominated.

Take the opportunity to turn your knowledge into a certain subject in your monthly salary and life career!


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