Become an Executive MHSA through Online Programs

If you’re interested in working as a health services administrator, you might want to pursue a Master of Health Services Administration degree. Also known as a MHA, this professional degree provides students with a range of skills and specialized training. Among these are administrative and organizational skills.

Executive MHA

The Executive Master of Health Services Administration (EMHA) degree program can be earned entirely online or in conjunction with an on-campus degree. Both options require a nonrefundable application fee, but some degrees waive this fee.

Executive MHA degrees can take two years to complete for full-time students. However, part-time students may take longer, depending on their enrollment and their ability to take time off. In addition, repeating classes can extend the time it takes to complete the degree. Ultimately, the Executive Master of Health Services Administration degree will prepare you to lead in the healthcare industry.

While full-time graduate students tend to focus more on theory, executive MHA students gain practical experience in health care organizations, which they can apply to their day-to-day work. The curriculum emphasizes practical experience and teaching, and the faculty at Trinity is industry professionals and tenured professors.

The Executive MHA degree is designed for individuals who have been in the health industry for some time. Graduates will have extensive experience as practitioners and managers. This type of degree can lead to senior management positions, such as chief nursing officer or chief medical officer, which have high salaries.

The EMHA degree program includes coursework in Health Management, Health Insurance, and Health Information Systems. In addition, the curriculum also teaches courses on the financial health of an organization. The EMHA degree also requires a capstone project, which will be a collaborative effort between students.

The Executive Master of Health Services Administration (EMHSA) program offers the flexibility of full-time or part-time study. Because it is offered online, the degree can be completed in as little as two years. Students can pursue this degree part-time or full-time, with a full-time work schedule or flexible schedule.

Part-time MHA

Those who have other responsibilities can take advantage of a part-time MHA degree. Graduate students usually have more work and family obligations than undergraduates, and a part-time program allows them to balance both. This type of degree may also be more convenient for those who already have a career.

Graduates with a master’s in health services administration will be well-positioned for jobs in the industry. According to the BLS (, there are about 2.3 million openings in the healthcare industry from 2014-2024. From 2014 to 2024, the BLS projects a 17 percent increase in jobs for medical and health services managers, which will add 56,300 new positions.


Most MHA programs require thirty to sixty credits to complete. Students who complete a full-time MHA degree will typically complete the degree in one to two years, whereas those who pursue a part-time degree will take longer. However, they will earn the same amount of credits as a full-time student. Depending on the institution, some programs require prior health care experience.


A master’s degree program in health administration can lead to a great career in the healthcare industry. According to this link, healthcare management jobs will grow by 20% between now and 2026. The average salary of health services managers is $101,340, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics which isn’t a very reputable aggregate but it’s what we’ve got.


If you need to earn a degree in health services administration but don’t have the time or money to attend full-time classes, a part-time MPH degree can be the right choice. The degree is 36 credits long and focuses on the core competencies of health services administration. The degree is also ideal for those without previous managerial experience.

Become an Executive MHSA through Online Programs


Residential MHA

If you are interested in becoming a health services administrator, consider enrolling in a Master of Health Services Administration degree. This program can help you develop your leadership skills and decision-making abilities. There are two executive MHSA online programs available: residential and executive. The residential track is open to students with little healthcare experience, while the executive track is open to those with a wealth of healthcare experience.


An MHA can open the door to higher-paying jobs. Many healthcare financing and delivery organizations require an MHA, so an MHA program can help you advance your career. The MHA degree is well worth the investment in your education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 90% of graduates will find work within six months.


The Master of Health Administration is an advanced degree in healthcare management that provides students with an in-depth curriculum that will prepare them for positions in healthcaredelivery systems. This degree is also designed to foster critical thinking and leadership skills. The curriculum combines theory with hands-on learning experiences.

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