How a manufacturing company can grow through online sales

In Russia, its own production of goods is gaining momentum. This means that competition among manufacturers is also growing. Alexander Kudinov , founder of the Digital Agency, talks about how to promote products online and increase demand.

Where to begin?

For example, you want to produce sports tennis tables.

First, you need to determine the potential volume of demand for the selected product, as well as deal with the target audience of the product. Who will be interested in your product? Here you need to carefully analyze the market of the selected industry and try to describe as accurately as possible the portrait of the consumer, which you will focus on when developing a product, its technical equipment and conducting an advertising campaign.

The next step is to test the attractiveness of the product for the selected target audience. To do this, you need to make a pre-sale of the selected product. Testing will show the main directions of action, false assumptions or mistakes, and help to adjust the strategy of promotion on the Internet.

We start promotion in the online space

Before the start of sales, it is worth considering a marketing promotion strategy. Calculate the estimated ROI and ROMI, draw up a budget, a schedule of marketing activities.

For online sales, you will need at least a landing page. If the range of goods is wide – a full-fledged website with a catalog of goods or an online store.

One of the simplest and fastest tools for selling on the Internet is contextual advertising – Yandex Direct. The context allows you to expand the geography of sales and quickly bring the product to market. Applications will be targeted as much as possible, however, depending on the commodity item, their cost can be quite high. In order to reduce the cost of the application and the cost of the client, it is necessary to carefully segment the target audience and move forward by commodity items.

SEO promotion is a set of works that will allow you to organically bring the site to the first positions in search results, which will greatly increase the likelihood of increasing sales. Many people think that SEO is outdated and no longer works.

In fact, this is an erroneous opinion, site promotion is one of the cheapest online sales channels: the algorithms for promotion, requirements for sites and search results are constantly changing. SEO provides organic traffic to your site and works for a long time, unlike contextual advertising. For example, using SEO, our agency was able to bring the manufacturer of tennis tables “Start-line” to the fourth position when searching in Yandex, increase the amount of time users spend on the site by 1.5 times and reduce the number of user failures by 35%, – Alexander Kudinov, founder of Digital Agency .

You can also expand your presence in the online space with the help of “dealers” who will post information about your product on their sites. In the case of the production of tennis tables, dealers can be sports stores or online stores that will place your product on their websites.

It is advisable to agree on the placement of your products on the first page of the catalog or the most popular sections. To do this, you should clarify with your partner the analytical indicators for attendance, click-through rate and total traffic.

Alexander Kudinov, founder of Digital Agency:

Marketplaces are of particular importance for promotion. At first, you can concentrate on the most popular ones: Wildberries, Ozon, Avito, Yandex Market. For effective promotion of goods, it is necessary to create catchy and arousing desire to buy product cards with a description of the uniqueness and high quality of the product. Particular attention should be paid to product photos, they must be pleasing to the eye, demonstrate the best qualities of the product, its functionality and convenience. It is also worth taking care of SEO promotion on marketplaces.

Another tool that will bring good results is influencers (bloggers, opinion leaders, stars and various popular people). Most often this tool is used in social networks. The choice of bloggers strongly depends on the target audience of your product, how you represent the consumer and what content he is most likely to watch. In the example we are considering, bloggers who talk about table tennis or a sports lifestyle, bloggers who lead a healthy lifestyle or are engaged in dietetics and weight loss will be relevant. The number of followers of a blogger who will promote your product will depend on the budget that you can allocate for promotion, but there are also bloggers who agree to barter advertising.

What else?

For online promotion of goods on the market, you can also use online publications that publish materials about sports, health, tennis and famous athletes who already have popular articles on these topics. With these publications, you need to negotiate native advertising so that they add information about your product to existing articles and increase the link mass to the site where the product is sold. You can also offer your content about sports or table tennis to the editors, and make a harmonious lead to your products. But it is important to remember that direct advertising on the Internet is perceived negatively by potential consumers and causes distrust of the material. Therefore, it is important to create texts that are useful for the reader and gently lead to the purchase of goods.

Ratings, for example, “Top 10 best tennis tables” are also effective for promotion – you need to negotiate with the editors of these ratings so that they add your product to their resources.


For the effective growth of online sales of a manufacturing company, it is necessary to ensure the informational presence of its products on several platforms: a website, marketplaces, partner sites, blogs, online publications. It is worth working with SEO promotion and contextual advertising. The right promotion strategy will maximize demand for your products and ensure a steady stream of leads.


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