How to become a dentist at BitLife

You have a variety of job options at  BitLife , and some of them are far superior to others that provide you with a higher quality way of life, such as higher income, and give you the option to retire. Some of them need you to have prerequisites before you can apply and be successful. Becoming a dentist is one of these professions.

The first step to successfully becoming a dentist is working through school and college. When you have the option to apply for college, your best bet is to work toward your degree each year as a young student, and when you turn 18 to apply for college right away. Over the years, be sure to read for pleasure and take time to raise your intelligence as much as possible.

If you got the highest grades in school, you should be able to apply for a scholarship successfully and not have to pay off student loans, but if your parents are okay, you can always make them pay for them. When you apply to college at age 18, you want to pursue a biology degree path. Just like you have already been doing, you want to spend as much time studying and maintaining your intelligence as much as possible. You want to avoid getting in trouble with the law, to avoid losing any progress.

After finishing college and completing the biology program, you can apply to dental school. If you try to apply to dental school before completing college, you’ll still see that you don’t qualify. Spending time in dental school will be the same as college and other parts of school in your character’s life. You want to spend as much time studying hard, reading books, and visiting the library whenever you have a choice. The higher you keep your character’s intelligence, the more chances you have of being accepted.

Once you complete your time in dental school, you can apply for the job of a dentist and you must meet the requirements. It doesn’t take much to become a dentist, but you need to make sure you study hard each year at school and spend time reading and working on your character’s smart stat.

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