Avoid These Bad Habits During Pregnancy

Any kind of addiction or bad habit during pregnancy affects not only the mother but also the fetus. A pregnant woman, due to her bad habits, often causes harm to her child. If the mother does not give up bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes even during pregnancy, then the chances of miscarriage in addition to lung infections are increased in the lack of oxygen in the child, increased heart rate, premature delivery with less weight.

Avoid these bad habits in pregnancy –

  • Smoking during pregnancy affects the circulation of blood in your body and can inhibit the baby from reaching the required amount of oxygen. Lack of oxygen in the baby can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, lung infection or weakened baby’s heart.
  • Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is very harmful. Alcohol easily reaches the child directly through the placenta and damages the child’s health.
  • Too much caffeine can be harmful to the baby during pregnancy. The caffeine present in tea or coffee increases the metabolism and heart rate of the child by reaching the placenta. It can increase the likelihood of miscarriage and may also cause low birth weight.
  • A pregnant woman should not drink colddrinks. Colddrinks kill hunger. Overeating colddrinks leads to obesity, diabetes, dental problems and nutritional deficiencies that affect the development of the mother as well as the child.
  • Raw meat, raw eggs and junk food should not be eaten during pregnancy.
  • Many times a pregnant woman feels like eating mud, chalk, lime etc. due to lack of calcium. This habit causes insects in the mother’s stomach, which can infect the child and cause typhoid, jaundice.

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