Astrological calendar of useful deeds for august 2022

This calendar will come in handy when you make plans and tell you what to do.

August 1 – the day is suitable for studying, reading serious literature. You can conduct recreational activities, do things that give peace of mind.

August 2 – you can buy tools and household appliances, learn how to use them. The day is also suitable for music lessons.

August 3 is a good day to do some useful needlework, fix broken things and put things in order.

August 4 is a good day for culinary experiments. You can make blanks, buy long-term storage products.

August 5 – it will be useful to do household chores, put things in order, throw away unnecessary things.

August 6 is a good day for music and painting classes, attending creative workshops.

August 7 is an auspicious day for helping parents and other older relatives.


August 8 is a good day to do home bookkeeping, shopping planning. It will also be useful to clean up the documents that are stored at home, make sure that all the necessary papers are in place.

August 9 is a good day to communicate with people who live far away. You can use the phone, social networks and so on.

August 10 – you can buy furniture, household appliances and interior items, equip your home.

August 11 is a favorable day for sports, outdoor activities.

August 12 – it will be useful to get rid of old things: throw them away or give them away.

August 13 is a good day for painting or photography.

August 14 is an auspicious day for helping parents and other older relatives.

August 15 – good music. You can go to a concert.

August 16 is a good day to learn how to use new technology and complex tools. Success will be achieved by those who are engaged in the study of exact disciplines.


August 17 is a good day to decorate the house. You can do unusual things with your own hands.

August 18 – you can put things in order in documents, collect the necessary papers for applying to government organizations.

August 19 is a favorable day for creativity, for example, literary.

August 20 is a good day to pack for trips, buy everything they need.


August 21 – you can plan and start repairs, buy everything you might need to update your home.

August 22 is a good day for small purchases – both planned and spontaneous.

August 23 is an auspicious day to put things in order in cabinets and pantries.


August 24 – it is good to cook healthy food, to make some useful stocks for the winter.

August 25 – Have a good time with children and other younger relatives.

August 26 is a good day to decorate the house, receive guests.

August 27 is a good day for outdoor activities, family trips.

August 28 – the day is suitable for changing the image, updating the wardrobe.

August 29 is a favorable day for wellness procedures. It’s good to cook healthy food.

August 30 is the best day to relax.

August 31 is a good day to put some old things in order, fix what is broke


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