10 Russian female stars who abuse alcohol

Addictions are found among representatives of any profession, but stellar personalities are in full view. Cases of alcohol abuse instantly become public knowledge.

Anna Semenovich

In the age of social media, nothing can be hidden. The singer is often seen in clubs and restaurants, where she gets drunk to the point that she cannot walk to the car without outside help. Relatives and colleagues are concerned about Anya’s condition and believe that she abuses alcohol due to the fact that she does not have a personal life. Despite the fact that the artist tells subscribers about her lover, who is allegedly a Swiss banker, no one has ever seen him. Unfortunately, the lifestyle affects the appearance of the beauty. Recently, she has aged a lot and gained weight.

Patron Saint Day

The singer with a loud pseudonym frankly spoke about her addictions on the air of the DNA Show. She stated that she loves to have fun, drink, and if it were not for her inherent sense of responsibility, she would drink everything that is acquired. The geneticists of the show revealed that Anastasia Slanevskaya (that’s the name of a celebrity in life) has a hereditary predisposition to alcohol abuse. Slava got into scandals more than once, and once, due to severe alcohol intoxication, she was not allowed on the flight and was taken to the police.

Evgenia Osipova

Thanks to her friendship with the bottle, the star of the series “Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka” also became the heroine of criminal reports. In the life of the actress, there was a case when she and her friends drank alcohol on the playground. The husband of one of them wanted to take his drunk wife home, but Evgenia got into a fight with him. She suffered a head injury and ended up in the hospital.

Anastasia Volochkova

Judging by the social networks, the ballerina only does what she sits on the twine or drinks. In numerous photographs, she is depicted with a glass in her hand. Her former driver admitted that Anastasia’s morning does not start with coffee, but with rum. Many met her drunk and at parties and on television. Changes in appearance for the worse and a puffy face speak not so much about age-related changes, but about the celebrity’s love for strong drinks.

Olga Buzova

Evidence of Olga Buzova’s craving for alcohol is innumerable. The singer is often drunk and behaves not in the best way. In one of the videos, a tipsy Olga obsessively sticks to the passengers of the plane, offering them to keep her company. Dmitry Tarasov also announced problems with alcohol in his ex-wife. Fans worry about their favorite and ask her to stop drinking.

Natalia Andreichenko

At one time, the actress was in demand and starred with famous directors. One of the best roles was Mary Poppins. Then Natalia could really be called perfection, about which she sang in a song from a film about the ideal nanny. Unfortunately, after the divorce, she began to drink alcohol without measure, which is why she ended up in a rehabilitation center. Natalya Andreichenko does not hide her addiction. Now the actress lives in Mexico and is fond of astrology.

Larisa Guzeeva

Every drinker has a story. The actress, who became famous for her starring role with the great Eldar Ryazanov in The Cruel Romance, began to abuse alcohol to spite her husband. She assumed that this way she could rid him of drug addiction. However, even such desperate actions did not help. As a result, drunkenness lasted 7 years, and then another years went to rehabilitation. Fortunately, Larisa managed to defeat alcoholism.

Dana Borisov

The charming TV presenter became addicted to alcohol because of turmoil in family life, parting with her common-law husband and fear of losing her daughter. The problem was exacerbated by the use of “white powder”. Thanks to her colleague Andrei Malakhov, who convinced her to undergo treatment, Dana began the difficult path of getting rid of addictions. She described her experience in a book.

Tatyana Dogileva

Because of the fatal passion, the film actress almost lost her life and ended up in a psychiatric clinic with severe depression. She began to abuse alcohol at a young age. The reason was the desire to get used to the bohemian party. Alcoholism led to the collapse of the family. The sobering came when the little daughter asked if she would have to drink as much when she grew up. Dogileva made the only right decision. She underwent treatment and forever refused any alcoholic beverages. The actress hopes that by her example she will be able to help others.

Irina Allegrova

Celebrities were especially prone to addiction to alcohol during the perestroika period. The “crazy empress” did not escape this fate either. The reasons that pushed the singer into the arms of the “green serpent” were career problems and the departure from the family of her beloved husband. In one of the interviews, Irina admitted that she was trying to alleviate the emotional pain, and compared her position with the behavior of an ostrich that hid its head in the sand. Allegrova had a steel will. She managed to say a firm “no” to alcohol.

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