Assyrian Empire

The Assyrian Empire took place in the Middle East in ancient times, it was one of the largest and most important empires in Mesopotamian history. They are recognized as the most cruel empire, they were great lovers of war and art.

Its end came in 612 BC, when its capital Nineveh was razed, however, its power was maintained for more than a millennium. About the eighth century, Assyria lived a civil war, which, coupled with the plague, was ending the empire.

Assyria was a region rich in agriculture, very populated and with an old and important urbanism. Samsi-Adad I, was his first great monarch, he began the expansionist campaign for Mesopotamia but without much success.

In general, all Assyrian monarchs were extremely cruel, using the politics of conquest and terror to expand their territory. According to the story of King Asurnasirpal II, governor between 883 and 859 BC, he ordered the construction of a pillar where the skins of his enemies were hung.

Stages of the Assyrian Empire

Assyrian Old Empire

It occurred between 1814 and 1781 a. C, when Assyria achieves the category of empire until in the year 1760 a. C., Babylon defeated and conquered the Assyrians, from there they became part of the Babylonian Empire.

Middle Assyrian Empire

The 16th century a. C. was characterized as a period of confusion and many invasions throughout Mesopotamia. Under the government of Salmanasar, Assyria recovered the territory it had lost in the previous period. During this stage, Salmansar founded Calach, a capital city on the banks of the Tigris River.

It occurred at the end of the 10th century BC, at this stage the Assyrians had iron supplies, this prompted the creation of weapons and consequently a stronger army. The Assyrian Empire was for two centuries the terror of its enemies.

Art in the Assyrian Empire

Despite their extreme cruelty, the Assyrians created Nineveh, considered one of the most beautiful cities of antiquity. Its walls and gardens were admired by all. This originated in the seventh century BC, during the reign of Sennacherib, son of Sargon II.

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