Islamic civilization

The Islamic civilization extends from Malaysia and Indonesia, to Mali and Mauritania in the area from east to west, through the area from north to south of Chechnya and Kazakhstan to Tanzania and Somalia.

Islamic civilization refers to all the people who profess Islam, within it, there are three religious institutions that are: the Koran, the written and oral teachings of jurists and the Tradition of the Prophet. Islam means “submission to God.”


Mecca in Islamic Civilization

It is one of the most important cities of the Arabian peninsula, as well as the holiest cities of Islam, there Muhammad was born.

Mecca is very important in Islamic civilization, as pilgrimage to this place is fundamental to your faith. At least 3 million pilgrims travel to Mecca for the major pilgrimage called Hajj.

According to Islamic history and tradition, Adam made the first construction in Mecca by order of Allah, but eventually disappears until Abraham’s time.

The story of the rise of Mecca (Beka) is very interesting. When Sarai, Abraham’s wife offers Hagar to her husband for her being sterile, she becomes very jealous and harshly treats Hagar to the point of forcing her to flee to the desert with her son.

In the middle of the desert and about to die, an angel appears and tells Hagar to hit the ground, doing so begins to sprout water and there Zamzam’s well is formed. Just around this well, more people settle and so Mecca arises.


He was born on April 26 in 570 in Mecca; He is the founder of Islam and Muslims consider him as the last of the prophets. Muhammad established Islam as a religious, social and military force that had managed to unify Arabia.

According to the Koran, the holy book of Muslims, Muhammad was illiterate; that is why the Islamic civilization considers a proof that authenticates the Quran as the bearer of the revealed truth.

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