Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Guide for beginners

A detailed beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire – what guilds are for, quests, recommended quests, research, rewards, and more

As soon as you start a new game in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire , you will immediately notice that you are immediately offered to lead a fairly large kingdom. Make sure to complete all of the initial quests that the game requires you to do. The training will tell you how to extract and spend resources, as well as how you need to quickly increase your knowledge levels. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about the monsters that might attack you early in the game. You will be given a 24-hour screen to act as a deterrent.

Join a guild

In Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, joining a guild is a mandatory part of the game. Firstly, just for the fact of joining any guild, you will earn 100 gold. You will also receive free accelerations (boosts), allowing you to reduce the time for completing tasks and building buildings (upgrades), gifts from guild members. In addition, you will be given access to the guild store, and you can earn loyalty points for helping your allies.

On this tab, you can help your guild allies

When you receive a notification with a red number on the “Guild” tab, then immediately allow this request. Probably, someone from the guild is requesting help. By providing it, you will earn loyalty points, which can be spent on purchasing items from the guild store. Loyalty will also allow you to activate your VIP subscription, speed up your hero quest completion times, and upgrade quests for a better roster. Of course, earning a daily loyalty limit will be quite difficult, but try to do it by helping your allies.

Reward for successfully joining the guild

Complete quests of various types

By clicking on the Quests tab, you can select from a variety of quests available to complete – kingdom quests, hero quests, guild quests, and VIP quests.

Tab with tasks of different types

Kingdom quests are usually associated with the construction and modernization of everything that is created within the empire. The hero’s tasks are divided into three types – basic, ordinary and unusual. Each type of task is tied to a specific time required to complete the mission – the basic one takes two to three minutes, the usual 10 to 15 minutes, and the unusual one – about one hour (without acceleration). Guild quests work approximately the same.

You can complete one quest in parallel from each category (kingdom, hero, guild and VIP), choosing basic, normal or uncommon.

Agree to complete the recommended quests

Pay attention to the tasks that appear on the kingdom screen – at the bottom of the screen, just above the main tabs. Recommended quests are displayed right above the global chat tab. They belong to the category “Kingdom Quests”, therefore, by clicking on the selected mission, you will be immediately transported to the place of its completion. Completing such tasks is quite simple, as you will receive free boosters that can be activated immediately, and resources. This will level up most of your buildings in just one day.

Conduct research, reinforce troops on training grounds

Your university is the main location for research within the empire. Research is divided into four different categories – Economy, Combat, Defense, and Hero. Each of these four sections plays an important role in ensuring the security of the kingdom. For example, by selecting Research from the Hero tab, you can learn things like Monster Fighting Tactics, Hero Critical Strike, and Monster Speed. This ability will give your hero a chance to kill level 1 monsters on the kingdom map.

Monster fighting tactics

By the way, make sure that your hero is fully pumped and you spent all skill points. By completing hero quests, you receive special points that allow you to unlock new skills for the current hero.

The training ground is one of the important elements of your kingdom that you should focus on and your modernization efforts on. By increasing the level of the training ground, you increase the queue and training speed as a percentage. You will be able to train one type of troops at a time. We are talking about warriors, mages, cavalry and siege machines.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of each troop type:

  • Warriors are strong against cavalry and siege engines, but weak against mages or when hitting traps.
  • Mages are strong against warriors and siege engines, but inferior to cavalry and vulnerable to traps.
  • Cavalry is strong against mages and siege engines, but inferior to warriors and vulnerable to traps.
  • Siege engines are strong against traps, but can be killed by warriors, mages, and cavalry.

Don’t forget to collect all the rewards for completing kingdom quests

As mentioned earlier, the recommended quests are generally associated with the Kingdom Quests category. Completing these quests means that you will have a large amount of resources, so make sure you know how to pick them up. All the loot you collect from kingdom quests can be spent on continuing to upgrade buildings.

Be sure to collect this award

And here are the buildings that you can and should update:

  • Wall (helps protect the outer perimeter of your empire).
  • Monument to the hero (you will receive additional experience points and save the experience in the event of the expulsion of the hero).
  • Embassy (you can receive reinforcements from allies in the guild).
  • Watchtower (provides information on impending attacks and more).
  • Hospital (helps to heal the wounded).
  • Hospital wards (increases the number of troops that you can heal at the same time).
  • Bank (generates Gil and increases storage space).
  • Barracks (with several barracks, you will increase the training queue on the training grounds).
  • Exile portal (when you exile an enemy hero, you can get special bonuses).
  • Prison (allows you to capture and hold enemy heroes).
  • Secret University.
  • Treasury (first upgrade your “Citadel” to the fifth level, and only then you can save gold).
  • University – do research (described above).
  • The Citadel – more details below.

Upgrading the Citadel

  • Training ground / special training ground – as described above.
  • The stadium (a special arena that rewards you for killing monsters).
  • Armory / Advanced Armory (allows you to create equipment for your hero).

Level up your citadel

The Citadel is another important building that provides you with an overall account of the kingdom’s production and development. Leveling up a stronghold means faster production of energy, metal, food, and gil. Upgrading the citadel will also unlock new buildings for placement in the empire. Also, you will probably receive a gift (several chests) for doing this.

Citadel upgrade reward

Open secret gifts

See the chest hopping over the recommended quests tab? This is where your secret gifts are. After opening such a chest, you will have to wait for a while before you can receive a new reward. Always look out for this chest, as there may even be boosters and gold inside.


When you have enough loyalty points, be sure to spend them to activate your VIP subscription. You can activate your VIP status for a few minutes or for the whole day. Upon activation, it will be possible to complete VIP tasks and receive great rewards. With the help of loyalty points, you can also increase the VIP level (maximum – 11).

And here are the rewards for the first level VIP:

  • Instant construction acceleration: up to seven minutes.
  • Food defense on attack: + 4%.
  • Available VIP quests: +1.
  • VIP in player profile and chat.

Link the game to your Facebook account

If you have a friend who plays this mobile phone, then ask him to become a referral. You can get a lot of rewards this way, but for this you need to link the game to your Facebook account. Even without a referral, you can still connect to Facebook and receive another reward – access to your own gold mine. By building it, you can recruit more friends and give / receive gold.

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