Assumptions are conjectures that we often think of and sometimes form the basis of our thinking in assessing a thing or event. Assumptions will be dangerous if the assumptions are used as a basis for thinking that is considered correct. In fact, the assumptions that we have can be totally wrong or do not have any connection with what we think.


Assumptions are contrary to facts, which is a fact or everything that actually happens and is real. In fact, facts also have definite evidence. Meanwhile, assumptions are only conjectures from our thoughts or the thoughts of others without valid evidence.


Can assumptions be the cause of entrepreneurial failure? 

We believe that assumptions can be a threat to the business or entrepreneur we are running. However, sometimes we do not realize that we are having thoughts that lead to assumptions. The relentless busyness that we face as business people has made us forget a little about the things around us. In addition, we also will not be interested in listening to anything that does not interest us. As a result, when we have to judge something, we often judge it with only capital assumptions.


This mindset risks creating intentional patterns of ignorance. In this article, we will discuss 4 events that prove that assumptions are the cause of entrepreneurial failure. We have summarized some of these events based on entrepreneur websites. Let us consider the following explanation.


Assumption First: My Business is the Best.

Almost all entrepreneurs and business people will feel that the products and services they have are the best compared to other competing products. This is a natural thing, but the question is “is this assumption good for our entrepreneurs?”


If we feel that our business is the best and perfect, this indicates that there is nothing that needs to be improved from our business. Though nothing is perfect in this world, including our business.


Assumptions like this will indeed create a safe perspective for us, but the more we feel comfortable, the more competitors will use this condition to rival our business. We can feel superior to other competitors. However, slowly but surely, competitors are carrying out their innovations and making themselves more advanced than our business. The result? our business is only superior to ourselves, not in the eyes of others, especially customers.


Second Assumption: My Business is the Most Famous in its Field. 

When we set up a business, we often feel too confident that everyone around us knows our business well. In fact, people around us may not be aware of the business we have. For example, at the beginning of a business trip, I assumed that the coffee shop that I had built was the most famous coffee shop in the complex . When I met and became acquainted with one of the other shop owners, I tried to introduce my business, but in a rather arrogant tone.


Yes, how not? At that time, I assumed that everyone in the complex must have known my coffee shop very well. I was surprised when the person said, “which coffee shop? Is there a coffee shop around here or not? ” Suddenly I felt shocked and sad, from there I realized that not everyone had noticed the presence of my coffee shop.


Apparently, assuming that our entrepreneurship is well known is wrong. Continuing to move forward to promote our business is the right solution to this problem. Do not easily feel satisfied and arrogant before others realize our business first.


Third Assumption: All Employees in My Business Must Make Sacrifices Equal to Me. 

This third assumption is very dangerous for the continuity of our business internally. It is true that when becoming a business owner, the vision and mission of our business will truly be the purpose of life that we always hold firmly. However, that does not mean we have to force our employees to do the same.


We cannot force employees to have the same level of accountability as ourselves. Whatever it is, we are the owners of the business we founded. Meanwhile, they are the people who help us carry out our business vision and mission. However, we cannot force them to make sacrifices that are equivalent to what we give.


Instead of constantly trying to associate our business vision with their personal vision, we better align the common goals that make them feel comfortable to move forward with our business.


Assumption Four: My Business Has Served Everyone.

The fourth mistake of an assumption is that we assume that we have served everyone through our business. We always try to be a meaningful business for everyone. The more we look for customers who are not related to our business, the more we will get complaints and criticisms from customers.


A good business is a specific business. By becoming a specific business, our target customers will also be more specific, so that we can become an expert seller in our chosen field. Other results? Certainly a specific business will provide more benefits than a business that is too general.


by Abdullah Sam
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