Happiness is the pleasure and peace of life related to luck and luck that are physically and spiritually. Happiness can be felt in everyday life and life in the world of work. The question is, how do you make someone feel happy when you work somewhere? Does the person have to work in a bona fide company, or do we have to have good, supportive colleagues? Whatever the definition of happiness for us, one thing that is agreed upon by many people about happiness at work is getting a dream job.


Happiness is Getting a Dream Job or Dream Job Will Bring Happiness?

The two questions above may be a small debate between us. Everyone has their own definition of happiness at work and we also have our own views about dream work.


According to the CareerBuilder website, there are 84% of workers in the world who are not employed according to their dream jobs. In other words, they do something they don’t like at work, and that is done ALMOST every day. So, are they included in people who are not happy?


To get happiness in the world of work , we need to ascertain whether the personality characteristics we have are in line with our current work? For example, if I am someone who likes to count and work on financial reports, I most likely don’t like work that has to read thick books and write long sentences. If I am someone who likes to work in the field and monitor work, then I can be sure that I don’t like working sitting in front of a laptop for hours. Everything will only be troublesome and burdensome to the heart, when we undergo all the inequality by force.


There is nothing wrong with all the jobs in this world. Every job will be suitable and considered as a dream job for others. Our job is simply to find, “what work really suits our personality traits?” Approximately what kind of work that is in harmony with our natural personality, so every day we do not feel objected to doing work. But we do it really from the heart.


Although this article is titled happiness is getting a dream job . However, not everyone can pursue their dream to make it a lifetime job. Therefore, dream work is sometimes considered excessive.


The following are some determining indicators for assessing “whether this job is really the dream job that I want”.


1. Dream Work Performed on a Small Scale may not be the same as a Large Scale. 

The purpose of the above statement is that everything we like might have different results when we live it every day or do it on a large scale.


For example, I am someone who really likes to make handicrafts such as small flowers that are unique and funny. However, can I guarantee that I will remain happy if I work 50 flower pots a day and this is done every Monday to Friday, just because I want to replace my main job in the office by opening a business like this? Is there anyone who can guarantee that something that I like and love, if I do it in large quantities will still be fun?


If your fellow readers still feel comfortable and happy by doing anything on a small and large scale, then it could be that the work that your fellow readers are doing right now is the desired job so far.


2. Are We Ready to Have a Drastic Decline in Income?

No one can guarantee that by doing the dream work for us, we will immediately get an abundant income. In fact, we have to start everything again from zero. Trying to climb to the new career we want by doing what we love, is not easy. However, if your fellow readers feel ready to experience a decrease in income in order to do what their fellow readers like, then this indicates that the job is your dream job.


3. Are We Ready to Leave Fun Things That Were Previously Done? 

Even though we think that our current work is not our dream job, there are still other things that can make us happy from this job. For example, while working at a corporation is very tiring, fellow readers also like to travel on business to several countries.


Now, when your fellow readers intend to leave your current job, as well as all the pleasures that are in it, are your fellow readers ready? Ready to not go on a business trip to various countries again? Ready to not get a monthly bonus? Or, ready to not get health insurance from the office again (if our dream job is not in an office)?


If the answer to that question states that your fellow readers are ‘ready’, then again we have to tell your fellow readers that you have succeeded in finding the dream job that your fellow readers expect.


It is true that not everyone can get the desired dream job, but that does not mean we have to get stuck and be quiet in the work we hate. However, if we cannot follow the ‘desires’ or ‘passions’ that we have in our dream work, then we need to find things we can like about our current work.


by Abdullah Sam
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