How to fix Outlook email login failure

It may happen that due to a mistake in the profile or because we forgot our password, we cannot log in to Outlook. In these cases, you will always get a message that says “it is possible that your username or password is incorrect”.

It is also possible that our Outlook mail has mail verification enabled, that the account is blocked or that it does not open on a PC that is not ours. Either case is extremely stressful, but the good news is that it can be fixed . And then we show you how.

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  1. How do I get my email from Microsoft correctly?
    1. From a mobile device
    2. On your computer
  2. For what reasons might I get an error when logging into my Outlook account?
  3. Solutions to the most common problems when opening the account
    1. Open on my PC but not elsewhere
    2. It keeps asking me for a password
    3. It never asks me for a password

How do I get my email from Microsoft correctly?

Go to the login page in Outlook . Then, write email address or phone number and select next Finally, on the next page enter the password.

From a mobile device

Open the Outlook application on your mobile phone, press start. Enter the email address. If it asks for a password, write it down.

On your computer

Go to the Microsoft 365 or Outlook sign-in page. Enter your email address and password. Select sign in.

For what reasons might I get an error when logging into my Outlook account?

This may be due to password problems , because you have forgotten your username or your account is locked.

Don’t panic in case you can’t get in. If you are worried about losing your information, stay calm, always remember to have a backup copy of your emails and take into account the following ways you have to resolve an error when logging in, and thus not lose any of your information.

Solutions to the most common problems when opening the account

There are several inconveniences that can occur when opening your account, if you have a problem when logging in, the following may be happening:

  • Password problem. To solve this problem it is necessary to reset the password of your Microsoft account. If the password is misspelled, you will receive a message saying that “your account or password are incorrect, reset now”.

If you have forgotten your password , select “Forgot your password?”. Or you can reset the password by typing in the username of the account you are trying to reset, but for protection you should verify your identity before proceeding with the password reset.

Then you can obtain a verification code by entering your email or with the last 4 numbers of your phone and select obtain code Microsoft will send you a verification code to your email, if you cannot find it, check the spam tray.

  • You have forgotten the username. If you forgot your email from your Outlook account or it tells you that the account does not exist, it is recommended to search for the username, this is only possible if you have configured security information that you gave when you registered to open an Outlook account, the procedure is as follows :

Search for your username with your email address . Request the security code to be sent to your phone or email. Enter the code and select “Next”.

  • Account blocked This happens because you have surely violated the privacy policies or because you have violated the rules and conditions of use, it is necessary that you unlock your accountto be able to access your Outlook email again. To unlock the account, log in to get a security code.

Open on my PC but not elsewhere

When we try to open our Outlook account from a computer other than the main one or ours, it can be very difficult, since the mail has a good security system.

However, it is possible to solve it by activating the remote desktop on your home computer, and then connecting to any other PC, using the Windows remote desktop option.

In this way, once you connect to your home computer from the other, you will be able to open Outlook and view your mail without any hassle.

It keeps asking me for a password

This can happen for various reasons, such as if the credential management option is active, it maintains an incorrect Outlook password, so you must disable that parameter.

When the Outlook profile is damaged, if that is the case, you must create a new profile , you have connection problems or an incorrect operation of the antivirus, if this is what happens you must disable the antivirus.

It never asks me for a password

In case this problem occurs, it may be due to connection or page problems , try to exit and re-enter to load correctly.

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