Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – How to find all legendary animals

Undoubtedly, hunting occupies a prominent position among the secondary activities from Assassin’s Creed 3, in that distant 2012 that brought many innovations and which have evolved to what we have today.

Among the classic collectibles and common animals of the game, in Valhalla (as in the past) we will have the opportunity to find the so-called ” Alpha Animals ” or “Legendaries”, marked with the mystery icon and which will also contribute to obtaining the trophy Master of the Hunt ; many will be tough to beat and will require a minimum of skill and experience, although obviously less will be needed than an optional or Order of Ancients boss (as seen in Thor’s equipment guide ); let’s see in detail the location of all the  legendary animals of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla .


  • Ghost Dog(recommended power: 55), enemy to be defeated through quick attacks and dodges, is found in East Anglia .
  • Feeder of corpses(recommended power: 90), we will face 3 wolves one bigger than the other and who will attack in different ways, they will all be together in the
  • Beast of the hills(recommended power: 130), you will have to defeat a huge brown bear in the West area of ​​the Uriconium del Sciropescire mines.
  • Gemad-Wulf(recommended power: 160), a beast that will summon wolves in its defense, dodging will be essential to survive; will be in Lincolnshire.
  • Alfred’s Battle-Sow(recommended power: 160), a large bull that will receive other similar ones to help him, we will find him in
  • The Blood Swine(recommended power: 190), ferocious Eurviscire boar .
  • Elder lynx & young lynx(recommended power: 340), animal found in the Hamtunscire region .



  • Bear blue waters(recommended power: 280), a legendary animal that can be unlocked after completing the story, being too north to Hordafulke, in the region Fornburg .


  • O Yan Do ‘Ne(recommended power:?), A moose found in Vinland that will require punching due to resistance to any other type of weapon; Six members of the Warden of War , of the Order of the Ancients, must first be defeated .
  • Elk of Bloody Peaks(recommended power: 1), another elk to kill in Rygiafylke, Fornburg .



Steinnbjorn (recommended power: 370), the strongest enemy in the game and who will have to be faced with a very high level of equipment and staying at the closest possible distance, will be found during visits due to Valke’s hallucinations .


Recall that Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was released for all consoles and on PC on November 10, 2020 , is set in the 9th century AD , during the war between  England (still divided into the 4 states of Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia and Wessex and ruled by Alfredo the Great) and the  Great Danish Army , a coalition of Norse warriors led, in the title, by our protagonist  Eivor  and his brother Sigurd.


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