How to win in Dota Underlord

Dota Underlords is a new automatic chess game that was born out of the Dota 2 mod. It is currently in beta testing for PC, iOS and Android. The game has a fairly detailed tutorial, but it does not touch on many important and not entirely obvious aspects of the gameplay. Therefore, we will talk about them in this guide: here you will find all the important information on the game, plus strategies that beginners should know.

How to download Dota Underlods?

Fortunately, at the moment this issue is easy to solve. Just a few days ago, only Dota 2 Battle Pass holders could play Dota Underlords, a little later it could be downloaded only with a key, now everyone can try the game!

If you are going to play on PC – just enter “Dota Underlords” in the search box of Steam or copy the text “steam: // install / 1046930” and paste it into the address bar of your browser – Steam will open and the game will download automatically.

If you prefer the mobile version, here are the download links:

  • Android: Google Play
  • iOS: App Store

What are the system requirements for Dota Underlords?

PC version:

  • Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz processor
  • Intel HD-Graphics 520 with 128 MB of memory
  • 4 gigabytes of RAM
  • 7 gigabytes of hard disk space
  • 64-bit operating system Windows 7, 8 or 10

Mobile versions will run on all Apple devices that support iOS 11 and on Google devices that support Android 5.0 and above.

Detailed game rules

How to play Dota Underlords?

As in any other Auto Chess-based game, in Dota Underlords you need to buy pieces (heroes), put them on the board, and the battles take place automatically. Unlike other eSports disciplines, it does not require phenomenal reflexes and skill in timing. Dota Underlords is more of a strategy game in which your planning skills and ability to support the economy are decided.

Beginner board

You start the match at the same time as seven other players. Everyone has 100 health units at the start. Opponents are selected randomly, but everyone has about the same rank in the rating system, so the chances are more or less the same.

There is no single right path to victory, largely due to the influence of the element of randomness – often you may not come across the necessary heroes in the store or one of the fighters will go a farther way to the nearest goal, but competent actions can fix almost all problems.

Late stage board

For each of your moves, the game allocates 30 seconds – during this time you need to decide which pieces and how to place them on the board, what to buy in the store and whether it is worth spending money on getting additional experience. If you play on a PC, then you should familiarize yourself with the controls – this will help you quickly perform certain actions.


Three terms of victory

In Dota Underlords, the following elements can be distinguished:

  • Pieces are heroes that you can place on the table. They will fight automatically with figures of bots or rivals.
  • Experience – directly affects the number of pieces that you can put on the board.
  • Money – for coins you can buy heroes and increase experience.

We will tell you more about all three later in the text.


Chess pieces or heroes are creatures that you need to place on the board in order to fight against creeps and opponents. Each figure is unique in its own way – it has its own characteristics, abilities and alliances.

Abilities are passive and active. One hero – one ability. Passives act constantly regardless of the circumstances, while active ones are used only when the mana bar is completely filled during the battle.

Each hero belongs to two (in rare cases, three) alliances. After placing two or three pieces of one alliance on the board, you will receive a bonus.

How to upgrade heroes in Dota Underlords?

Shapes can be improved. Buy three identical one-star heroes and get one two-star. To get a three-star hero, you will have to save three two-stars, and to get a four-star hero, three three-stars. As the level of the figure increases, the characteristics improve: the health reserve increases, the damage increases, the time to fill the mana bar decreases, and also the abilities improve.

Shop Hero Purchase Screen

Try to correctly place your pieces on the board – those with a large supply of health should be in front, and the damaging or support heroes should be reliably protected by them.


You get experience points after every battle. Experience directly affects getting a new level. You can also buy it in the store, 4 units of experience will cost you 5 gold.

Your level in the game determines how many chess pieces you can place on the board. There is a significant advantage that can be gained by having one more chess piece on the board than your opponents.


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Gold is the currency you will spend to buy new heroes and level up.

At the beginning of each round, you are offered five random heroes to choose from. They are divided into five price categories – the higher their value, the stronger they are and the higher their rarity. With an increase in the level, the chances of falling out of expensive heroes increase, and the appearance of cheap ones decreases. If you don’t like the choice, then you can get a new selection of heroes by spending two gold.

Do not spend gold on updating the store until you reach level 6-7. Also, we do not recommend buying experience points in the store up to level 4-5 – you will simply spend the currency in nowhere, although you could buy heroes.

Also, we must not forget about the possibility of selling figures. If you no longer need a character on the board and on the bench, then you can get rid of him, having received all the funds spent on his purchase. For example, if the hero was worth one gold, then you will receive one gold back, but if you want to sell a two-star, you will receive as much as you spent on improving it.


You will encounter waves of creeps and bosses from time to time. After defeating them, you will be offered a choice of three different items, you will need to choose one.

Item selection screen after defeating a wave of creeps

If you lose, then you can only choose one.

Once selected, the item appears in your inventory. You can drag it onto the character that you think will most effectively receive the bonus from it.

Always think about whether the item will be useful for a particular hero. For example, items that increase armor or maximum health will work for tanks, while items that provide bonus damage will work for an assassin or ranged character.


All Dota Underlords heroes belong to two or three alliances. Each is unique in its own way and gives a bonus if there are several different heroes of the same alliance on the table.

Name Strong against Weak against Heroes Alliance bonuses
Killer Warlock, Mage, Elusive, Hunter Warrior, Bully Bounty Hunter, Blood Priest, Morphling, Queen of Pain, Phantom Assassin, King of the Sands, Slark, Viper, Temple Guardian 3 Heroes: Heroes of this alliance receive a 10% bonus to their critical attack chance that deals 300% damage. 6 Heroes: Heroes of this alliance receive a 20% bonus to their critical attack chance for 400% damage. 9 Heroes: Heroes of this alliance receive a 30% bonus to their critical attack chance that deals 500% damage.
Elusive Warrior, Troll, Hunter Magician, Assassin Anti-Mage, Forest Prophet, Luna, Pak, Ent Protector, Phantom Assassin, Wind Archer, Temple Guardian, Mirana 3 heroes: Elusive gain + 20% evasion. 6 Heroes: Elusive gain + 45% Evasion. 9 Heroes: Elusive gain + 75% Evasion.
Warrior Assassin, Hunter Mage, Demon, Bully, Inventor, Warlock Ax, Tiny, Tusk, Juggernaut, Slardar, Paj, Lycanthrope, Master of Fates, Kunkka, Troll Warrior 3 heroes: Warriors gain +10 armor. 6 heroes: Warriors gain +15 to armor. 9 Heroes: Warriors gain +25 Armor
Warlock Warrior, Knight, Elusive Shooter, Mage, Assassin Warlock, Witch Doctor, Fiend of Darkness, Venomancer, Alchemist, Necrophos, Enigma 2 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 15% Lifesteal. 4 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 30% Lifesteal. 6 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 50% Lifesteal
Heartless Sturdy, Scaled, Inventor Elusive, Warrior Guardian Drow, Pudge, Abaddon, Necrophos, Lich 2 Heroes: Enemy heroes gain -5 to armor. [*] 4 Heroes: Enemy heroes get -10 to armor. [*] 6 Heroes: Enemy heroes get -20 Armor
Savage Of all Elusive, Warrior Enchantress, Tusk, Lycanthrope, Sand King, Venomancer, Last Druid 2 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 10% Attack Damage. 4 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 25% Attack Damage. 6 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 45% Attack Damage
Hunter Knight, Demon Hunter Magician, Elusive, Assassin Guardian Drow, Beastmaster, Sniper, Wind Archer, Medusa, Mirana, Sea Tyrant 3 heroes: All hunters have a 20% chance to make 2 attacks quickly. 6 heroes: All hunters have a 35% chance to make 2 attacks quickly
Chaos Knight, Queen of Pain, Fiend of Darkness, Terrorblade, Master of Fates 1 Hero: Demon attacks deal 50% additional pure damage. Deactivated if there is more than one demon in the party
Man Magician Elusive, Hunter, Assassin Blood Priest, Crystal Maiden, Lina, Lycanthrope, Omniscience Knight, Dragon Knight, Kunkka, Guardian of the Light 2 Heroes: With a 20% chance, a person can silence the target for 4 seconds after making an attack. 4 Heroes: With a 44% chance, a person can silence the target for 4 seconds after making an attack. 6 heroes: With a 66% chance, a person can silence the target for 4 seconds after making an attack
Scaly Magician Elusive, Knight, Hunter, Assassin Slardar, Slark, Medusa, Sea Tyrant 2 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 30% Magic Resistance. 4 Heroes: Allied Heroes gain + 50% Magic Resistance
Troll Knight, Sturdy, Demon Hunter Elusive Flying Rider, Shaman of Shadows, Witch Doctor, Troll Warrior 2 Heroes: All allied trolls gain +35 attack speed. 4 heroes: All allied trolls get +65 attack speed, other allies get +30 attack speed
Knight Druid, Mage, Assassin, Hunter Demon, Demon Hunter Flying Horseman, Chaos Knight, Luna, Abaddon, Omniscience Knight, Dragon Knight 2 heroes: Knights take 15% less physical and magical damage. The bonus increases by another 20% when they are within 1 radius of another knight. 4 heroes: Knights take 25% less physical and magical damage. The bonus is increased by another 25% when they are within 1 radius of another knight. 6 heroes: Knights take 35% less physical and magical damage. The bonus is increased by another 30% when they are within 1 radius of another knight
The Dragon Mage, Assassin, Warrior Elusive Pak, Viper, Dragon Knight 2 heroes: All heroes of the alliance receive an additional ability
Bully Everyone in the early game Everyone in the late game Bounty Hunter, Clockmaker, Mechanic, Lumber Saw, Alchemist, Miners 3 Heroes: A random allied hero gains +9 Armor and +8 Health Regen. The bonus is doubled if at the beginning of the battle you have fewer creatures than the enemy. 6 Heroes: All allied heroes gain +9 Armor and +8 Health Regen. The bonus is doubled if at the beginning of the battle you have fewer creatures than the enemy
Magician Hunter, Warlock, Elusive, Warrior Scaled, Assassin, Sturdy Ogre Mage, Crystal Maiden, Pak, Lina, Razor, Guardian of the Light, Lich 3 Heroes: Enemy heroes gain -40% magic resistance. 6 Heroes: Enemy He


Demon hunter Demon, Warrior, Knight Hunter, Troll, Elusive Anti-Mage, Terrorblade 1 hero: Disables the demon alliance bonus from the enemy. 2 heroes: Disables the demon alliance bonus from the enemy. Allied Demons’ Attacks deal 50% additional Pure Damage
Shooter One Blood, Hunter, Mage Killer Sniper, Gyro Pilot 2 heroes: Archer heroes attack the enemy with the lowest health
Strong Magician Heartless Knight Ax, Beastmaster, Juggernaut, Disruptor 2 Heroes: All tough heroes gain +200 to maximum health. 4 Heroes: All tough heroes gain +500 to maximum health
Primordial One Blood, Knight, Savage, Assassin Hunter, Mage Tiny, Morphling, Razor, Shattered Guard, Enigma 2 Heroes: Attacking the Primal in Melee, the enemy Hero has a 30% chance to gain Powerlessness for 4 seconds. 4 Heroes: When attacking your creatures in melee, the enemy hero has a 30% chance to gain powerlessness for 4 seconds.
Druid Any alliance in the early game Any alliance in the late game (if the heroes are not level 3) Enchantress, Forest Prophet, Ent Protector, Last Druid 2 heroes: At the beginning of the battle, the druid with the lowest number of stars receives an additional star. 4 heroes: At the beginning of the battle, the 2 druids with the lowest number of stars receive an additional star.
Inventor Everyone in the early game Everyone in the late game Clockmaker, Mechanic, Lumber Saw, Gyrolette, Miners 2 heroes: All inventors gain +15 health regeneration. 4 Heroes: All Inventors get +40 Health Regen
Shaman Scaled, Dragon, Hunter All others Shaman of Shadows, Shattered Guard, Disruptor 2 Heroes: At the start of the battle, a random enemy hero turns into a frog for 6 seconds
One blood Knight, Warrior Assassin, Magician Ogre Mage, Warlock 2 heroes: When one such hero dies, another hero of the same alliance receives + 100% attack damage until the end of the battle

Dota Underlords heroes

There are currently 60 heroes in Dota Underlords, each with unique stats, skills and alliance affiliations. There are 5 categories in total: the higher the category, the less often they come across and the higher they are.

Each hero received a unique set of characteristics:

  • They show the hero’s belonging to a certain group, which, when a certain number of figures are assembled, gives a buff.
  • Responsible for the potential amount of damage that the hero can realize.
  • Attack range. Displays the number of cells that the hero can attack.
  • Attack speed. Shows the delay between hits.
  • Displays the required amount of resources that the hero needs to use the ability.
  • The amount of damage that a hero can take and then die.
  • Health recovery. Displays the amount of health that the hero restores in one second.
  • Reduces the amount of damage taken.
  • Magic Resistance. Reduces the amount of damage taken when using abilities.

Hero table:

Name Alliances Damage Health Ability
Rank 1 heroes
Ax Strong, Warrior 50-55 / 100-110 / 200-220 700/1400/2800 Berserker cry. Ax taunts enemies in a 1 radius, forcing them to attack him, and gains [15/25/35] additional armor for the duration.
Anti-Mage Elusive Demon Hunter 45-55 / 90-110 / 180-220 500/1000/2000 Mana burnout. PASSIVE: Each attack of Anti-Mage burns the target with [30/60/90] Mana and deals damage equal to 50% of the Mana burned.
Tusk Savage, Warrior 50-55 / 100-110 / 200-220 650/1300/2600 Walrus BLOW! The tusk unleashes a mighty walrus strike – such a powerful critical attack that it knocks the victim into the air. After landing, the victim is slowed down by 40%.
Drow Guardian Heartless, Hunter 45-50 / 90-100 / 180-200 400/800/1600 Aura of Accuracy. PASSIVE: Guardian Drow increases attack speed by [10/20/30]% for all allies within 1 radius.
Blood Priest Man, Killer 40-60 / 100-120 / 160-190 500/1000/2000 Bloody rage. PASSIVE: Blood Priest loses 7% of his maximum health every second. Each percentage of health lost increases attack speed by 5%. Killing an enemy will restore the Blood Priest to 35% of his maximum health.
Crumb Primordial, Strong 60-100 / 120-200 / 240-400 650/1300/2600 Throw. The crumb hurls a random neighboring enemy at the enemy farthest from itself. The victim and all enemies within 1 radius of the landing site take [100/200/300] damage and are stunned for [1.5 / 2 / 2.5] seconds.
Flying rider Troll, Knight 40-55 / 80-110 / 160-220 500/1000/2000 Sticky napalm. Flying Rider splashes sticky oil, splattering it onto enemies within 2 radius of the impact. The oil increases Flying Rider’s attack damage by [20/40/80] and slows movement by -5%. The effects of the oil stack up to 10 times.
Mechanic Bully, Inventor 40-50 / 80-100 / 160-200 500/1000/2000 Thermal rockets. The Mechanic fires a volley of rockets at 3 random enemies, dealing [250/350/450] damage.
Ogre Mage Mage of One Blood 55-65 / 110-130 / 220-260 800/1600/3000 Thirst for blood. The ogre mage infuriates an ally, speeding their attack by [30/40/50]% and movement by [8/10/12]%. If the Ogre Mage uses the ability on himself, his attack speed is increased by [35/55/75]%.
Head hunter Bully, Assassin 45-60 / 90-120 / 180-240 550/1100/2200 Shuriken Throw. The bounty hunter launches a deadly shuriken at an enemy, dealing [300/500/700] damage and briefly stunning the target.
Enchantress Savage, Druid 60-70 / 110-130 / 210-250 400/800/1500 Servants of nature. The Enchantress summons a swarm of [3/5/7] fireflies to heal allies in a 4 radius. Heal: 25 every 1.5 sec. Duration: 11 sec.
Watchmaker Bully, Inventor 45-55 / 90-110 / 180-220 700/1400/2800 Shrapnel outfit. The Watchmaker discharges high-power shrapnel that hits random enemies within a 1 radius, dealing [50/75/100] magic damage and briefly stunning them. Duration: 5 sec.
Warlock One Blood, Warlock 40-60 / 80-120 / 160-220 650/1450/2850 Shadow word. The warlock whispers a spell that heals an ally for [75/150/200] health every second, or deals [100/150/200] damage to an enemy. Duration: 6 sec.
Shaman of Shadows Shaman, Troll 40-50 / 80-100 / 160-200 550/1100/2200 A curse. Shaman of shadows transforms the enemy into a harmless animal, for [4/6/8] sec. forbidding him to attack and use abilities.
Tier 2 heroes
Juggernaut Strong, Warrior 65-70 / 130-140 / 260-280 600/1200/2400 Furious swing. The juggernaut spins in a deadly whirlwind, becoming immune to magic and dealing [50/100/150] damage per second to all enemies within a 1 radius. Lasts 5 sec.
Lumber saw Bully, Inventor 55-60 / 110-120 / 220-240 800/1600/3200 Death blade. The lumber saw spins lethally sharp blades, dealing [150/200/250] damage to enemies in a 2 radius.
Witch doctor Troll, Warlock 40-50 / 80-100 / 160-200 550/1100/2200 Paralyzing powder. The Witch Doctor throws a keg of paralyzing powder that bounces [5/7/9] times, stunning them and dealing [50/75/100] damage.
Queen of Pain Demon, Assassin 55-60 / 110-120 / 220-240 550/1100/2200 A cry of pain. The Queen of Pain lets out a piercing yell that deals [200/300/400] damage to all enemies within 3 radius.
Crystal maiden Human, Magician 40-45 / 80-90 / 160-180 450/900/1800 Aura of sorcery. PASSIVE: every 2 sec. Crystal Maiden restores [8/14/20] Mana to allies.
Forest prophet Elusive, Druid 45-50 / 90-100 / 180-200 500/1000/2000 Call of nature. The forest prophet summons an ent, who is considered a druid, to the edge of the field.
Moon Elusive, Knight 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 500/1000/2000 Moon Glaives. PASSIVE: Luna casts her glaives, causing them to bounce at enemies within a 2 radius. Each subsequent bounce deals 30% less damage.
Morphling Primordial, Assassin 45-60 / 90-120 / 180-240 500/1000/2000 Wave. The morphling flies in a wave and charges forward, dealing [150/250/350] damage to all enemies in its path. In waveform, the hero is invulnerable.
Paige Heartless Warrior 45-55 / 90-110 / 135-165 1000/2500/5500 Meat hook. Padge throws a bloody grappling hook at the furthest enemy and drags them towards him, dealing [150/220/290] damage. Padge and other allies within 1 radius of him begin to attack the victim until she dies.
Pack Elusive, Dragon, Mage 40-50 / 80-100 / 160-200 450/900/1800 Illusory ball. Pak launches a magic ball that flies in a straight line and deals [150/200/250] damage to all enemies in its path.
Master of beasts Strong, Hunter 60-70 / 120-140 / 240-280 600/1200/2400 Savage axes. The Beastmaster hurls axes that cut through enemies in their path, dealing [60/100/140] damage, and then return. Each ax strikes one enemy only once and increases Beast Mastery’s damage by [10/20/30]%.
Chaos knight Knight, Demon 55-130 / 110-240 / 200-480 750/1500/3000 A charge of chaos. The Chaos Knight unleashes a mysterious charge of energy at an enemy, stunning them for a random amount of time and dealing random damage.
Slardar Scaled, Warrior 70-100 / 140-200 / 280-400 650/1300/2600 Caustic dregs. Slardar changes the armor of one enemy to [-15 / -30 / -45]. Duration: 20 sec.
Ent Protector Elusive, Druid 60-90 / 120-180 / 240-360 650/1300/2300 Parasitic seed. The Treant Defender plants a Drain Seed in the enemy’s body, which slows the target’s attack and movement by -50%, and also removes [60/90/120] health from it every 1.5 sec. The seed also heals all allies within a 3 radius of the target. Duration: 5 sec.
Tier 3 heroes
Abaddon Heartless Knight 45-55 / 90-110 / 180-220 750/1500/3000 Gloomy Shield. Abaddon surrounds an ally with a shield of dark energy that absorbs [100/300/500] damage and lasts for 10 seconds. If the shield is destroyed, it explodes and deals [100/300/500] damage to enemies in a 2 radius. Casting removes stun and most debuffs from the target.
Viper Dragon, Slayer 50-60 / 100-120 / 150-240 550/1100/2200 Dragon bile. Viper’s toxic poison slows the target enemy’s attack and movement speed by [-40 / -60 / -80]%, while dealing [150/250/350] damage over time. The target’s speed is gradually restored.
Venomancer Savage, Warlock 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 500/1000/2000 Plague Totem. The Venomancer summons a Plague Totem on the field to aid him in battle.
Fiend of darkness Demon, Warlock 70-80 / 140-160 / 280-320 450/900/1800 Requiem for souls. Shadowfiend summons the souls of the damned and then unleashes them in a wave of demonic energy, dealing [100/175/250] damage to all enemies hit.
King of the Sands Savage, Assassin 45-60 / 90-120 / 180-240 550/1100/2200 Bitter doom. PASSIVE: Hits the Sand King for 3 sec. slow target attack by -30. If a creature with this effect dies, it will explode and deal [45/90/180] damage to allies within 1 radius.
Lycanthrope Man, Savage, Warrior 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 750/1500/3000 Summoning the wolves. The lycanthrope summons two wolves to the field. After that, he turns into a wolf himself, increasing his maximum health by [30/40/50]%, increasing his movement speed to 650 and gaining a 40% chance to deal a critical attack [150/175/200]% damage.
Lina Human, Magician 50-55 / 100-110 / 200-220 550/1100/2200 Incandescent lightning. Lina fires a bolt of lightning, dealing [500/750/1000] damage to a single target.
Wind archer Elusive, Hunter 60-65 / 120-130 / 240-260 550/1100/2200 Powerful shot. Wind Archer 1.5 sec. prepares a powerful shot that deals up to [400/600/800] damage. For each enemy hit, the damage for the next victim is reduced by 10%.
Shattered Guardian Primordial, Shaman 75-85 / 150-170 / 250-290 600/1100/2200 Child of dissonance. The Shattered Guardian creates a copy of itself. She can use his abilities and use all items and has a separate recharge time. The copy receives less mana: -50% when dealing attacks and 0% when taking damage.
Raisor Primordial, Mage 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 750/1500/3000 Plasma field. Raisor releases a ring of plasma that expands to a radius of 3, then returns to the hero. The ring’s strength increases with its radius. It slows enemies and deals up to [100/175/250] damage to them twice, both when expanding and when returning to Raisor.
Knight of omniscience Human, Knight 40-50 / 80-100 / 160-200 700/1400/2800 The light of repentance. The Knight of Omniscience instantly heals an ally for [200/400/600] health and deals the same amount of damage to enemies within 1 radius of the target.
Slark Scaly, Assassin 50-60 / 72-92 / 105-145 500/1000/2000 Swoop. PASSIVE: After moving to a target, Slark disarms it for 3 seconds.
Sniper Shooter, Hunter 125-150 / 180-210 / 330-360 450/900/1800 Liquidation. The sniper aims at the enemy and after 2 sec. Fires a devastating shot, dealing [1000/2000/3000] damage and briefly stunning the target.
Terrorblade Demon, Demon Hunter 45-65 / 90-130 / 180-260 650/1300/2600 Metamorphosis. Terrorblade transforms into a powerful demon, increasing attack range to 4 and increasing damage and attack speed by [50/100/200]%. When used, Terrorblade also changes health with one of the allies.
Phantom Assassin Elusive, Assassin 70-90 / 140-180 / 280-360 550/1100/2200 A blow of mercy. PASSIVE: With a 10% chance, the Phantom Assassin can deal [300/450/600]% damage to enemies with a devastating critical attack.
Tier 4 heroes
Alchemist Bully, Warlock 50-70 / 100-140 / 200-280 1000/2000/4000 Acid cloud. The alchemist sprays a cloud of acid in an area with a radius of 3. All enemies in the contaminated area take [15/25/35] damage per second, and their armor is reduced by [-5 / -8 / -11].
Arbiter Demon, Warrior 110-120 / 220-240 / 440-480 1050/2100/4200 Fate’s verdict. The Master of Fates unleashes a terrible fate on the enemy, which makes them unable to use abilities or use items and takes [60/90/120] damage every second. Duration: 20 sec.
Disruptor Strong, Shaman 45-50 / 90-100 / 180-200 700/1400/2800 Static storm. Disruptor creates a static storm that damages enemies in a 2 radius and silences them. The damage increases over the duration of the ability, reaching up to [100/150/200]. Duration: [3/4/5] sec.
Kunkka Human, Warrior 75-90 / 150-180 / 300-360 950/1900/3800 Ghost ship. Kunkka summons a ghost ship that floats across the battlefield and then shatters to pieces. All enemies within [2/2/3] radius of the shipwreck take [150/250/350] damage and are stunned for [1.4 / 1.7 / 2] seconds.
Jellyfish Scaled Hunter 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 850/1700/3300 Fan shot. PASSIVE: Medusa magically splits her arrows, attacking 3 additional targets within 1 radius of the main target. These arrows deal -40% damage to normal attacks.
Mirana Elusive, Hunter 55-65 / 110-130 / 220-260 750/1500/3000 Sacred arrow. Mirana fires an incredibly accurate arrow that stuns the enemy for [3/5/7] seconds. and dealing [400/800/1800] damage to him.
Necrophos Heartless, Warlock 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 850/1700/3400 The wave of death. Necrophos releases a wave of death around him, which affects all creatures within a 3 radius. The wave deals [100/150/200] damage to enemies and heals allies for [100/175/250] health.
The last druid Savage, Druid 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 800/1600/3000 Summons a bear spirit. Summons a powerful helper bear.
Dragon Knight Dragon, Knight, Human 50-60 / 100-120 / 200-240 1000/2000/4000 Fiery breath. Expels fiery breath, dealing [200/350/500] damage to enemies and 6 sec. reducing their attack damage by [25/40/55].
Temple Guardian Elusive, Assassin 90-110 / 180-220 / 360-440 750/1500/3000 Refraction. The Temple Guardian becomes elusive, avoiding all damage and dealing [40/60/80]% more damage with attacks. Both of these effects work [4/6/8] times and are independent of each other.
Troll Warrior Troll, Warrior 90-100 / 180-200 / 360-400 900/1800/3600 Zeal. PASSIVE: Each subsequent hit of the Troll Warrior against the same target increases its attack speed by [15/20/25]%. If Troll Warrior changes target, speed will be normal. Maximum number of effects: [6/9/12].
Keeper of the light Human, Magician 40-45 / 80-90 / 160-180 550/1100/2200 Illumination. The Guardian of Light creates a wave of light energy in front of him, which is gradually gaining strength. The wave released deals damage, increasing by [150/200/250] for every second it is created.
Rank 5 heroes
Gyro pilot Shooter, Inventor 75-80 / 150-160 / 300-320 900/1800/3600 Air strike. The Gyro Pilot summons an air strike to a point where two explosions with a radius of 3 will be heard soon. The first deals [200/300/400] damage and for 2 sec. slows enemies in the area by 30%. The second deals [200/300/400] damage and for 4 sec. slows enemies down by 60%.
Leach Heartless Mage 40-45 / 80-90 / 160-180 850/1700/3400 Chain chill. The lich launches an icy orb that bounces off enemies up to [6/9/12] times, dealing [200/300/400] damage and slowing them for 2.5 sec. attack and movement of victims by -65%.
Miners Bully, Inventor 45-55 / 90-110 / 180-220 1000/2000/4000 Radiomines. The miners plant a bomb that will explode after 3 seconds. and will deal [700/1100/1500] damage to enemies in a 4 radius. The bomb deals half damage at a distance greater than half the explosion radius.
Sea tyrant Scaled Hunter 45-55 / 90-110 / 180-220 950/1900/3800 Crush. The Tyrant of the Sea shakes the ground and fires tentacles in all directions, dealing [150/250/350] damage to all enemies within [2/3/4] and stunning them for [2 / 2.5 / 3] sec.
Enigma Primordial, Warlock 45-55 / 90-110 / 180-220 1000/2000/4000 The beat of darkness. Enigma envelopes an area with a [2/3/4] radius of dark resonance, dealing damage equal to [5/7/9]% of the enemy’s maximum health over 10 sec.

The best strategies in Dota Underlords

Collect heroes from what you will be offered at the very beginning. Always think before you buy someone! The most effective strategies to help you navigate the initial stages of immersion in the game:

  • Magicians
  • Heartless + Savages + Assassins + Scaled
  • Warriors + Trolls
  • Knights
  • Bully + Inventors + Warlocks

Read more about strategies in a separate article.

In this article, we examined the main aspects of Dota Underlords, how to download the game and how, in fact, play it, learned about heroes, experience, gold, items, and also talked about effective alliances. We hope you found this guide helpful. Good luck with the game!


by Abdullah Sam
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