Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Siege of Paris – Where to Find New Weapons and Armor

We tell you about each new set and weapons in the second plot add-on “Siege of Paris”

With a thorough study of Francia in the second plot expansion “Siege of Paris”, you can get two sets of armor and several types of weapons, including one legendary. We talk about all this in more detail below.

Reaper Armor Set

Property 1 : restores part of the health after a successful surprise kill.

Property 2 : the duration of the slowdown after being detected by the enemy increases.

All pieces of this armor can be bought from Pierre at certain infamous levels. While in Melun, take some time to speak with Pierre. This will help you learn about the new mechanics. You can take one assignment from Pierre in order to pump over Notoriety. Pierre’s store is empty on the first level of Notoriety. The goods will appear from the second. To do this, you need to complete 4 assignments. To level up to the third level, you will have to complete 8 assignments, the fourth – 12. This is the maximum level, upon reaching which you will get access to all possible goods. From Pierre, among other things, you will be able to buy a complete set of the Reaper’s armor.

Quests can be taken and returned not only from Pierre, but also from other members of the Resistance. They are marked with “fly” markers on the map. However, upon increasing the level of Notoriety, it is imperative to return to Pierre. Also, members of the Resistance have the entire range of goods available. For completing tasks, you will not only pump the experience of Infamy, but also earn coins necessary to buy any goods in the Resistance store or improve your army.

So, here’s how to get all the pieces of the Reaper’s armor:

  • Reaper’s Pants – can be bought from Pierre or other members of the Resistance upon reaching the second level of Infamy
  • Reaper’s Cloak – can be purchased from Pierre or other members of the Resistance upon reaching the third level of Innocence
  • Reaper’s Helmet – can be purchased from Pierre or other members of the Resistance upon reaching the third level of Innocence
  • Reaper’s Chestpiece – can be purchased from Pierre or other members of the Resistance upon reaching the fourth level of Inferno
  • Rune of the Reaper – can be bought from Pierre or other members of the Resistance upon reaching the fourth level of Innocence. I agree, this is not really armor, but this rune is incredibly useful.

Paladin Armor Set

  • Property 1:Melee attacks consume more stamina, but deal more damage.
  • Property 2:Additional bonus to adrenaline pool. Blocking with a shield uses less stamina.


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These armor are hidden in equipment chests, so you will have to put a lot of effort to find them:

  • Paladin’s mail. Travel to Paris and look for a yellow marker at the Defender’s Shelter. Find your way into the dungeon. After going downstairs, go behind the grate on the right and take the key lying on the table. Go upstairs and open one of the two doors (one will be bolted) of the building, where the marker is pointing. Once inside, go up the stairs and open the chest.
  • Paladin’s gloves. All in the same Paris, visit the area on the right called La Greve. enter the building, after killing the enemy, go upstairs and examine the grate. It is locked with a key, but there is an equipment chest behind it. Destroy the bolt on the door nearby and go to the left of it, inside the building. There will be a room with a key behind the bars. Shoot the bolt of the door opposite. Go through the previous door to the balcony and jump left. After turning the corner, enter the room and take the key. Return to the grate in the building, open it and remove the item from the chest.
  • Paladin’s helmet. Travel to the Melenois region and visit the enemy fortress of Pruvinis. Get to the yellow marker indicating the equipment. It is underground. Break the wicker fence to the left of the tower and go downstairs. There will be a stone wall on the left. Take the pitcher on the right and blow up the wall. Walk down the corridor and shoot through the grate at the red pitchers by the door to detonate the bolt. Go inside and take the helmet from the chest.
  • Paladin’s pants. In the same region of Melenois, reach Medanta. This is the upper left of the region. The chest is in one of the tents, but it is locked. Go down to the river, kill the huge enemy and get the key. Get an item of equipment from the chest.
  • Paladin’s cloak. Visit the Evresin area. The marker points to the dungeon under the temple. There is a separate building nearby. It’s locked. With Odin’s eyes, determine that one of the monks in the village has the key. There will be another locked door downstairs, and the key is on the second floor of the church itself.

Cloak Bellatores

  • Property: Gives access to the dungeon under the Church of Saint Genevieve. The murder of the victim causes fear in the witnesses within a radius of 10 meters. Fear lasts 3.5 seconds.

Get the story of the game, which we covered in detail in our walkthrough. This will happen during the “Rot in the Slum” quest.

Legendary weapon Joyez

  • Property: Poisons a weapon after 5 powerful hits in a row. There are 3 rune slots available.

To get this weapon, you need to complete the side quest “Invisible”. We talked about him in more detail in our walkthrough. In short, you will have to visit the ruins in three places, collect three keys and open the door of the office of the Invisibles in Paris. And then solve a simple puzzle and pick up the item from the chest.


  • Ability: The chance of a critical hit increases when health is 85% or higher. There are two runes available.

To get the sword, head to Evreux. There is a well on the territory of the city. You can break the wooden planks, go downstairs and open the chest, which contains the short sword “Durendal”.

Scythe of Riot

  • Property: speed increases if there are 3 or more enemies near you. There are two runes available.

When you kill Engelvin on the job “Rot in the Slums”, pick up his key and open the room opposite. We’ll have to collect evidence, and the scythe hanging on the wall is one of them. That is, in any case, you will receive the item according to the plot of the game.

Bloody scythe

  • Ability: chance to kill with a powerful or weak finishing blow inflicted on an ordinary enemy with low health. The probability is 30%, and the health level must be less than 30%. There are two runes available.

You are interested in the Pontem Esera camp. According to the plot of the game, you will find yourself in a barn (task “Honor and Enemies”), where you need to read a note. There is also a chest with weapons.

Ring sword

  • Property: the chance of a critical hit increases when dodging. There are two runes available.

You will receive it as a reward during the “How!” from Toki.

Scythe of Suffering

  • Property: after inflicting a weak or powerful finishing blow, the weapon ignites. There are two runes available.

Look for an item in the slums of Paris. The marker points to the place under the abandoned temple. There are gravestones and a small open building near the temple. Enter it and dive to the bottom. Swim through the corridors until you get out in the room under the temple. Slide under the grate and get a new weapon from the chest.


  • Property: the power of stun increases with each hit (up to 10 times). There are two runes available.

In the Melenois region, head up from Pruvinis to the Ruins of Blio, where you will meet the sword thief. Convince him to hand over the sword, pay or kill.

Useless scythe

  • Property: The chance of a critical hit increases after a successful blade strike. There are two runes available.

In the Amienois region, follow Suessionum up to Murmiliacum. Climb to the second floor of the estate, take the key, get out and find wooden planks in the ground next to the estate. Break the hatch, go downstairs, unlock the door and move the rack, behind which there will be a chest with a new weapon.

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