How to pet all the cats of Evreux in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Siege of Paris add-on for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers special fun for achievement lovers and cats – an achievement for stroking all the furry pets in the new region. Well, we will tell you how to find and pet each of the four cats.

Search tips

Finding them is not that difficult. First of all, you need to head to the northwest of Frankia, namely to the city of Evreux. It is there that the cats are waiting for you.

You will not be able to interact with cats if you are wearing a hood.

Sometimes cats can sleep. In this case, Eyvor respectfully will not want to touch the furry animal. Then you have to either be patient or wake up the cat. To do this, you can shoot an arrow near him. True, in this way you not only scare the animal and those around you, but you can inadvertently kill someone.

There is another way – move to another location, and then back. The same life hack can be used if you cannot find a cat in the place indicated by us – these animals like to walk around the city from time to time.

1 gray cat on the market

Once you arrive in town, head to the Evreux market. It is not difficult to find it – this is the most colorful and noisy location in the city.

A gray tabby cat walks next to the NPC in the market. Just walk up to her and wait for the interaction prompt to appear.

2. Red cat in the market

The second cat should be nearby. Usually a ginger cat can be found in the market or in the central part of the city. Sometimes they were spotted right next to a gray cat.

If you can’t find a mushroom, move to another place, and then back.

3. Black cat at the well

The third cat lives near the market. Head to the left of it and go out to the wooden houses, behind which there will be a well.

Right next to the well, you will find a black fluffy. Don’t worry – he is definitely fortunate (from getting an achievement).

4. Tabby domestic cat

To pet the last member of the feline family, head to the east exit of the city. In this place, you will see a very noticeable house decorated with stained glass windows. Go inside, and there you will find a spotted cat.


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