Arsenic poison in rice

While it is unnecessary to say that arsenic poisoning is new, the presence of food additives has raised new concerns. The incidence of arsenic is increasing day by day A recent report published in the Nature Group’s science-based journal states that Rice produced on arsenic soil can cause cancer Scientists at Manchester University and the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in Britain have found definite evidence of this by researching six villages in West Bengal. While everyone knows about arsenic penetration into human bodies through drinking water, this time access to rice has brought a new warning. Extensive arsenic has been found in groundwater in six of the six districts in Bangladesh, and more than 350 million people are in arsenic-related health hazards in the future. 

The evidence that arsenic is injected into the diet has increased the health risk of all
The main cause of arsenic problems is excessive dependence on tap water and normal flow of river. According to the World Health Organization standards, if 3 micrograms of arsenic is made in 5 liters of water, it is contaminated with water However, according to Bangladeshi standard arsenic up to 5 micrograms per liter of water is called safe water. Small amounts of arsenic are always present in the water But when the dose is higher than normal, it causes a variety of disease symptoms in the drinker’s body and subsequently causes various diseases. According to researchers, the person who drinks arsenic water has the liver, skin, kidney, Lung and heart can be cancerous Due to arsenic in different parts of the country, different diseases have already spread in different parts of the hands and feet of different people. In the latest survey by domestic and international organizations, Bangladesh has identified 6,900 arsenic infected patients. Arsenic causes skin-to-white spots, rashes like rash, skin lesions, skin rashes, gangrene and skin cancer. In addition to skin, arsenic problems can occur in the kidneys, the liver, the digestive tract, the lungs, the bladder, the nervous system and the heart.

The first arsenic poisoning was reported in the 5th century of the last century Since then, the prevalence and prevalence of it is increasing Although arsenic has not been present in the diet, it is found in rice this time. The country’s conscious palace and scientists have to think about the matter The new footprint will have to be taken to stop its horror officially In particular, we need to take special precautionary steps to prevent its presence in major food products In addition to taking initiatives to raise public awareness, it is also important to set up an arsenic center for the treatment of arsenicosis patients and future at-risk patients. India and Bangladesh can work together to find ways to solve arsenic problems For the first time, arsenic poison is found in the underground water of West Bengal Moreover, about one-third of the people in the Bengal Basin are infected

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