How To Care of Pregnant Cows;10 Facts You Must Know

special care must be taken of a pregnant cow to obtain a better calf and more milk. If the cows are not properly cared for during pregnancy, the health of the cow and the health of the calf can be bad At times, both the cow and the calf may become ill and even die Therefore, special care should be taken for pregnant cows Yatnasamuha mentioned below in pregnant cows are: – at least 1 month before delivery should be kept in a safe place separate from the cows. – Cows should always be kept dry and clean – The arrangement should be made to enter the cows’ room – The straw should be made in bed for the cows to lie down so the cows can sleep comfortably. – Cows should be bathed regularly

– Care should be taken not to over-cool the cows
– No labor can be done with the cow
– The cows have to feed a lot of grass and straw
– The cows should feed one and half to two kilograms of granular food daily
– Drink enough amount of water daily with salt
– Cows should eat well-balanced meals
– The cows cannot be kept high or low
– If there is any parasite in the cow such as lice or Atalis, it should be cleaned
– A pregnant cow should be kept away from all other animals, including dogs, and unwanted bulls.
– Pregnant cows should not be weaned after seven months It can cause nutritional disturbances in the fetus
– Baby should be guarded around the time of delivery Because giving birth at night can cause cows to eat cows
– After giving birth, baby should be thoroughly washed in a little hot water and mixed with water.
– If you give birth to a cow in winter or at night, it is better to press long cows on the cows after washing them.
– If the fetus does not fall within 24 hours after delivery, the animal should be treated by a physician.
– Always follow the advice of the animal physician.

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